31 Mar 2015

Clearly the fantasy start here, online with a stranger - me. A dom you connected with. You have already made your decision to explore that's why you are here. Now you feel that tingle of anticipation as it becomes more real. The sense of possibility makes your chest tighter, anticipation is an aphrodisiac. Your mind is the greatest erogenous zone and the chance to truly let go and you now have the chance to play a role you have fantasised about.

The role is submissive and I am your dom. I have read your profile and likes and interests so it is time to explore. I will dominate you verbally and physically. We will plan to meet somewhere in the future, but before that we will agree what is important to us both and I will assist you to have the freedom to express what you truly desire. I will help you understand how pain and pleasure connect and you will experience the gentleness of my understanding that you are on a journey but respect the sadism I will want to explore with you.

Calling you a slut is important as are other degrading word I will choose to use - you are a princess but underneath this we are all animals and so you will acknowledge this and ask me to call you that and express your desire for verbal humiliation. We will plan a meeting sometime at a bar and before this I need to know what you can wear that will please me. I expect you to look hot and dress in a manner that turns me on. Things I like are short skirts, leather and pvc, boots (although it is summer haha). I also like no panties but stockings and suspenders - so you are open and accessible if I choose. I like anal and can already imagine your tight asshole. Wearing a butt plug for me when we meet will please me.

So this is the nature of your dom. His fantasy is to learn about you with some of the words he has written and for you to learn about him. For you to feel excitement as you respond and take the fantasy forward. For you to let go in the role you will play and tell me what you want to do for me and experience. We can then learn more and design our fantasy to meet all your needs. That after all is what I am her for, to take you gently by the hand and lead you to that place you have always truly wanted to go.

How's that, I have posed a fantasy scene for meeting, we would of course leave after a few drinks. To know where we would go and what would happen I would like to hear from you about what you like in what I have written. I will finish by saying that dirty talk is a must - I love it and as you write so well I would love to read your deepest thoughts around the what and we can work on the where and how.



Wow, sounds great. I would of course like much of what we do to be private and not in public-hard limit for me if it is in a way it could damage my career. but I would show up to meet you wearing a short skirt, suspenders, heels and no underwear. I feel naughty, exposed, and arrive nervously pulling it down and blushing as it reinforces my vulnerability in meeting a man who will have control over me and who has stipulated I wear this so I can be touched at his whim. I would be blushing and biting my lip but feel aroused if in the car on the way back to the hotel room, if I was ordered to open my legs wide, an order given with a harsh word making me feel owned and used-especially when a strong hand slowly slides up my thighs to my open pussy-displayed and lewdly available to probing fingers from a master, in the driver's seat in more ways than one. I would submit to the treatment, the words and the orders and dirty talk coming from you would help to put me into my role of servant and they make me tremble with anticipation at what is to come when we are behind closed doors, when I give myself over to you to do as you wish.

Images run through my head as to what they could be: your hand around my throat as you push your fingers into my mouth testing my resolve. me on my knees before you as I look up at you and hold your steady gaze, breathing heavy under the weight of your power over me. Me removing my clothing as ordered, being inspected and fondled in approval-humiliating comments making me blush. Me trying desperately to please as you push me to serve you. Pain, pleasure and a connection between two natural roles.

Oh the endless things you could ask me to do in that room. :) Sorry, bit tired-lacking thought for better material. Night. x


So for your Friday and the anticipation of future pleasure to come, I will develop our fantasy further. Master understands and accepts your hard limit, he also has a career to protect as a CEO. So while we will meet in public and you will arrive vulnerable, prepared and ready for me, I agree that I will only use you privately so you feel safe, even though you are scared and your heart is racing. You know we will go somewhere safe where no-one can see you and the anticipation of being set free finally will make your pussy start wet because now it is for real. I will experience intense pleasure as I allow you to revel in who you really are underneath the mask you wear anchored to the thin skein called society. You will truly find yourself for the first time as you show me the depths of your depravity for our mutual pleasure.

Master will want to know what you will be wearing when he meets you, precise detail. Like a razor, caressing our senses of anticipation, ready to cut between fantasy and reality, until we slice and they merge.

Will your short skirt be silk, cotton, leather? Is your pussy totally smooth or do you have a landing strip? How will you wear your hear and the colour of your lipstick? You scent? Should I know or should I not...

