Written by maz_1

9 May 2011

I could hear the birds. I wasn't quite awake, and I really didn't want to be yet. I squirmed a little. Then I felt you. You had snuggled up to spoon with me. I could feel your warm breath on the back of my neck. Your breathing was slow and steady.

You were warm, and it felt wonderful to have you laying so close behind me. I lay there quietly, not wanting to wake you. Then those feelings of wetness returned as I started to remember what happened last night. I still couldn't believe it.

But my movements have disturbed you. You nuzzle closer to me, and your hand envelopes my breast. I gasp....this touch is bringing back vivid memories of last night. The feel of your tongue on my clit. The feel of your dick in my mouth. The feeling of your dick in my pussy. Ohh....I am soaked just thinking!!!! You say "Good morning babe. Did you sleep well?" You pull me closer to you, and I can feel your "morning glory". My heart is racing at the thought of having you in me again, making us as one. I press my butt against you and you groan. "Is that for me?" I ask cheekily. "I dont see any one else who can do this to me", you say. You slip your dick between my butt cheeks. It slides quite easily as I am so wet. Jay has made me excited by just being where he is. He didn't even have to do anything. He notices that, and inhales deeply. "You smell like sex", he says. What can I say to that?? It is true, and I love that smell. He tells me that the smell is so sweet. His hands are running over my body, my breats, my belly, my butt. It's like electricity in my body. I start to writhe and moan. My breathing has become fast, and my heart is racing. He rolls me on to my back. He is over me, looking into my eyes. I feel as though he is looking right in to my soul. I run my hands over his strong arms and chest. He smirks. I think he is remembering some of last nights escapades as well.

He kisses me. I respond immediately, and then we are involved in the most imtimate kissing I have ever shared with any one. This just sent my heart rate through the roof. Both of us were moaning, not wanting this to end. He pulled back a little,and gazed in to my eyes. It was then that I realized that we had more than just a physical connection. It was so much more than that. He had reached my soul, and the connection became a spiritual one. One that will be there forever, even if we never see each other again.

It was almost that he could see exactly what I was thinking. He smiled, and then, to my great delight, he started kissing my neck. He was so gentle. It was feather-like. Jay then started on my nipples. The electricity was buzzing around my body already, coming to a stop down low in my belly. It was building so quickly, I thought I would cum even before Jay got anywhere near my pussy. He licked and sucked and I was in ecstacy. I was jumping and my hips were grinding against his even though his weight on me pressed me to the bed. He started to move lower. Ohh god, was he going to eat me????? I didn't have to wait long to find out. He went straight to my clit. I screamed. I came straight away. I think Jay got a surprise, but he didn't hesitate lapping up my juices, which were flowing freely. He would not let up, and I don't know how many orgasms I had. It blew my mind as well as my body. He kept licking, sucking and teasing. If if needed to catch his breath, he would use his fingers inside of me. He knew where to find my g-spots, and had me bucking and screaming. It wasn't long before I squirted over his hand, and made a huge puddle on the bed. Jay was ecstatic. "Oh my god!!" he said. "I didn't know you could do that!" I lifted my head, and smiled at him. "I have hidden talents too". We both chuckled a little.

"Are you ready to have me now?" he asked. I hadn't had a chance to recover after the huge orgasm I just had, but I was so ready. I wanted that weapon inside of me. I needed it in me. My pussy was screaming for it. Jay pulled me down the bed and rolled me over. I was on all fours. My pussy was throbbing. It seemed like an eternity, but it was only a split second before I felt the tip of his rock hard dick. "Mmmmmm" he said. I pushed back onto his dick. I wanted all of it, right down to the balls. I wanted to be impaled by his impressive weapon. He ground against me, making sure that every millimetre was in my soaking pussy. The strokes were slow and calculating. I had already cum again. The timing was brilliant, and it wasn't long before I was moving with him and we were one again. I had orgasm after orgasm, until finally, I think Jay sensed I was close to collasping with exhaustion. He asked "I want to cum in you babe. Are you ready for me?" Was I ready? It's what I had craved, what I was dying to have. I couldn't think of anything more perfect than having Jay's cum deep inside of me. "I am ready for you, my sweet" I said. The strokes became faster and a little more urgent. I could not feel his balls slapping me, as they has retreated upwards, ready to explode the load that had built up over the last hours. Jay was making small grunting noises, and the pumping was at a frenetic pace now. I knew he was about blow one of the biggest loads he had ever had.

It was then I felt an incredible warmth in deep inside of me. Jay was groaning. I turned to look at him. The expression on his face was one of disbelief. We collasped on the bed together, in the same position we had woken in. His arms were around me, holding me to him. His hard on had not yet subsided, and was still inside of me. I had not yet sucked all of the cum from him. I could still feel it throbbing and dribbling more cum.

We stayed like that for quite some time, both of us trying to catch our breath and absorb what had just happened. I asked Jay if he was okay. "Why would you ask me that?" he queried. I was thinking ablut the look on his face just before he exploded. "I turned to look at you just before you came, and you seemed to not believe what was happening" I said. We turned to face each other. He looked at me with those smouldering eyes. "I couldn't believe that I was lucky enough to be here with you. To be the one to share that brilliant experience with you. To have you all to myself. To be able to wake up next to a sexy, beautiful woman like you. I will never forget this." I was speechless........