Written by John

16 Aug 2016

So it was a wet boring day at work here in Townsville yesturday, I got to a chatting with this chick I have fucked a couple times on line. We started chatting the usual dirty stuff how I was sitting here wabking in my office while the other sales person was in the office next to me, this was a huge turn on for her. I told her how I have had my cock sucked by a chick in here and that I have also sucked a cock in here but never had fucked. She was all wet by this kinky stories and dirty talk and I certainly was rock hard. I jockingly said come to work and I'll fuck u over my desk which she was more than keen for. 20 mins went by she turns up and waits for the other bloke to leave the office. I tell her come on up. She looks sexy as with short skirt on and a singlet. She comes in I instantly grab her and push her over to my desk and push her down onto. I pull her skirt up over her ass and pull my rock hard cock out. I pull her g string to one side and slide my hard cock str8 deep into her soaking pussy and get str8 into fucking her hard pounding the fuck out of her before some one comes. Sure as shit she gets a bit spooked by a customer out side walking around. I tell her not to worry about it and keep on slamming her. She came fast over and over. I guess the thought of getting caught was a massive turn on for her I grab her ass with my hands to spread them apart so I can get in deeper i pound her hard her juices dripping down my leg and desk then I blow a massive load in her while she tightened up and was cumming. We both then caught out breath and she quickly got out of there lol. Certainly the best fun Iv had at work.