10 Nov 2018

Forrest Fantasy

I have this fantasy of going camping alone.

Okay lets have a go at it.

While setting up my tent in the open, there is wild river not far away, there is a man also setting up on the other side of the trees. I meet him when I went collecting wood. We chat then I go back and start the camping ordeal. It's mid-summer so I leave the tent zipped door open a bit while I go to sleep naked. In the morning my camping  neighbour unexpectedly comes over and not hearing him say "Hello it's Nat.” He peeks in and I'm still asleep legs wide open. my pussy in full view.

Oh goodness, I didn't mean to sneak up on you and catch you unawares, I thought i'd pop over and ask you if you'd like a cuppa at my tent. Gosh, I think to myself she is sexy and what a lovely pussy.

You say, “Yes that'd be really nice,” and as you get up I get another glimpse of your beautiful pussy. Golly I think, that is twice in 30 seconds and I can feel my cock slowly starting to engorge itself. Far out I think, here she is accidentally showing me her pussy and now my semi-hard cock is going to be in full view under my short denim cut off shorts!! Oh well, we'll see how she goes and hope the cuppa is still on, as I think she is a really nice lady.

  As I lift a sheet up to cover my body I can't help but notice the bulge protruding from your shorts. I try to glance away but my eyes are locked there for a moment and I accidentally drop the sheet. This time I don't pick it up and just watch you for a moment staring at me. My pussy is tingling. All I can think about is being eaten out.

“Hi my name is Nat.” It is early morning but already it is getting hot and you come out of your tent with a light throw over wrapped around yourself and I think ... without any panties on. Oh my goodness this woman is HOT and my cock grows another inch or two. Far out... it feels so good though. It must be everyone's dream or fantasy to meet lover out in a private piece of bush, it is certainly one of mine. Fuck I am horny already and we haven't even had our cuppa. 

Oh wow, she has seen my cock!! I think she likes it, I see you briefly lick her lips and smile at me. We chat pleasantly as we walk over to my campsite, we know we like each other, but we don't want to scare the other one off with our sexy thoughts going on in our heads ... Haha ... Fuck what could I do with you sexy lady? That spunky pussy looks like it could do with a good licking and sucking, I bet your clit would come out to dance when my tongue softly brushes over it to start things off.

I think i'd like to lick her first, lift her energy, open her up, make her pussy nice and wet before I penetrate her. I wonder if she'd liked to be fucked outside under the trees and the midday sun ... we could go for a skinny dip afterwards ...Mmmmmm ... Gosh, she is so Hot!!

You sit down on a big log and I get your cuppa, as I pass it to you the wind blows open your skirt and BOOM, there is your beautiful pussy again!! “Excuse me I say, that's the 3rd time I've seen your beautiful womanhood this morning and I am not even trying ... lol We both have a laugh and I continued by saying what a beautiful woman you are and how sexy your pussy is.

As we laugh about it I tell you how handsome you are and place my hands on my knees to spread my legs. I see you looking with such desire in your eyes as I lift one leg up on to the log and with both hands open up my pussy lips to let you see all its glory. “Mmmmm I know you want to taste me” I say. “Come let your tongue and fingers explore me.”

I promptly put my hot cuppa down, so I don't burn anyone and make a fool out of myself.

“Oh gosh,” I say, “your pussy is delightful.” We kiss gently at first, my hands and fingers drift over your outer thighs, upper thighs and then deeper into your inner thighs. I feel the heat radiating from your pussy, I kiss you deeper as my fingers glide over your swollen wet labia lips, I hear you gasp as shivers run through your body from my touch.

I press my hands down onto the log as I tilt my head back and close my eyes with every stroke of your fingers, longing to feel your tongue I let out small moans and enjoying the moment. 

Your thin wrap around your torso gracefully falls from your body revealing your magnificent island breasts with perfect erect dark nipples. My fingers begin to explore your wet lubricated slit, I bend down and gently bite on your nipples. This excites you instantly. You grasp my head and push my face onto your nipples to make me more forceful with my attention. Oh, fuck you are on fire and so quickly ... we have all day and I can tell we are going to fuck the most of it away.

I suck from your ample bosom, changing from one tit and nipple to the other, gosh that feels sublime. My fingers have found your delightful clit and it has come out to play, I pull away from sucking your nipples, look you deeply in the eyes, kiss you like I a wild beast and slowly trace my tongue down your neck, over your breasts, over your tummy, reaching my destination at your glorious open pussy.

       Lick me you say, lick me and suck me like I've never been pleasured before. 

       My nipples are so sensitive so as you gently bite on them I let out high pitched moans, my hand still on your head my pussy oozing juices as I feel your fingers just gliding over it.

