24 May 2016

You ring and invite my out for few drinks....last minute check...make up,crotchless panties, thigh high fishnets n garter...ive been looking forward to this night for months. AS i enter the restaurant i notice you. AS i move towards you your eyes take in all im offering and you smile.

After chatting n laughing for what seems ages you reach across the table and take my hand in yours, kissing the inside of my wrist, running your tongue seductively down my palm...the glint in your eye promising so much more.

Slowly you take my hand down to your crutch....your cock is so hard, i trace my fingers over the outline of your cock paying particular attention to your head...god! I wish i could just sink to my knees and service you.

Suddenly you get up and take my hand, leading me to the elevator. We are alone, but i know someone is watching...this makes my pussy moist.

As it starts to rise you turn me towards the wall, taking both of my hands and holding them above my head. You lean in and press your body against mine, your hard cock nestling between my ass cheeks, i wriggle my ass around your cock which you respond to with a long sigh. You lick and bite my neck and shoulders, then whisper in my ear "When we get upstairs i want you to strip and kneel in the corner until i tell you otherwise" i nod as an throat is dry with anticipation.

On arriving at the room you go and pour yourself a drink while i undress under your gaze, im so wet, i feel my juices gather and run down my legs. Taking your time you silently watch me.

You eventually get up and come towards me with a blindfold and a set of cuffs..once done you feather your fingers down to my ass, making me shiver..

I can see nothing but can feel your presence all around me, my senses go i to overdrive...i can smell my arousal mixed with your aftershave. Suddenly i feel your cock nudging my lips, rubbing it over my face and hair...god you smell and feel so good.

You command me to open my mouth and suck your cock. You start slowly and gently letting me take you fully in my mouth, then you grab my hair and feed your cock to the back of my throat, fucking me hard, gagging me...tears well up in my eyes....tears of joy.

You roughly pull your cock from my mouth and help me stand, leading me over to a low coffee table, where you lay me back. I feel your hot breath on my hairless pussy...using your hands you spread my pussy lips, baring me to your gaze, i blush behind my darkness. Your tongue slides the length of my pussy omg ...your teeth grazing my clit, then taking it into your mouth and sucking on it body responds by rising to meet your searching tongue.

You devour me, taste me, tease me till i can no longer push me over the edge, i cum long and hard over your lean up and lick your way up to my mouth , sharing my juices with me.

To be continue......