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Fantasy - The Interview

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9 years ago
Interview “Please give our next guest a warm round of applause – Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms Jane Smith”. The spotlight sweeps to the edge of the stage, where Jane is waiting. She steps out into the light, her white outfit catching and reflecting the dazzling light. She wears a short skirt with bare legs, and a figure hugging strappy top. She walks slowly to the couch at the centre of the stage where the host awaits. The spotlight follows her all the way, as do the watching cameras. Large screens project close-up shots to the appreciative audience. At the moment the screens show her radiant face and long blonde hair. She demurely sits down on the couch facing the audience. The applause dies away, to be replaced with an expectant hush. The host smiles amiably, and opens the conversation. “So Jane, how are we feeling tonight?” he asks in a friendly tone. Jane smiles nervously, looking slightly ill at ease. “I’m fine”, she replies, but a slight tremor in her voice betrays her nervousness. The host picks it up straight away. “Don’t be nervous, Jane”, he says, “just relax and enjoy yourself”. The host turns to face the audience, although his questions are directed at the lady seated on the couch. “Tell us a bit more about yourself”, he says. Jane pauses for a moment of thought, then starts talking. “My name is Jane, I’m 28, and a secretary”, she begins. She stops, again seeming a bit nervous. She giggles. “I’ve never done anything like this” she says. “There’s always a first time”, the host tells her. “Take it easy, and just let it flow. Why don’t you tell us about the first time you let your boyfriend play with your breasts?”. Jane starts talking, at first very hesitantly, but as she progresses she gains more confidence. She relates a story that is familiar to many, but seldom expressed this openly. A high school boyfriend, several dates, hesitant fumbles with her bra, finally fingers on her nipples. As she talks the close-up cameras mainly focus on her face, but also pan down to show close-up views of the strappy top covering her breasts. The lack of a bra is obvious, and her nipples are making their presence known to the viewers. Gradually the interviewer asks more and more probing questions, always allowing Jane to answer each question in as much detail as she feels comfortable. Gradually the audience learn about he experiences – the first time she felt a hard cock, the first time she felt her pussy getting wet, the first time she experienced semen, the first taste of oral sex, to the first time a hard cock slipped into her pussy. During her answers to cameras alternate between her face and slow panning shots down her body. Her nipples are prominent; she sits with her legs demurely crossed beneath her white skirt. “How are you feeling now”, asks the host. Jane has shared many intimate details, and somehow this has helped her become relaxed in the situation she now finds herself. She smiles, seeming a lot happier about the interview. So far it all seems to be going well. The host now shifts the topics slightly, to discuss Jane herself. He compliments her on her fine looks, her lovely outfit. Jane seems pleased – she has chosen her outfit with care. The host comments on her top – Jane smiles. “Are you wearing a bra underneath it?” he asks. She is obviously not, and they both know it. She shakes her head, a big grin on her face. She knows what must come next – and it does. “How about taking the top off and showing us”, suggests the host. For Jane it is a small moment of truth. Just as with the very first question, it is going to be the start of a process. They al know it. Jane is visibly nervous, but she slips the top upp and over her head, dropping it out of view behind the couch. The cameras close in on her now exposed breasts, transmitting every detail to the appreciative audience. The audience claps politely to show their approval. Jane relaxes her arms, resumes her previous sitting position on the couch, even though she is now far more exposed. The host now asks her a few questions about her breasts – what bra size, does she enjoy showing them, is she happy with the size, how often does she sunbathe topless. Although Jane is now visibly nervous, she answers each question. Gradually she calms down again – becomes used to the idea that the studio audience is viewing her in the intimate detail previously reserved for her lovers. The host also shifts slightly in his seat – although not from nervousness, but rather due to the bulge that is growing in his pants. He makes no effort to hide it, and openly adjusts his crotch to be more comfortable. For a few exchanges the conversation continues to centre of Jane’s breasts. Then the interview becomes a bit more physical – the host asks permission to touch her breasts. Jane sounds nervous, but says “please, go ahead”. The host moves behind he, reaches around, and cups her breasts. He comments to the audience about how firm they feel, and how nice they feel. Jane giggles, enjoying the attention. The host now moves back next to her, and moves on to the next phase of the interview. “Do you think that you would like more flesh on the stage?” he asks. Jane is ready for this – she immediately answers that she would. “Well Jane”, the host says’ “your entitled to up to two more people. You may choose – one or two, men or women – or both.” Jane smiles a naughty grin. “I want two guys, please”, she says. The host smiles. “As you wish”, he says, and stands up. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a big hand to Jane’s two assistants, John and Jack”. As he , a spotlight sweeps to the edge of the stage. Two men emerge onto the stage, both already naked, and both sporting erections. They walk to the centre of stage, and face the audience. Both men slowly stroke their cocks to keep them hard. They then stand one on either side of Jane, and turn to face her. Jane looks from one cock to the other, a happy grin on her face. “Well Jane, what do you think”, asks the host. “Yummy” says Jane, and laughs. The two men move further to the side of the stage, allowing the focus to fall on Jane again. The host smiles, as he knows the show is moving well. The audience falls silent as he prepares to speak again. “Jane”, he says, “it has been really nice of you to share things with us. But I’m sure the audience would really love more. May we move on a bit?”