Written by tyga

16 Jan 2012

I was wondering around a national park looking for the waterfall I'd heard so much about. I was walking about for an hour & still couldnt find it. I was about to give up when I spotted a guy sitting on a rock taking in the scenery. He had his back to me & what a scrummy looking back & shouders they were, he was shirtless. I walked over to him & say hi, he jumped a mile & turned round. After the laughing had stopped I noticed that the rest of him was also scrummy. I asked if he knew where the waterfall was & he offered to take me there. I was thinking.... oh you can take me anywhere you like sweets.

We walked around for a bit & his so called short cut ended up taking us thru bushes & trees until we came to a ledge, he jumped off & offered to help me down, me being a stubborn wanna try things on my own first type of person, declined the offer. The jumping down was a treat, I could see just thru the trees the waterfall, and my friendly guide was already thru there standing looking at the falls. As I had eye candy in front of me & not watching where i was going tripped over a tree root, stumbled, pushed him into the water & as he was going in grabbed hold & pulled me in too.

The water was cold enough to give me instant hard nipples which he noticed straight away. He stood up & helped me stand. My breast was only an inch away from his chest, he looked down at my nipples poking thru & said u would dry off quicker if u took ur tshirt off & he proceeded to help me take it off. He placed a hand on each of my boobs and buried his face in my cleavage then sucked on my nipples. He stood up and kissed me slipping his tongue in while his hands still squeezed my breasts.

He took my hand & led me out of the water, there was an old fallen down tree near by. We stood near it as he pulled my shorts down and sat me on the tree. He spread my legs & he started to lick and suck on my pussy lips. His tongue ran over my clit & his finger disappeared inside. I wrapped my legs lightly around his neck my hands gently grasping his hair. The more he licked & sucked the more i wanted to cum & the tighter I grasped his hair. I couldnt take any more & cum, he kept licking my clit making my whole body twitch with every passing of his tongue.

He lifted me off the log & kissed me deeply, he already had his shorts off. I knelt down in front of him, took his cock in my hand & gently ran the tip of my tongue over his nob. I looked up at him just as i was about to close my lips around his cock. He smiled a cheezy grin. I started to suck his cock, feeling his nob swell in my mouth, tasting his precum, he was throbbing. He pulled out of my mouth, stood me up, turned me round & bent me over the log. He spread my legs and slid his hard cock into my wet pussy. every time he thrust into me he held my hips & pulled me back on to him. He fucked me hard & fast, when he was ready to blow he pulled out & cum all over my back & arse. when he was finished, we cleaned up & got dressed. He took me back to my car, turns out he was parked next to me. We had one last kiss & drove our seperate ways. On the way home I realised I hadnt taken any pics of the waterfall. May have to pay another visit there :)