22 Nov 2015

Gaz wants to take his woman out and show her off. He tells Ellie to wear some sexy gear that he loves to see her wearing.

Seeing Ellie in sexy lingerie under a short zip up dress or skirt is something that Gaz has always loved.

Not wanting to waste a moment of the night, before leaving, as Ellie was putting on the last of her makeup, Gaz gropes from behind and fingers Ellie’s knicker less arse. He knows how much Ellie loves to have her arse played with , how much it turns her on, and of course Ellie found the nearest thing in the bathroom, which happens to be a tin of hair mousse and plunges it into her already soaking pussy, dripping juices down her leg and onto the floor, soaking the stockings as it runs down the leg, so she spreads her legs apart wider which gives Gaz more access to her willing hole and after stretching her arse with 3 fingers and rubbing the pussy juices around, he plunges his hard cock into Ellie’s arse.

Ellie is in heaven and is pushing the can of mousse deeper into her pussy as Gaz rams into her arse deeper and harder. One leg on the hob of the bath, Ellie has pussy juice squirting everywhere, and with the feel of the can inside her pussy the pressure on Gaz’s hard cock is just too much and he shudders with huge load of cum which is deep up inside Ellie’s arse.

A quick dry of the stockings and a quick clean up, Ellie grabs a towel on her way out and her favourite huge purple dildo and sits plunging it into her pussy with her legs up on the dashboard all the way to their destination.

Sitting in a cosy corner on a lounge in a bar listening to music and having a few drinks, Ellie is happily mesmerised by not only the music but the cum slowly leaking from her arse that Gaz put in there, and the soaking pussy she had just before leaving the house added to by the pleasure of the huge purple monster.

Gaz goes to the bar and orders more drinks and notices that Ellie has caught the gaze of a guy at the bar. He had been watching earlier as Gaz was caressing Ellie’s thighs, revealing just a glimpse of the lace on the top of the stockings. He also had noticed that Ellie was squirming just a little and just opening her thighs enough to be able to see more of the lacy top of the stockings and that she was not wearing knickers.

The guy at the bar was chatting with Gaz and they seemed to be getting on very well. Ellie was loving the feeling that a few more people around had noticed that she was wearing no knickers, but even more excited to know that the cum in her arse was still there, leaking a little bit each time she moved.

When Gaz came back with the drinks, he brought his new friend with him and introduced him to Ellie. The excitement of knowing that cum was flowing was really getting to Ellie so she excused herself to go to the ladies, knowing fully well that as she walked, cum would leak down her legs, and hoping that the guys would notice it.

The seat was very creamy as Ellie got up, and as she walked sure enough the cum started to drip, thick at first and then slowly dripping down her legs. The feeling of it against the stockings was turning her on so much. By now Ellie really needed to get to the ladies so she could use the smaller vibrator that she had brought with her to pump her pussy. In the cubicle it was all she could do to stop moaning loudly , gasping for breath each time she pumped her pussy harder and pushing it in deeper. Although it was so hard for her to stop, she didn’t want to make too much of a scene as she could hear a couple of girls whispering as they were at the mirror freshening up.

Ellie came out, trying to look composed, but the glazed over eyes were a dead giveaway. The girls looked her up and down with mischievous looks on their faces and noticed the cum was still dripping not only from Ellie’s arse but also the damp patch on the front of her dress was a dead giveaway that she had squirted again.

Without a word, one of them took hold of Ellie’s hand and pulled her into the cubicle, pushed her against the door and kissed her hard on the lips, unzipping the dress down to the waist and started to nibble down her neck, resting her hot lips onto Ellie’s boobs one then the other. She loved the nipple jewellery and flicked her tongue furiously over it, moving her hand down and plunging her fingers into Ellie’s wet wet pussy. It was then that she realised the jewellery on the boobs was attached to a chain which reached down to Ellie’s pussy and to her delight found another piercing to roll her tongue over, licking the clit and putting Ellie into a state of such excitement that she did not have a care in the world if anyone else had come in.

She told Ellie not to move out but to stay while she opened the door and got her friend to take over, whispering to her as she composed herself. The two girls were girlfriends and not much had to be said to know what the other had already done, but the second girl knew to expect something purely exciting.