. Jane nods approvingly. “If you don’t mind, Jane, I’d love to help you take off your skirt”. Jane stands up, facing the audience. The host also stands, and from behind slowly unzips her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Jane steps out of the skirt, and one of the naked men puts it behind the couch. Jane is now facing the audience, dressed in only a pair of white lace panties and her high heels. The host slowly turns her around a few times, showing the audience the view from all sides. He stops with her facing him, her back to the audience. An expectant hush falls over the audience – they know this is a moment of truth. Will jane go through with it? “May I?” asks the host. Jane knows what he is asking – she smiles and says “yes” . The host kneels down, and slowly slides her panties down to the floor. The audience only have a rear view – the host has an eyeful of what they are waiting to see. Jane steps out of her panties, which are taken away by one of the naked men. The host now faces the audience. “Ladies and Gentlemen”, he says, “I know present to you, as never before seen in public, Ms Jane Smith”. As he says this he takes Jane by the shoulder, and slowly turns her to face the audience. Jane stands in front of the lights, her body naked for all to see. The audience cheers – this is what they have come to see. Jane takes in the applause, smiling broadly. The host allows a few moments for the applause to die away, then takes Jane back the couch. She sits demurely, crossing her legs. The host notices, and places his hand on her knee. “Jane, there’s no secrets now. No need to hide”, he says. Jane takes the hint, and opens her legs wide. The close-up cameras move in, revealing to the audience the details of her lips and trim. Some drops of wetness can be seen at the edges. The host moves his hand near, and asks “May I?”. Jane nods, and he gently slides a finger down her lips, picking up the wetness as he goes. He licks his own finger, smiles, and says the audience “nice”. They all cheer. The host now returns to questioning, this time focusing on more sexual aspects of her experience. No question is too intimate – from what positions she prefers, to any bisexual experiences or desires, he asks them all. He gradually encourages her to relax as he continues – she now seems totally at home naked on the couch, legs spread, facing the appreciative audience and cameras. The two naked men either end of the couch, keeping up their erections as the interview progresses. Gradually the host starts to alter the direction of questions, going from the experiences that Jane has had to the things she would like to experience. He gently probes her fantasies – who, where, and how. Jane is now visibly aroused – she seems to have forgotten the studio audience. The host reaches behind the couch, brings out a vibrator, and offers it to her. She takes it straight away, to the audience, and then starts to rub her clitoris and lips with it. The audience cheer wildly – Jane is really getting into the swing of things. The host now stands up, and faces Jane. “Jane”, he says, “your fantasies are really turning me on. Would you mind if I got my cock out as well”. Jane is only too happy to hear this, and almost immediately the hosts pants are gone. Like the men at either end of the couch, he to has an erection. A small drop of precum can be seen at the tip – Jane reaches over and scoops it onto her finger, licking it off. “Nice”, she says, and the audience laugh and cheer. The host now sits beside Jane, gently stroking his cock with one hand while he further probes her fantasies. Jane is on her back, legs spread, eyes closed, the vibrator firmly embedded in her pussy, sliding in and out with wet slurping sounds. The questions continue, and now Jane’s inner fantasies come pouring out. The host does nothing to stop them – he gently encourages them, gently questioning her to reveal more and more details. By now Jane is totally wet, and experiencing the first of many orgasms. The audience are enraptured – they are cheering her on, loving the way she is opening up more and more. Jane opens her eyes, looks around her excitedly. Her eyes fall on the man at the end of the couch on her left. She reaches out, he immediately comes over to her and pushes his hard cock forward. Jane takes it firmly in her hand, sliding her hand up and down. The host kneels on the couch, and puts his cock near her face. Jane takes the hint, reaches up with her lips and takes the host’s hard cock in her mouth. The audience cheers madly, loving every moment. The host holds the position for a moment, then pulls out – he needs Jane to talk, and she can’t do it with her mouth full. He kneels at her feet, and gently replaces her hand on the vibrator with his. As he slides the vibrator in and out, Jane continues to stroke to the cock in her hand. The other man now moves to her, and she takes his cock in the other hand. The audience cheers at the sight of Jane simultaneously stroking two cocks, while the host pleasures her with the vibrator. The host continues to question Jane, but the answers are consist of very short replies, often just one word. The host is pleased – Jane has been a good guest. He says something quietly to everyone, and Jane immediately becomes more focused. She strokes harder, trying to deal with both cocks equally. The guys also help her, adjusting the pace of her hands. After a few short moments the first man cums, jetting out onto her boobs. The second man cums a few moments later, also creating a white fountain that splashes onto Jane’s chest. She slows her pace, gently rubbing the tips of the cocks on her wet breasts. The audience give an appreciative round of applause. The host now kneels next to her on the couch; although he speaks to her, he faces the audience. “Jane”, he says, “you have been a fantastic guest. We have really enjoyed exploring you, and thank you for sharing so much with us”. The audience claps to show their support. “Jane, as you know, the all time favourite of our studio audience is a porno facial. Are you ready for this?” Jane is so excited that she answers immediately – “yes”. The host proffers the end of his cock, Jane takes it deep into her mouth and sucks. The audience strains to catch the slurping sound as the host’s cock slides in and out, until he is quickly on the brink. He pulls out and a fountain of cum erupts onto Jane’s face, running down her cheeks and onto her breasts. The host moves back, as the camera zooms in to show Jane’s dripping, smiling face. The audience cheers. The camera zooms out, to show the host standing next to Jane, wet cock in hand. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a big hand to our special guest, Jane”. The cheering is loud and emphatic – the audience are happy. Jane smiles and laughs, enjoying the applause. The camera now pans over the audience, showing many with clothes in disarray. Some men have their cocks in their hands, at least one lady has impaled herself on her husband, and several have skirts pulled up above their waists. “Ladies and Gentlemen”, the host continues, “you’ve been a wonderful audience. Please join us again next week when our special guest will be Angie, a waitress at a local restaurant. Until then, happy fantasies”. The lights dim and the stage curtain closes.

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