Written by S

26 Oct 2012

So I’m in a room with you and another guy. You are both naked. You both start kissing me and undressing me, running your hands all over me, playing with my tits, rubbing my pussy, bending down and sucking my nipples


When I’m naked you both stand in front of me. You each put a hand on my shoulder and you push me down to my knees. I’m kneeling in front of you with your big, hot cocks in my face. I start to suck on one cock, while I stroke the other. I stay like that for a while, alternating between sucking and stroking each cock. I can feel myself getting really wet. After a while you both try to shove your cocks into my mouth together. I can feel my mouth stretching, trying to accommodate two big, throbbing cocks. I'm licking and sucking as hard as I can, and using both hands to play with your balls. I slip my fingers up toward your arse and stroke around your anus.

After a while the other guy cums, I open my mouth. His cum spurts all over my mouth and face, and all over your cock which is still in my mouth.

Then he kneels down behind me and starts running his hands all over my body, playing with my tits. He gets massage oil and rubs it all over me, over my tits. After a while he moves his hands down my body, and starts to massage my clit and slip his fingers inside my pussy. You are still standing in front of me, and now I’m sucking your cock really hard and deep, sucking all his cum off your cock.

When I feel that you are getting close to cumming I stop and stand up. I lead you over to the bed and lay you down on your back. I bend over you and start sucking your cock again. The other guy kneels down behind me and starts to lick my shaved pussy, running his tongue over my clit. I'm getting incredibly wet. Soon I can't stand it any more. I slide up your body and start rubbing my wet, throbbing clit against your cock. I start to cum at the same time you do, and soon you're cum is all over my pussy and I roll onto my back, panting.

You and the other guy get up on the bed and kneel on either side of me. You take out a big vibrator and start to run it over my pussy. It's soon really wet from your cum and my juices, and you move it up to my mouth so that I can lick it clean. I can see your cock getting hard again. You push the vibrator deep inside my pussy and turn it up really hard, making me cum again really hard and fast. The other guy is watching and rubbing his cock. I can see you both getting really big and hard.

After I cum you leave the vibrator inside me and you lean over and start to kiss me and rub my tits. I reach out for your cock and start rubbing it with my hands. the other guy squirts massage oil into my hands and I rub it into your your cock and your balls. You lean down and start kissing and sucking on my clit. I run my fingers all over your slippery balls and right up to your anus. You're sucking really hard on my clit, it feels amazing. I'm moaning with pleasure.

Then you turn me over so that I'm on my hands and knees. You keep licking and sucking on my clit, making me incredibly wet and horny again. The other guy moves up and kneels in front of me so that I can start to suck his cock again. He's really big and hard, and he's pushing his cock really deep into my throat.

You take out the vibrator and start to fuck me really hard. As you thrust inside me it forces the other guys cock harder down my throat. You're fucking me harder and harder, and I can feel that you're just about to cum. I'm so turned on, incredibly wet, the juices are dripping down the inside of my thighs.

I feel you pull out of me, but you're still really hard. You rub my clit with your fingers for a few minutes, feeling how wet I am. The other guy pulls his cock out of my mouth, He hasn't come yet, his cock is still really hard and big. For a few minutes you just gently rub my clit, giving me time to get my breath.

Then you push the vibrator back inside me and turn it on again, I can feel it throbbing deep inside me. You take the massage oil and start to rub it into my arse, pushing the vibrator deeper inside me with your other hand. You slowly start to insert your fingers into my arse. I can feel the vibrator rubbing against my clit. The feeling of your fingers slipping in and out of my arse is really turning me on. The other guy pushes his cock back into my mouth and I start to suck on him hard.

You position your cock against my arse and slowly begin to push it inside me. I'm so wet that you slide into me easily and slowly. I feel so completely full - one big hard cock in my mouth, the vibrator in my vagina and now your big hard cock slowly pushing into my arse. I start to come, making me even wetter. I'm cumming in waves now, huge waves of pleasure breaking over me again and again. You start to fuck my arse, slowly at first but then getting harder. I can feel you starting to cum. I feel like I can't take any more, I'm so hot and turned on, I'm cumming so hard. Finally I feel you spurting cum deep inside my arse. At the same time the other guy cums again in my mouth and over my face.

You pull your cock out of me and turn me over, kissing all the cum out of my mouth and off my face.