Written by colaroo

13 Jan 2014

I am a 58yo married guy who is totally sexually starved at home. My wife has shown no interest for years now. I am bisexual and seek sexual contact with guys or girls that have similar interests so I’ve stared to meet guys and girls on the net that have similar circumstances to me, for fun and games. I’ve met a number of guys and enjoyed sucking their cocks and at times having them fuck me. I love the feeling of a cock in my arse as well as the taste of a cock cumming in my mouth.

As a precaution I decided to go to my doctor to have a checkup and make sure that everything is as it should be. My doctors name is Ken, he is around my age has a slight build and a very pleasant manner about him. He is married and has always behaved in a professional manner that is until my latest visit.

I arrived at his surgery in time for my appointment at 5:00pm, his last for the day. I was called into his office, sat down and explained that I wanted a checkup to make sure I was ok so he proceeded to take my blood pressure, pulse and all the other usual checks. He finally said that I should go into the examining room and take my clothes off where he will check me for skin cancers and prostrate.

I thought nothing more of it and did as I was told. He had me lay on the table face up and checked me over from head to foot then returned to my cock area and calmly commented on my shaved cock and balls, I had begun shaving when I started meeting people on the net for fun and games. I was comfortable with it and told him that I felt much cooler and cleaner this way, he surprised me by telling me he does the same thing and there is nothing wrong with it. He then took hold of my cock and examined it and my balls but lingered there for a time. I didn’t mind except that I started to get a hardon. He joked and said that it was quite normal but as he was finishing he gave my cock a couple of tugs and squeezed it telling me to turn over. Just as well as I was now as hard as a rock and starting to leak precum.

I was now laying naked , face down on the table, and just a little uncomfortable because of my now rigid cock. He proceeded to check me over from head to toe and finally told me to spread my legs so he could check my prostrate. I did as I was asked and felt him insert a well lubed finger into my arse and start to feel around for my prostrate. He then started to withdraw his finger and then insert it again. He did this a few times quite gently and began to rotate it as well. I must have let out a moan because he asked me if I was alight to which I quickly replied “yes”. I was alright, but I was quickly being turned on and didn’t want him to stop. He continued for a minute or so, withdrew his finger and asked me to hop off the bed , stand on the floor and lean over the bed, so he could continue with the check. This I thought was unusual because it had never happened previously.

I leant over the bed and he again inserted his finger and continued to slide it in and rotate it. I was now dripping precum from my cock to the floor and beginning to moan with each thrust. He withdrew his finger and then inserted two fingers at which point I knew that this was not the usual practice. I was so horny at this point I didn’t want him to stop. He was inserting and withdrawing both fingers and I was thrusting my arse towards him in the hope that he would go deeper. At this point I was moaning and breathing heavily. He leant over my shoulder and whispered in my ear “you like this, don’t you?” All I could do was utter “yes”. I could feel that he was fumbling with something else behind me and all of a sudden he removed his fingers. I felt so empty and exposed as I was still lying over the bed.

Suddenly, I felt his fingers start to penetrate me again, but it felt different, my arse was opening wider. I started to turn around only to have the Ken tell me to lean over the bed and relax. Again I did as I was told only to fell my arse penetrated further than before. Again he was pushing and withdrawing only this time it went deeper and I realized it was his cock sliding into my arse. He continued easing it in for a few moments until I felt his balls hitting mine. Oh …. It felt so good! He held his position for a few moments then started to slide his cock out and in until he built up a rhythm. I was now in heaven! He continued to pound my arse for a few minutes during which I felt my cock explode and spewed cum all over the bed and floor. Ken started to pant and yelled as he came inside my arse. I could feel him shuddering as his cock erupted and continue until it started to shrink and he withdrew it with a little plop from my arse.

I was totally spent ….. the only words I could utter were “thanks for the checkup” to which Ken laughingly replied “your welcome ….. anytime”. I turned around, Ken looked at me, the wet bedding and then the pool of cum on the floor and said “there is nothing wrong with your prostrate, lets get you cleaned up”. With that he dropped to his knees, took my cock in his mouth and sucked me clean.

As I dressed he said that I should book a follow up appointment to enable me to stay healthy. I did exactly that……can’t wait for my appointment next week!