Written by Closetnymph

30 Nov 2011

They held one of my arms each and walked me to the back of their van. I was looking in vain for a car to be coming, but the road was clear. They opened the back of the van to reveal a darkened interior with cuffs and chains on the sides of the van and a contraption that looked similar to a hoist hanging from the centre. It looked as though the floor of the van had been lowered because there seemed to be a lot of room in the van. I held back and when it looked like I wasn't going to cooperate, I felt a hand push me forward from the centre of my back. I stumbled forward onto my knees at the doorway of the van and immediately felt fingers slip inside my knickers, touching my pussy and slipping a long thick finger deep inside of me. This propelled me forward and I fell to the floor of the van. The two men climbed in either side of me, grabbing a hand each and cuffing me, arms apart, to either side of the van. They then reached for my legs and slipped a velvet rope attached to the hoist onto my each of my ankles. Once I was secured they sat back to survey their handiwork - me, arms stretched wide, breasts heaving with each breath I took, my legs squeezed tightly shut together.

"So," said one of the guys, "now that you're here, you may as well relax baby. We're going to have a great time." They both started to take off their clothes, watching me as they revealed their rock hard cocks standing to attention. One cock was big, thick and long and made me think it would split me in two. The other cock was slender, but oh so very long. Despite myself, I could feel myself getting moist at the thought of what was to come. They reached towards me in tandem, fondling my breasts through my clothes, running their hands down my legs, commenting on how fuckable I looked lying there. When I didn't open my legs, they each took hold of another rope attached to the hoist and pulled. I felt my legs being drawn apart while at the same time lifting my hips in the air. I closed my eyes and then felt material being tied around me eyes. I heard a voice say, "If you don't want to look, babe, have a blindfold." In the darkness I felt hands rubbing through my knickers. I felt cold steel on the side of my hip and suddenly my knickers were gone, cut away. I felt a sudden breeze on my pussy as he breathed on me and slipped a tongue along my clit. Involuntarily I felt my pussy open in anticipation. I bit my lip to keep from wimpering.

The tongue on my clit was moving rapidly and I could feel the pressure of an orgasm building. I could smell my scent all through the van. They had to know my animal side was taking over my moral side. I was trying not to come, to not give that tongue the satisfaction when I felt fingers pushing at my arse. I'd never been touched there before and I tensed. The fingers stopped pushing and instead dipped into my pussy. My juices all over the fingers, they once again started probing at my arse. I had started to try to pull away, I was breathing heavily and could feel the ropes being pulled tighter and my hips rising further. The tongue on my clit was more insistent and the fingers at my arse were circling. All of a sudden I felt the fingers slip into my arse at the same time fingers slipped into my pussy - Oh my god!! Oh my god!! It was all I could do not to scream with the pleasure. A tongue on my clit, a finger fucking my arse and it felt like three fingers fucking my cunt - I came all over their hands, I just couldn't help myself. I heard a couple of chuckles and realised they were gloating on their victory.

I started to get my breath back when I felt the blindfold being taken from me. They took the handcuffs from my wrists and just when i thought they were going to release me they reached up and pulled down two more ropes from the hoist and quickly attached to my wrists. Seeing the look on my face, big cock said, "Now baby surely you didn't think we were done yet???"

A few ropes were pulled and I felt myself lifting upwards and spreadeagled. The guys started to show me just how versatile their creation was...