When you arrive I will look deep into you eyes and drink you in. The moment will be timeless, all that we have been waiting for manifest, the fantasy is real. I will say nothing, just savour the moment. What needs to be said, we will stare at each other because we know...

I will then bend close, very close to you and whisper into your ear. You will feel my hot breathe and sense the depth of my desire to use you as I say, "I'm glad you came, sit with me Slut". Taking you by the hand I will lead you to a table and sit you next to me, close, touching distance. I will give you a little package, a present, and say we are not staying. Go to the bathroom and unwrap my gift to you, you will know what to do.

Your heart beating fast, your mind questioning what am I doing, should I leave now, you will enter the cubicle and unwrapping the gift. There you will find a small butt plug, discrete - a work of art and a note saying "Here is the key you have searched for, it is your choice whether to open the doorway now you have found it."

When you return we will look at each other. It will be a different look, something fundamental has changed. A choice freely given, your return is our answer. Taking you by the hand I will look you in the eyes. Then I will reach up and place both hands tenderly on you cheeks and pull you to me and kiss you deeply. "Thank you for your gift", I whisper, now come with me!

As we walk towards my car you will feel the butt plug, your gift, the key you chose to accept, tight and nestled in your asshole. Every step pleasurable, naughty, filthy and step from your past into the future you have chosen. It feels like home. With each step you will feel a load you have been carrying all your life, lift from your shoulders. You have chosen the path less travelled, the one that requires strength, you have chosen to be you.

As I sit you in my car, your legs feeling smooth against the leather seat and drive us away, you feel the past and future as two separate entities for the first time. Not a connected stream from what was and what could be, the connection has been broken by the present. I reach across and put my hand around your throat and command you to spread your legs for me. As I rub your smooth pussy and the first of my fingers enters you, you realise the power of the present.

As we drive away, my fingers sliding in and out of your hot pussy, you receive your first command, gratefully.

"This is now my pussy".

You feel the small butt plug tight in your ass, reconfirm your decision, look at me and say - "yes master" the car accelerates forward the world suddenly feels new again. As I command you to fuck yourself for me while we are driving I explain that when we arrive at our destination it will be time for examination and assessment. Examination as you know and desire, requires you to show me your body holding the basic inspection slave position.

However assessment is where we truly connect, this I explain is an assignment I will give you. You will complete it and then together we will know what your limits are and agree. From there, when we play, within the limits you choose - I will dominate you. I will kiss you gently on the lips, my tongue exploring yours sensually. Then the play will begin as I pull out your butt plug, look deep into your eyes and say...


..and whisper in my ear what? WHAT? oh god you are a tease! :) Loved your writing, I cant elaborate on that its too good. Im glad I made you horny. and you wrote it at work too hahaha. You are more patient than me I think you really write things out and I just skip to the dirty bits! I have more time in the evenings and maybe Saturday morning if you are free? Can I ask if you are single? live alone?

I will think of some more to add to our fantasy meeting. x

Her again…

ah ok. So..

I feel nervous and exposed under your gaze. you remove your hands from my pussy and command me to lick them. I lean forward-careful not to close my legs and tentatively lap at your fingers until they are in my mouth and im sucking gently. you chuckle and say that's enough pet. I blush and stop. I can see you are pleased at my obedience though. I can already feel that id do anything to have you tell me im your good girl, anything to earn your approval. You tell me to stay and I feel a jolt-as if im property to be told that I feel a flash of indignance as you walk around the car and as you hold my gaze I know it is a test-you smile and open the door and say good. very good pet. I feel a warmth and a tingle in my pussy at your words. you extend your hand and I step out, my legs a little unsteady already-I can feel the plug and the sensation has been building and I know I am dripping wet from it. I know it is there to have this affect and to hold me open for use, that every hole is for your hard cock to plunder and you will do just that-taking what is yours.

We walk to the hotel entrance and once inside the lift I am suddenly pushed back against the wall and I gasp not expecting it, your hands push up my shirt, roughly pushing up the sexy bra I wore for you-intent on their prize and I moan as your mouth descends on mine as you cup my breasts and pull and twist my nipples. your knee forces mine to separate pushing against my throbbing clit, it feels like you are everywhere at once. just as suddenly you release me and the elevator dings. just before the doors open I quickly straighten my top and pull down my skirt.Anyone seeing me will know my red mouth was just plundered and my hair askew as it was grabbed. You walk ahead and I am relieved no people are around to witness me walking behind you to your door. my heart pounding, my breath shallow and quick. I'm so aroused an ant crawling over my skin would make me explode. I am nervous you wont like me when you inspect me, I'm fearful at what you will do to me. you stop at the door and turn, you ask me if I am ok, if I want to enter, you tell me I'm safe with you, that you will make me yours. I pause, shiver a little, I meet your gaze and nod, biting my lip but at your words my reservations fall away and I want what is behind that door.

