Written by rufus26

28 Nov 2013

This is a fantasy that drives me crazy its got curiousity adventure experience in a whole different way for me. I have had dreams thoughts fantasies about a mmf with a couple of sexy confident people wanting to explore and teach guide me into an exciting experience. A sexy older couple invites me in we enjoy conversation drinks laughs suddenly you ade sitting either side of me rubbing my legs, i turn to her and ask whats its like to suck on a dick? She looks at her partner he looks at me we all smile slowly she grabs me kissing my lips as i feel his hand around my lump in my pants. Her hand joins his as they undo my pants, she takes one of my hands and place it in the hot place between her legs and place my other one on her partners bulge making me caress his cock my nervouse hand rubbing around a familar but unfamilar territory as i feel lips on the tip of my cock her partner kisses me, i hesistate but kiss back enjoying the company and the moment. Before i know it her partner is next her betweenmy legs smiling at me he grabs my cock and swallows it sucking and kissing, suddenly 2tits are in my face i feel around kissing fondeling familar territory enjoying the new experiences happening to and around me.

She tells her partner to sit back on the bed and instructs me to kneel next her, she grabs his cock and rubs it up and down grabs my hand and shows me how then tells me to lick his cock from the tip to the base i folllow instructions nervisly but turned on by the new adventure i lowery my mouth around his cock i feel her rubbing my own as i lick and suck a cock for the first time.

they lay me down and she lowers herseld ova my rock hard cock slowly moving up and down as he kneels ova my chest making me suck his cock not using my hands hesistantly i suck and lick enjoying the company and experience as he starts to moan he thrusts back and forward fucking my mouth as she starts to grind harder and moan louder i could sense his climax and braced myself as he thrust forward i choke a little but keep my ljps sealed on bis cock swallowing a hot load of cum i feel her juices flowing around me as my own manhood is ready to explode he grabsmy cock and sucked me tl i was dry ....... We laying kissing each other panting ...... Little time had past i notices we all had our eye closed start rubbing her warm pussy still wet and sticky then i notices his cock sitting there all soft i gently hold licking the tip feeling it grow harder as a jerk and suck it he awakens notices his partner asleep rolls her ontop of him and i.serts himself as she moans still snoozing, he hands me sum lube intructs me to play with her ass.... As i gently insert my fingers gently spreading her sexy asswhole apart my cock grows hard i light push the head aginst her hole it slowly goes in i start to move in and out as she awakens , we all are pounding grinding sweating our way to our sexond climax when they stop tell me to lie down again i listen she lowers her wet dripping pussy ova my mouth as a feel hi strong handz and mouth ova my cock taking it all in i start licking and sucking her pussy while she slowly grinds i feel my cock ready to expode when she screams out climaxing all ova my face i e plode into her partners mouth he sucks a goobles every last drop then lowers his own cock into my mouth while his partner holds my head and fucks my mouth for him he groans and moans and explodes down my throat his partner grabs me kisaing me deeply tasting her partner she tells me to kiss him let him taste himself............. .This fantasy is a curious one i am keen to explore another man with a couple man and woman at the same time to guide and instruct me to enjoy an experience and fullfill and fantasy...