Written by Sensualbbw

15 Dec 2012

18.30 & here I am still at the office, why do I always get stuck doing the paper work. It's now 22.15 & I only have 10mins to catch the train, taking off my high heels I run the last few metres. Caught it just in time. As it is late there isn't many people on the train, sitting behind me is a older couple looks like they have been out for dinner..a group of younger kids sitting up the front & a few seats away from me is three middle aged men.

I take out a book & start reading it knowing I have a way to go, one by one everyone gets off the train all but the three middle aged men. As the train pulls away I notice that they have moved & now are sitting behind me, I think this is strange but continue reading my book.

The train pulls to a halt, then continues.. 15 mins later I look up from my book & realise that I have missed my stop so I hop of at the next stop knowing that I am going to have to walk back to get home as its is a quiet & secluded part of town. I carry my phone & use it as its the only form of light that I have in the darkness of the moonless night.

As I approach nearer to home there is a reserve that I can go through as a short cut but that means I will have to leave the road & the occasional street light to the complete darkness of the reserve, its been a long day & my feet are killing me so I take the short cut through the reserve. After only a few minutes I hear footsteps behind me, faster & faster they approach me.....

I start to run but suddenly I feel my hair being pulled & an arm around my neck pulling me down to the ground, screaming I punch out at my attacker I break free but it's only for a moment & I am thrown to the ground yet again but this time there is another person there helping hold me down. Still I scream & kick for all of my might, one of them slaps me then puts his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming & tells me if I don't shut the fuck up he will gag me..he takes his hand away "I scream at him Fuck You" he then slaps me again & then ties something over my mouth..& then tells me "No It's me that will Fuck You Bitch" meanwhile the other guy is holding my hands down but I manage to release one of my hands & I slap him as hard as I can across the face..Now in a rage he rolls me over & puts handcuffs on me..Fuck now I am really scared & have no control in getting out of this...

The one that gagged me now pulls of my pants then my knickers he then spreads my legs apart, the other guy sees this & pulls out his hard cock & fucks me hard whilst the other keeps my legs open..I try so hard to kick him & I do manage to get him a few times but he is just far too strong for me..he gets off from me & takes the gag from my mouth then rams his cock into my mouth, thrusting harder he pulls out & cums all over my face he then rips open my top & rubs his cum all over my boobs then he licks & sucks it all off. Now the gag is off I try to scream but after him ramming his cock down my throat I find I cant scream..helpless the only thing I can do is to take every chance I can in fighting back.

The one holding my legs now sees it is his turn to fuck me, he releases my legs & this is another chance I see so with all of my strength I use my foot to push him away, he falls back..taking this opportunity I get up & start to run I stumble but quickly get back on my feet & run fast, I look behind me & I don't see them..crying I continue to run to the safety of my home, I have a key hidden & just as I get the door open I feel someone shove me from behind & I fall into the doorway, before I can even look around there is something being tied over my eyes.. yet again I am thrown into darkness...

He pulls me to my feet by my hair then drags me to my bedroom where I am shoved onto the bed, screaming who is this why are you doing this to me? all I feel for my question is a slap across my face, I scream at him calling him a fucking cunt..Enraged by this he slaps me again, I punch out at him over & over until he grabs my wrists & ties them to the bed rendering me helpless & unable to now fight back..burning tears fall down my cheek as he violates my body again over & over, I decide to try something that may help me get out of this..I start to tell him I am enjoying what he is doing & say that I wish my boyfriend would do this to me..he stops & listens to me speaking to him in a soft & gentle voice, I ask him to kiss me as that is one thing he has not done. He leans down & presses his lips to mine, I gently kiss him back then ask him If I can be untied so I can give him a blow job..he pauses so I reassure him that I am enjoy all of this now so he gets up & unties my hands but I ask him to leave the blindfold on as it excites me.

I go down on him & start sucking his soft cock, working on his cock it soon becomes rock hard I continue to suck him, he is moaning with pleasure. I stop & ask him if I can go to the toilet saying I will be right back & I will finish what I started, I also ask him If I can place the blindfold onto him so he can feel the excitement that I was feeling so he allows me to tie it over his eyes & then he lets me go to the toilet.

Instead of going to the toilet I go to the kitchen & get out my chefs knife, I return to the bedroom & he is still laying there blindfolded with his hard cock in his hand. I decided to straddle over his hard cock, feeling this he calls out Yes!! Just as he does this I put the tip of the knife to his throat, he feels this & quickly stops moving..he asks me what the fuck I am doing so I say to him No you have NO right to ask me what I am doing I am in control now you will do as I say!

I cuff him to the bed so he cant move then I get up & go for a shower. I am totally exhausted now so I go to the spare room to get some sleep. Hours later I am woken by him shouting..I go into the room & place the knife to his throat & tell him to shut the fuck up or I will stick him. I grab his cock & start pulling it until its all hard again, I then sit over him & slowly I move up & down over his thick cock..I keep him there for a few more hours for my enjoyment.

I release the cuffs then the blindfold & I gently press my lips to yours, we kiss passionately we then lay there & gently stroke each other with total love & passion until we fall asleep in each others arms.....