31 Jan 2019

Waking up, I stretch, feeling the slight tenderness of my ass and sex, testament to the previous nights events. Opening my eyes, my lover lay resplendent in his naked glory before me. His legs a skewed, his dormant cock, the bringer of my pleasure,resting on his thigh. A smile passes over my lips as I recall last nights events, images of our bodies joined, taking each other into ecstasy.

I reach out my hand, touching his cock, he stirs in his sleep, but not waking. Taking his cock on my hand, I gently begin wanking his length, long , slow stokes from base to tip. My smile widens as I feel him begin to harden under my hand. My fingers trail down to his sac, caressing his balls, a sigh escapes his lips. Continuing to caress his balls, I move down the bed and take his cock into my mouth. He moans, still asleep, his legs spreading, his hips pushing towards me. My tongue traces circles over the head of his cock, traces around the rim, my fingers busy massaging his balls. I feel the wetness in my sex in response to his hardening, I reach down my fingers and using my own wetness, stroke my hardening clit.

His cock is magnificent, think and long. The skin soft and velvety, I love the feel of him in my mouth, my hand, my sex. Continuing to rank his cock, I move do I am straddling him, opening my cunt lips, I position his cock at the opening of my cunt. I am wet, wanting his hardness inside me, filling me. Lowering myself I take him inside me, the sensation of him being inside me escapes description. Slowly I begin to move, just using my hips,backwards and forwards, stimulating my clit with my movements. My first orgasm rises slowly, my breathing increases as waves of ecstasy roll over me, my juices running over him. Still he sleeps, occasional moans escape his lips, his breathing has altered. A smile passes over my lips, what is he dreaming of???i increase my movements, this time full strokes of his length with my cunt. My hand plays with his balls, and I feel them tighten, almost disappear up in to his body as his body ascends to orgasmic plains. I feel his hips buck, feel his cock spasm as his orgasm overtakes his body, his movements bringing on my orgasm. Our body fluids mix in my cunt as both of us cum. I turn and look, his eyes still closed, his breathing slowing, a slight smile on his lips. Climbing from his beautiful cock, I take him in my mouth again, loving the taste if his cum, eager to not let a drop escape.I reach for a towel and quickly clean our fluids from his cock and balls. Leaning forward, I kiss his lips, his eyes open, he smiles,'I had a really vivid dream about us' he says....'I thought you were fucking me'. Leaning forward I kiss him deeply, letting him taste my mouth, 'A dream??Are you sure it was just a dream??'I say as my smile grows wider.