“Fuck you're gorgeous,” I say as I massage your inner thighs, I can see your wanting pussy, your juices dripping from your dark crack. I massage your labia lips, finding the soft sensitive parts, I linger on those to release any pressure that may be trapped in them from the past and then with my long skilful tongue I gently give your clit a long slow lick with my wet searching tongue.

You let out a glorious releasing moan as if your clit had not been pleasured for many a year ... “Oh fuck,” you say ... “Oh fuck Nat, lick me, suck me, love me and then fuck me and fuck me again.”

       Yessss I let out a loud moan as I feel your tongue lick my exposed clit, I hold your head and wrap my legs around your neck feeling myself build up, I breath faster and grind my hips slightly up and down into your face.

My tongue becomes firmer and quicker in it's strokes, your legs part wider exposing your sacred space. I begin to suck on your clit as it is your third nipple, sucking and nurturing your clit like it has never been pleasured before. My top lip rubbing against your clits hood and my tongue sucking it from underneath, your mind can not register where all the pleasure is coming from, your body is starting to quiver and shake. I suck harder and longer on the same blissful spot, your sex pressure is building.

“Fuck my face baby, rub your cunt hard onto my teasing tongue, ride me, make me make you go crazy. You can scream out here, there is no one to hear, let go and let the glorious feminine out from behind your past conditional confines. Open your mind and pussy to what comes naturally to a Goddess.”

The pleasure is becoming unbearable and as you go faster with your tongue my body starts to quiver, I feel it coming and as I start to cum my body tenses and I let out a long sensual moan. My body is in pure ecstasy as you keep going, the intensity of is unbelievable. You are so amazing babe.

You sweet Goddess. Let it flow through your glorious body, every cell, every pore, let it revitalise you from the inside out. I continue licking your juicy labia and clit, your juices dripping from my chin and your inner thighs, your clit is sensitive but starting off slowly allows your clit to light up again. Your hips wriggle and twitch encouraging me to lick and suck you again harder and quicker. As I do so I insert two fingers up your feminine sleeve and firmly rub your cunt ceiling. You immediately respond as I stroke it with some force, your moans and groans start coming from deep within your throat. Oh fuck here you cum again, this time a deeper peak from within your entire body.

I part your legs, suck on your clit long slow and rhythmically, like sucking mother's milk from your bosom, the pleasurable rhythm is gloriously hypnotic. Your breathing syncs to the rhythm and soon your whole being is taken away on a climactic journey through the universe of ecstasy. “Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh Babe Ohhhh Babe what have you done ... Ohhhhhh My God!!!”

Oh dear lord, how is this possible. The sheer pleasure a body can go through is indescribable. You are truly amazing giving me multiple orgasms so extreme my head is pulsating.

Your body has gone limp from all God's given pleasure. I safely hold your naked body and ease you onto the prepared rug on the ground, I lay with you as your body slowly stops quivering and you come back into yourself. I look into your glazed eyes and ask if you're okay? You smile your gentle smile and say “Yes babe, I have never felt that before.” I lay with you caressing your body, kissing your shoulders and neck, “oh darling” you say, “how do you do that?”

“Because whilst I am with you I love you as only a God can love a Goddess.”

I gently grasp your head and lift as you stand, I stand with you and start to kiss you, my tongue circling your inner mouth tasting all my yummy juices. As we continue to kiss I slowly slide my hand over your chest, down over your stomach and slide my hand into your shorts. Mmmm ... the touch of your erect hard cock drives me insane. I start stroking you slowly. “Oh fuck yes please princess. Open me up like I did to you, I am yours to explore and pleasure. Make me your own, take me into your being and love me as I have loved you.”

I pull your shorts and undies down giving me a better hold on your big hard cock as I stroke it slowly I kiss my way down to your neck biting and sucking lightly. I stop as you remove your shirt revealing your manly smooth body. I kiss your chest as I move my hand to your balls gently playing with them, licking and circling your nipples. I lick down over your stomach, I stop and look up at you as you stare lovingly into my eyes. I take a hold of your cock and start circling the tip of your cock with my tongue. Then lick it up and down all over, getting it all wet.  I lick down to your balls and start sucking on them, taking them all in my mouth while I stroke your wet cock with my hand

Your wet mouth is perfect on my granite cock and silken shaved balls, I can feel your love as you passionately caress and kiss my brazen member. Your eyes briefly looking up and catching mine as I glance down and watch a goddess orally pleasure me. Her fingers circling and dancing over my underworld like the gentle waves of the ocean.

