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first meeting

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7 min
Published 10 years ago
After a few months of anticipation, the day had finally arrived. We had spoken on the phone, by text, and been on cam with each other. We had spoken about this day, and I know I had counted down to this day for six weeks, since I found out you were coming. I had thought about what might or might not happen, and had to remind myself not to make too many plans, as they usually crapped themselves way before there is any chance of them happening. But my mind would often wander, and I couldn't help imagining what we would do. And then reality would slap me in the face, and I would realise that I was at work. The days were counting down. We spoke, or chatted or cammed almost every day. Don't know how my computer survived the heat that both of us exuded. And the fact that the cam didn't melt. He is so hot....woohoo. I am so lucky. He has passion. The same passion that burns in me. There is going to be fire when we finally get together. Today is the day...I wake as normal, but know at the end of this day, my passion will meet its match. Just thinking about it is making me wet. I know that you are in your car, driving down the highway, the kilometres lessening between us every minute. The anticipation is killing me, but I try to occupy myself with the mundane things of life. But there is a warm, moist feeling in my undies that I cannot deny. If this keeps up, I'll have to change my pants!!! My phone sounds. A text message. It's from him. He is on the north side of Brissy. My heart skips a beat. I'm just about having an orgasm just knowing he is that close, and he is still so far away. After what seems to be an excruiatingly long time, the phone rings. It's him. My heart is racing. He is out the front. Oh my god!!!! I am so wet already...hopefully he wont notice. I watch as he walks toward the door. He is every inch of the six foot he told me he was. He has a muscular body, especially his chest and arms. Just right for..There's a knock at the door which rouses me from my daydream. I cant breathe. I open the door. I am totally breathless. He says "Hi, I'm Jay". I can't speak. I just hold the door and stare. He asks if I am going to ask him in. I am shaking. God, hope he cant see that. He steps in, closes the door behind him. He looks at me with smouldering brown eyes. There is a wanting, a needing in those eyes. I look up at him. He cups my cheek in his hand. He bends down slowly, and keeping his eyes on mine, kisses my lips. Just softly, gently. There is fire in my belly. I have waited so long for this. I respond to the kiss by sucking his lower lip. He gasped. We kiss more passionately now. Tongues entwined. His hands running through my hair, my arms running over the rippling muscles. He pulls me closer. I can feel how excited he has become. I have only seen his cock on cam. I know how much I am going to enjoy having him. I take his hand and lead him upstairs. He stops me as we get to the top. He stays on a step down. We are almost the same height now. He pulls me to him. Totally envelopes me in his arms. He kisses gently. He picks me up, carries me to the bed. He places me on the edge and he kneels in front of me. I have wanted this for so long. I was already dripping, and I think he knew this as he grinned a cheeky smile. I'm sure he could smell the sex on me. How I didn't already orgasm, I really dont know. He starting kissing me, with much more purpose. I responded to him. He was kissing my neck, my ear, down to my shoulder. My clothes were gone, I hadn't even noticed he had taken them off. He started on my nipple...the left one with the piercing first, then the right. I leant back on my arms. I was in heaven, but little did I know, the best was yet to come. He licked and sucked my nipples. It was exhillerating. He moved down lower. Down to my navel piercing. Little kisses, and licking my skin. He slid his hand in my pants. I jumped. My clit was already on fire. I thought I would cum right then. But I tried to hold out. Jay knew what he was doing. It was just enough to keep me close, but not enough to push me over the edge. He pushed me down on the bed. I was at his mercy now. I could feel his breathe on my pussy. I am sure he would have seen my juices already flowing. He said "this looks yum...good enough to eat", and with that his tongue was on my clit. Oh my god. I gasped. I was aching. This was what I had waited for. He sucked, bit and carressed my clit. He had no problem slipping fingers into my now saturated pussy. I was in heaven. I climaxed over and over. My legs shook. I screamed. I couldnt get enough. Jay was brilliant. So was his tongue!!! But it was my turn now. I was going to give him the same pleasure. We swapped positions. I was now kneeling in front of him. The cum was still dripping from me, but I pulled myself together. I started on his nipples, licking them at first, then just nipping them. He had very sensitive nipples. He was already groaning. I helped him out of his jeans, and seems that he was as ecxited as me. His cock flew to attention as soon as it was released. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen. I knew I would enjoy this headjob. Slowly I started my journey down his chest. He had very little chest hair. He gasped again as I reached the base of his cock. I looked at him. He was in extasy. I licked up the shaft and started licking the knob. He was large, and thick. But that just made it all the more pleasurable. I took all of him in my mouth, as much as I could anyway. Just slowly at first, but building in pace as I felt him stiffen even more. I could still taste the pre-cum that had dribbled out when I was on my way down. I slowed, and concentrated just on the knob for a little while, then started back on the shaft. He pulled me up because he didn't want to cum yet. His cock was so inviting, I straddled him. Because of the shape and length of his cock, he hit my g-spot everytime his cock was deep in me. Now I was in extasy. I stayed low, grinding my pussy right down onto his cock. I don't know how many times I orgasmed, but it was all I could do not to squirt all over him. He held my hips, helping keep me in rhythm with him. I just wanted to keep riding him. But it was his turn. He turned me over. Looked at me, my hair tousled, and slowly pushed my legs apart and entered. I was so wet, and he commented on that. We were in perfect time with each other, like we had done this thousands of times instead of the first time. I came over and over again. I knew that he wanted to blow his load, but had been holding back for me. I said "its okay baby, its your turn to come now". Jay looked at me and I nodded at him. I new this would be huge. We were going to cum together. I could feel him building pace, and I matched his. With a load groan, I could feel him explode inside of me. I squeezed every drop I could out of him with my now soaked pussy. We both collapsed, totally spent from the exertion of the last four hours. We held each other carressing lips and faces. We drifted off to sleep arms wrapped around each other. Jay had done everything he had promised me, and much, much more. I could hear birds chirping. The morning had arrived all too soon. But that is another story.....

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