Written by AreYouUpForIt

11 Jun 2012

Mr X had only played with the Host couple (Mr. and Ms. Y) once before and being his first time we were not sure what to expect. The Mr and Ms. Y organised to take Mr X for his second time to a couple that they have swung with many times before to truly introduce him to the swinging scene. Unfortunately the day before hand they had to cancel and the Mr and Ms. Y were left to organise another “Play” in a day.

Mr and Ms. Y decided to organise an impromptu meet with some couples they had been chatting with and see what happened. When one couple was contacted they jumped at the chance asking if the host couple would mind having them over and also bring Mr X, so they all met at a local club and had some dinner and drinks, some of the other couples left and we were let with five of us. We had a few more drinks and soon left.

When everyone arrived at Mr and Ms. Y’s house things started quite quickly and the Ms. Y stared to Kiss Mr X while the other couple and Mr Y started to assist the lady to strip down. She wore a great short dress and a g-string with her sexy arse poking out the bottom of her skimpy little dress. Everyone moved to the Host’s bedroom where there was Nipple clams, rope, leather and metal cuffs, pink ridding crop and some very interesting toys laid out beside the bed.

Both of the ladies sat on the bed and the men went about pleasing them licking and kissing and twisting all of the right places and ensuring not to miss any and covering every square inch of their bodies. Then the ladies returned the favour sucking and licking and tasting all of the men, ensuring that no one was missed. The ladies then decided that it was their turn to play and started to kiss each other, Ms. Y went down and licked the other ladies throbbing clit. They all fucked for hours ensuring that no pussy or cock was left unattended.

The Couple went home and Mr X was left with Mr and Ms. Y. Returning to the bedroom, the Cuffs, clamps, blind fold and ring gag came out to play. Mr X had expressed an interest in trying the clover leafed nipple clamps, so Ms. Y attached the clamps to Mr X nipple and licked and sucked them, then going down and sucking his cock to take his mind off the pain and pleasure of the nipple clamps, Ms. Y then released Mr X from his pleasure/Pain and kissed and licked his nipples until the pain subsided.

Ms. Y was strapped to the bed using Japanese Silk rope and leather cuffs and a ring gag placed in her mouth. Mr X promptly stuck his penis into the ring gag and Ms. Y Licked and sucked tussling her tongue around the head of his penis until he almost came, while Mr Y was at the end of the bed licking and whipping and ensuring his Ms. Y Was getting exactly what she wanted, then Mr X started to fuck Ms. Y, and reaching all of the right places, he was picking this whole swinging thing up VERY well!

Ms. Y Came many times during the unbridled fucking session. Mr X pulling and licking Ms. Y’s Nipples that were in the clamps. Ms. Y Was untied and then she began returning the favour to the Mr Y and his counterpart, Mr X then started to fuck Ms. Y while she was giving Mr Y an oral favour and bringing him to the point of coming. Ms. Y Then started to ride Mr X and Mr Y placed his penis into her vagina double penetrating her, with squeals of pleasure the Ms. Y Came long and hard over the two men’s penis.

Then Mr Y decided to fuck Ms. Y, while Mr X had his cock sucked. They all collapsed into a pile of tangled bodies having fucked for 6 hours.

I think Mr X enjoyed his first experiences!