Gaz was wondering why Ellie was taking so long, and had only hoped his vivid sexy imagination could be something of truth. His new mate had been getting a rundown on Ellie’s sexual liaisons over the past few months and it was obvious he was getting very turned on. During this time Gaz had made a secret plan with his mate to give Ellie a very special surprise, and knowing that he’d already cum in her arse was happy for another to feel the same pleasure, dumping yet another load on top of the one already in there.

When Ellie finally emerged, and seeing two extremely sexy and happy looking girls walk out behind her, Gaz’s face lit up , he could tell by the look on Ellie’s face that it would have been more than a quick pump with the vibrator and a freshen up.

Not much was said as they listened to the music and finished their drinks, but both of the boys were touching Ellie, ‘accidentally’ brushing hands across her hard erect nipples and feeling the wet sticky cum mixed with her juices that were all over her by now.

It just happened, without a word the 3 of them got up, walked out to the car park and decided to go for a drive to a quiet area by the water. The two girls, noticing that they were leaving, followed closely behind and got into their car, following without being noticed. They saw the car being parked and waited until Ellie and the guys had walked a bit of a distance down the path.

There was a picnic table and the place was deserted and the quietness and the sound of the tide slowly coming in brought an excitement to Ellie, she knew something great was going to happen, but had not expected what the night eventually brought. As she leaned over the seat to suck Gaz’s hard, sticky cock, she felt the other guys hands reaching around her hips, rubbing her clit, spreading juices all along until he smeared her arse with more of her juices and his pre cum.

His cock was so hard and as he pushed the tip slowly into her arse, Ellie pushed back onto it, making sure he was deep in there.

Next thing Ellie felt something amazing on her clit and realised that the girls from the bar had followed them. One of them was under her, licking her dripping, squirting pussy and licking the balls of the guy fucking her arse. The other was now on the table, squatting above Gaz’s face, pushing her hot wet pussy onto his mouth. As he pushed his fingers inside her, her hot cum squirted all over his face and he licked up every bit of juice she gave him.

The girl under Ellie was also pushing her fist into Ellie and the guy, feeling the fist, plus Gaz’s leftover cum in her arse let go with a massive load of cum right up inside Ellie’s arse.

Ellie said to Gaz that she had already been lucky twice and this poor girl needed a fuck so badly. Gaz’s cock was throbbing and he was trying so hard not to cum. Ellie took the girl by the hand , gave her a huge pash, licking her own juices from the girls lips and told Gaz to take her. She sat on Gaz’s cock and this girl rode his hard cock, grinding her hips hard against him as he sucked on her very erect nipples. Everyone was full of excitement, and there were hands, cocks, tongues going everywhere, touching every part of each other’s bodies, fingering the arses of the 3 girls.

Gaz grabbed the girls arsecheeks and pushed her down hard on top of his cock for one last thrust, then let go a huge load of cum, enough to fill her pussy, and still enough for Ellie to finish off greedily cleaning his cock while the other girl nuzzled her way in to lick and suck all of Gaz’s cum out of her hot little pussy.

Everyone feeling very content decided to take a stroll to the water to clean up a little and cool down.

Feeling very full from a few drinks, Ellie had an urge to pee and asked the other girls if they felt the same. They decided to end the night with a horny bit of water play, so each leaking a little they straddled over the guys, peeing lightly on their chest, down the belly until they put the semi erect cocks into their pussies and rode until the cocks became hard again, lifting the arsecheeks a little to let the pee flow, and peed almost simultaneously over the cocks as they were fucking them. The guys decided they too had a little bit to give so as the girls were peeing over the cocks while fucking, the guys managed to let a huge load of pee stream out , up into the pussies, overflowing with the warm wetness dripping everywhere.

One of the girls was still holding on but getting very desperate and because Ellie has often fantasised about a girl peeing all over her pussy she lay under her with her legs spread and ordered her to squat over her pussy very closely and pee into it.

What an awesome night, not another word was spoken for quite some time as all 5 new friends sat watching the moonlight dancing over the water, all with the same thought…. Could a night like this ever be repeated?