Your turn for the next bit. x


Ahh, yes...such sweet desire.

Your inexperience, like a schoolgirl before her first time is intoxicating. Yet you are a woman who knows what she wants and has willingly given herself to me for my use. I open the door and you step into the room.

There is a soft click as the door closes and suddenly you feel my hand pulling your hair roughly, my body pushing you hard against the closed door as my fingers reach under your short skirt and probe your dripping pussy. I lean down and kiss you strongly on the mouth, my tongue exploring your mouth with a hunger that surprises you and you feel your knees grow weak. The blood is pounding in your brain leaving you breathless - your pussy does not lie. The juices are streaming over my fingers as they slide in and out, exploring what is mine.

I release your hair and step back then command you walk into the middle of the room and turn and face me. As you walk you feel your butt plug nestled firmly inside your asshole and a large bed across through the open doorway. You see there are some items on it which you cannot quite make out clearly and then you hear me say, "turn now - face me, spread your legs wide and lift your skirt up so I can see". You stand with your legs spread wide and your smooth, wet pussy on display for me.

I stand and savour the moment, the view, my prize in all her glory - time stretches like an eternity as you feel my intense stare. "Turn around and bend over" I say, "present your ass to me". You turn willingly, excited now and bend over exposing yourself, your tight ass with it's butt plug firmly in place. Almost before you realise it you are reaching back and pulling your ass cheeks apart to give me a better view. You cannot believe how intense your feelings are, how slutty you feel and the pleasure that comes from letting go and just obeying your master.

I walk up to you and slowing caress your ass cheeks, my hand sliding under to your pussy and probing again, then back and lingering on your butt plug. Slowly I tease it out, every inch like a mile, then I push it back in again. You feel a slight sting as I slap each of your ass cheeks and then feel the plug slipping out again. As I pull it out completely I say, "in this room I am your master - here you will serve me for my pleasure. Do you understand?". Your heart beating you murmur, "yes master". You feel a sharp pain as I slap your ass, "louder slut - I will give you the gift of that which you most desire - beg for it now"! My voice is strong, deep and commanding brooking no refusal. You feel the last wisps of doubt evaporate and your reply, "yes master, I beg you treat me like the slut I am and use me for your pleasure". As you are saying the words you feel the butt plug sliding back into your asshole and the sensation is exquisite.

"On your knees" I command, "crawl to the bedroom". You drop to your knees and crawl towards the bed. You cannot see me but you feel my presence. "Keep your head down" I order. When you reach the bed you stop, unsure. "Kneel", you hear the command and obey. You keep your eyes downcast but feel me appear in front of you, my trousers in line with your head. You feel my hand grab your hair and pull your eyes up and there you can see that your masters cock is very hard and big inside his suit. You let out a gasp as I push your face against the linen of my trousers and you feel for the first time the hard shaft of my cock pressed against your face as I grind my hips against you. The smell and feel of the fabric and the hard cock underneath make you feel light headed.

I reach my hand around your throat and pull you roughly to your feet and twist your head towards the bed. You feel a hard slap as I reach around and spank your ass, once, twice, three times. "Look slut" I say. There on the bed you see the most beautiful leather collar and four sets of cuffs. Black and red leather, the metal clips shiny under the lights of the room. Your breath catches in your throat as you see the leather flogger next to them. Suddenly I reach and grab one of your hands and place it on my hard cock and whisper, "I own all your holes slut - you will service me as I require and thank me for it". "They will all be used, but first you must be whipped". You feel my fingers inside your pussy again insistent, plunging in and out slowly at first but then with an increasing tempo. My breath is hot on your neck as I say, "you are my filthy slut, you are a princess but you for now you are my slave". "Together we will humiliate you and your service to me will be your ultimate pleasure". "Today I will take you and use you in the way you have only imagined - you will beg me for this before I begin"...breathless, my fingers continuing to drive in and out of your pussy, your cunt, the butt plug tight, filling you up...