Written by sexytwoforyou

20 Mar 2012

i have never had another cock in me for like 4 yrs and ive always wondered what be like and i always wanted to see my partner with another woman as well so heres my fantasy:

Me and scott go to a club where we meet another couple called melissa and steve, theres no pressure just have a nice drink and dance. i couldnt help myself so i grabbed melissa and dragged her out onto the dance floor to give the boys a show and we did. i ran my fingers over her body kissing nibbling and shaking my ass to the beat as did melissa without a doubt the boys came over melissa moved her ass onto scotts crotch rubbing and caressing as people watched. steve grabbed my breasts from behind and i felt how big and ripe he feels. Hmm in the middle melissa and i kissed while rubbing the boys to attension :)

with frustration we hopped into a cap and headed for a hotel or somewhere that we can fuck non stop, step in the door rip off the clothes and melissa wanted us to start so i kissed her touching her body, she grabs and flicks my nipples then takes one in her mouth while i rub and stick a finger inside her as i glanced around the room i see them both watching and wanking at the site of us but hmm this makes me hot. i grab a toy someone put on the bed and i flip her over to stick it deep inside her hearing her moan as licking her clit while this vibe was deep into her wetness then i feel someone behind me finger me aswell and then i guess it was steve scott had already stuck his cock into melissas mouth and hmm i wasnt afraid anymore i was up for anything.

scott fucked melissa his hard cock in and out of her so sexy i wanted to watch but poor steve need some love so i went on all fours and felt his huge cock slip inside me wow it was amazing maybe a bit too amazing but i didnt care watching scott fuck was the most erotic fantasy and knowing im getting fucked to is even more hot :)