Written by Oceansee

15 Jun 2018

So what do you fantasize about if you are horny, my friend's wife came straight out and asked me much to my surprise, so I looked at her and said I'm not sure if you're hubby would appreciate it if l was talking about this type of thing with you. She quickly answered telling me that there sex life was boring and stale and all that her husband has to say is that she needs to spice things up and start with getting him excited about her again, and that is what l am going to do for him. Okay I am not sure what to say but I know that I think you are hot as and don't know why he's not interested in fucking you good and hard, but if you like l can let him know that you are a very sexy lady and that l can see why he loves having sex with you. She replied saying that she was going to tell him that if he did not give her a good decent fuck then she would be calling me to do the job for him. I'm not sure what my mate is going to think about that but anyway it's up to you thinking that she would never say anything like that too her husband.

Next day quite early l get a phone call from her and she is asking me to call around asap as she needed to talk to me, I went to her house straight away as I thought that something happened, l walked in the door to see her with some very sexy lingerie on with her crying out telling me that her husband was not even interested at the slightest with her sexy outfit so she told him that if he did not give her a good decent fucking she would get some one else to, all her husband said was yeah sure you will but if you do make sure you have him fill your pussy with his cum, so then you have the proof that you will do what she said, my cock was already rock hard and I know that my balls are aching to be drained so straight away l told her that she was so fucking hot and very sexy and any man who saw her would luv to give her pussy a decent licking till she came hard and then would fuck her good and proper and fill her sweet pussy with his jizz. She looked at me smiling and said prove it then as layed back opening her legs with a little moan of please do what you want to me l want you bad. That was it my tongue was straight away exploring her sweet little pussy and wow when she had her orgasm she squirted a huge amount of cum soaking my face and l was so turned on by her massive cum, l fucked her so hard and gave her all l could and she was so tight that l could not believe that her husband would not fuck her. She was begging for me to cum and fill her with my hot juice and she wanted every last drop in her pussy, l was so much needing to get my balls emptied l blew my load so hard and it felt so good creaming her pussy that I didn't notice that her hubby had walked in and had been watching her being fucked by a me. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next from here but straight away he was getting his clothes off and asked me to move aside as he was going to get some of the action himself and as soon as he rammed his cock in her pussy she asked him if he could feel my cum in her and was he happy to have his cock covered with my cum as well as he fucked her like no tomorrow moaning yes to her. I was soon hard again and he was glad to see that my cock was hard and wanted me to be sucked by her while he was fucking her pussy and would also wanted to know if I would mind blowing my next load of cum into his mouth as it felt so good on his cock and that he reckon that it would be also good to swallow,, l was so happy with that as well as l had always fantasised about having my cock in a man's mouth but had never experienced it before, How much better could this sexual time be l asked myself.