Written by ckincairns

17 Mar 2016

What's it like to be you?

To think you bring my needs first. Let me share with you what I think.

You lie with me naked and scent of sex still lingers. My legs are crossed over yours but not as you expect..

You lift your head and find yourself looking down to your cock and my pussy facing you.

That's right we've slept head to toe. Why because you need your space.. you needed to feel single. Resting peacefully on my belly I lie facing away from you. Legs sprawled open as if alone but what you see is a moist pink woman's purse that is begging for your finger. Despite your need to leave the bed you can't help yourself and reach down between my legs but before you do, you considerately wet your fingers and outline my pussy for play.

That's right. You want to play.. It's about you.. You see your cock swell. You watch yourself extend and ache to the pleasures awaiting. A view isn't available at that time of the morning unless it's placed there. Shhhhh secret.

so you think you are being inventive, instigate a move or even romantic but little do you know this is a play.

That's right. What better chance is there than an open amazing beautiful soft, wet, inviting pussy to draw you in. You can't help yourself. You hear the moan as if you are waking sleeping beauty. She even raises her pelvis and arches her back to encourage you to continue with your finger stroking and continue with tongue therapy. Hmm I feel a rise.

The ego is a dirty word but when it's put to good use, it can be played beautifully into the right hands and mouth., x