Written by closetnymph

2 May 2012

Undoing my legs from their contraption, but keeping my arms spread wide, they turned me bottom up and sat me astride one of them while the other knelt behind me and cupped my breasts in his large hands, thumbs rubbing over my nipples, bringing them to throbbing peaks. I had started to enjoy the scenario and was wet with anticipation. I felt two hands around my waist lift me and then lower me onto the biggest cock I had ever felt. I moaned with the sheer pleasure of being filled so completely and couldn't stop myself from rocking on that cock to get it as deep inside me as possible. With fingers playing with my boobs and clit with my arms spread wide and unable to stop them I felt another orgasm building and building. Just as I was about to cum I was lifted off the cock and left hanging. I nearly screamed with frustration. Gone was any presence of not being willing, I started to beg, please, please, fuck me more, touch me more - I'm so close, pleeeeeease! Then I felt the head of a cock rub against my clit, backwards and forwards, intensifying the ache in my loins. I moved my hips around searching for the cock when I felt it slide into me again. Oh god, oh god yes! I felt my shoulders being pushed forward and warm oil being rubbed around the rim of my arse. I could feel myself clenching involuntarily trying to keep out the probing finger. I felt his finger slip inside me and was amazed at the extra feeling it added to being fucked. I pushed my arse up higher, inviting more. The finger withdrew and I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my virgin arse. The cock in my cunt was hot and throbbing, his hips lifting me up and impaling me oh so sweetly. I could feel the cock at my arse pushing and suddenly the head was in. At first I felt a bit of pain, then he thrust into me, his long cock filling my arse. To feel those two guys fucking me in tandem was the most exquisite ectstacy I had ever felt. I came again and again, my cum making it so wet and slippery. I felt their cocks seem to expand and they came simultaneously, pulling out and squirting their cum all over me. I felt me wrists being released and we all collapsed in a heap. Slowly coming out of my orgasmic haze, one of the guys removed my blindfold and handed me an envelope. Opening it, I took out a card which read, happy birthday - hope you enjoyed it. All the best, your friend John the truckie xxx