I feel the gentle breeze of the bush brushing past my skin, the heat of the sun warming my body, the smell of the earthly bush rushing through my airways and a glorious sexy island goddess pleasuring me a way I could never believe. It is like all her energy from years of sexual dormancy has come to the surface and you are allowing your true self as a woman and Goddess to be expressed upon the earth for the first time.

Taking your cock deeper into my mouth I feel myself gagging with my saliva dripping down my chin onto my chest. I love it as my eyes water I slide my mouth slowly in and out and speed up feeling every bit of your rock hard cock pass my lips. I want to taste that creamy goodness.

Oh fuck you know how to do that, your saliva dripping onto my balls, your warm wet mouth is glorious as you take the whole of my thick cock in and down your throat. My butt cheeks twitch as I feel your mouth engulfing me.

Fuck you're sexy, I want to be inside your warm loving being. have your arms and legs wrapped around me as I slide my solid member past your wet yearning entrance lips and into your glorious wet feminine sleeve. Hearing you moan and groan and whisper in my ear, fuck me babe, fuck me and fuck me again, I am your's for however long you want to fuck me and love me.

I lay you down on the rug, the birds are singing, the wind is gentle, the sun is warm and bright. Your beautiful brown naked body lays in front of me, your eyes open and you say ... “It's been so long, fuck me Nat, fuck me as I've never been fucked before. I am all yours lick me, finger me, suck me and fuck me into oblivion.”.

“I want to let go of all my barriers. I trust you babe, I am yours.”

You look deep within my eyes, open up your legs, reach down to your pussy and spread your cunt lips with your fingers then say "I want your tongue, fingers and cock in me all day, make me cry with pleasure ... Fuck me and Fuck me again ... I need it and want it ... fill me full of sex and fuck me again.”

“I want it soft, I want it fast, I want hard, I want you to stretch me in all directions: mentally, emotionally and physically.”

As you lay your naked body down next to me I watch your every move until you're down by my side. I stroke your cheek stare lovingly into your eyes and move in to kiss you. Our tongues meet and intertwine. Our bodies move closer together and I feel your already hard cock press against my stomach. I wrap one leg over your hip as my hand holds your back. Still kissing, all the sounds around me seem to be oblivious. It's just you and me in this beautiful setting. I stroke your back going down and grabbing your butt, giving it a gentle spank then move my hips away as I find your erect throbbing cock I caress and stroke it so gently and slide down to caress your big smooth balls and then back to stroking that beautiful cock as we continue to rub our bodies together and kiss.

“Ohhhh yes baby ... I am yours, I am your sex doll use me, abuse me baby, this is your time to nurture me and fuck me.”

I take my hand off your cock and while my leg is over your hip I roll you onto your back. My body in sync with yours, my hands pressed on to your shoulders I lift my head up and gaze into your eyes and ask … “do you want to be in me baby?”

You smile and without saying a word I sit up squatting feeling for your cock. Giving it to my very wet pussy I slide down onto it. You grab my hips and lift your head to look just as my pussy engulfs all of your hardness deep in me. I sat sliding up and down my hands on your chest. Oh, fuck you feel so good inside me. I am riding nice and slow looking at your entranced eyes. Mmmmmm … I'm grinding all around my cunt fuck this feels so fucken good baby.

“Fuck me baby, Ohhhh ...” Fuck you own your sex so well. You take my cock fully within and ride me deep and slow, I play with your titties and nipples, making you fuck me harder.

I can smell your sexy perfume as my precum oozes into you, I can feel my balls softly burning as the oozing flows from me, into you. Your body and sexy mind drive me crazy with lust and desire.

You turn around on my cock and face the other way, what a fucken turn on. My hands massage your back and bum cheeks, I hear you moan as my fingers glide up and down your bum crack. You arch your back as my fingers can caress and tease your sacred anus.

As I ride you I take the pin out of my long flowing hair, letting it fall freely and flow down as I shake my head. My tits jiggling about but you've got them, caressing them, my pussy sliding up and down that big rock of a cock. I hear the juices slurping each time my pussy slides down your cock. I ride faster … woo baby my breathing gets faster. I see your eyes and I can tell you don't want me to stop, you thrust your hips into mine. All I can feel is your enormous cock pleasuring my dripping cunt. You slow down and I start grinding. Without taking my eyes off your eyes. I hop off then look down to your cock, I instantly start licking it all over tasting my sweet juices. Licking and sucking myself off your smooth balls Mmmmmm.... I look at you and ask “Want me to suck you my king?”

“Suck me my baby, suck me my darling. You have opened my heart and mind, take me in your mouth and love my blazing cock. It is all yours, suck me, lick me clean me and then kiss me, I want to taste myself off your lips and tongue. I want to feel me through you ... I love you beyond words my baby.

