Written by openmyeyes

6 Sep 2012

I push my hard cock into your ass as we stand on the balcony watching the sunset. I reach around the front of you and feel your hard nipples through your shirt as i nibble on your neck. I reach under your skirt and pull down your panties, you help by stepping out of them you feel the fresh breeze on your pussy and start to get wet. I pull you into my cock before i bend you over the railing drop to my knees and raise your skirt eager to taste your sweet velvet lips. I lick and taste your pussy as you grind on my face i tongue your hole pretending its my cock you start to moan i carry on till i feel your juices wetting my face. I pull out and start to lick your asshole you shudder with excitement i probe deeper with my tongue as i slide a finger into your pussy. I eat your ass like i haven't eaten for weeks as continue to fuck you with my finger you moan louder and push back harder as you start to come you beg for my cock but i keep going till you tense up and explode in orgasm as your pussy juice run downs my hand. I lap it up greedily with my mouth and clean you with my tongue when im finished i stand up and walk into the bedroom leaving you to catch your breathe and you knowing tonight has only just started .