Reach for some butter from around the campsite and lubricate my balls and anus my baby, I love being fingered, be inside me like I go inside you, stretch me baby and suck my cock ....Ohhh fuck I never thought you'd do this .... Ohhhh My  God ... you are glorious.”

I tilt my head sideways as I take a hold of your throbbing ready and waiting for your cock. I tease the tip with my tongue circling it and then just sucking the tip while my hand strokes the rest of your solid shaft. I look up at you, my lips go over your tip, my tongue circling again and then I go right down as far as I can and start sucking up and down my hand playing with your balls. I keep sucking at a rhythmic pace. I try to deep throat you, your so big my baby as I engulf what I can. I start gagging and feel it down my throat, I take my mouth up and start sucking again. I stop and lick down to your balls and lick your underworld and around your sensitive asshole. Baby, you taste so good. Back to sucking your cock. My sucking won't stop until you explode down my throat. I'm ready to taste all that built up cum baby...cum for me my king.

My balls start burning more and more, I feel them tightening as you continually love and suck my solid member, Oh babe … Ohhhh Baby keep sucking me, I look down and see your glorious mouth engulfing my manhood, what a beautiful sight .... I am going to cum  .... “Ohh fuck … Ohhhh fuck babe!” My butt cheeks start twitching ... “Oh, Yesssss Oh Yessssss” .... My balls lock up into position,

“I love you, I love you and Ohhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh” entire body flushes through into my cum, down my cock and into your mouth. I hear you gagging on how much cum I have downloaded into you. My throbbing cock slowly subsides after exploding into your oral passage, you pull back and start licking me clean ... “God you're beautiful babe, so beautiful.” Your tongue licks my knob and I twitch with sensitivity. 

Kiss me babe, kiss me, tongue me, I want to taste myself through your gorgeous mouth.”

You kiss me deep and long, in my blissed-out state I say, “I Love You Babe, I so Love You. Kiss me, be beside me until I recover, hold me, love me, I love you.”

I come up to kiss you. Taste my mouth baby. Let your tongue lick away inside my mouth. Mmmm you are so amazing my baby.

I kiss and tongue you, grasp your long flowing hair, holding your head strong and firm. I push our faces tighter together making our faces make love to each other. 

“Fuck I have so much sexual energy in me I want to fuck you again.”

“Yes please do baby fuck me to your heart's content fuck me till I virtually black out. Get at me, my baby. My pussy is always wet an ready for you.”

“Come for a swim with me, let's freshen up.” I, say. We both run naked into a slow flowing part of the river, the water is crystal clear and fresh on our skin. You gleefully squeal as you play in the refreshing water. I have been a water person all my life and I love it. I dive down between your legs, brushing your cunt with my fingers as I pass through.

The water is cold but refreshing. “Oohh that felt good babe.” I go under and take a quick suck of your cock before coming up and giggling.

After frolicking in the fresh water, you swim over to me, wrap your arms around me, push your tits against my chest and kiss me an eternal kiss. You are smiling and laughing, your eyes bright and sparkling ... “I love you my King,” you say, I never thought this was possible, I'd semi given up on myself and now I feel like a queen, a sexy Goddess.

My cock is back at full steam ahead, I hold you by your waist, float your hips and underworld over my cock. Your cunt is still highly lubricated from our last fuck, I pull you down on my cock, I feel your cunt open up and in I go with no resistance. It happens so fast and seamlessly, I see your eyes widen as my cock plunges deep into you yet again. You realise what has just happened, wrap your legs around me and say “Aqua fuck me my King!” we kiss like there is no yesterday or tomorrow only now.

My cock slides up into your cunt and I start fucking you. Your cunt is tightly wrapped around me and you fucken love it you horny babe.

“Oh yes baby" I scream. You are the king. Fill my pussy with that giant cock of yours. Bounce me up and down on your cock, we make huge waves each time you pull me down on your cock. I hold you around your neck and kiss you. The surrounding water glistening making it so romantic. Woohoo, keep fucking me the sensation is fucking wonderful.

Your brown cunt is so glorious around my cock, I push you hard down onto me, pulling your hair to make you come down harder. Your head is pulled back by your hair, I bite your neck and suck on your earlobe. You dig your nails into my back and piece my skin ... “Ohhhh fuck yes,” I say “Fuck me babe, fuck me and show me your wild side.”

Bite me baby, make it hurt and then make it nice. Pinch my nipples and then suck them nice. Give me the pain and then give me the pleasure. Use me, abuse me and then love me.

With my arms wrapped around your neck I bite and pull at your bottom lip pulling away and letting go I kiss your lips then suck gently on your neck I've left a small mark on your neck … you're mine baby. Kissing down to your nipples I clamp one between my teeth and pull until Ii hear you gasp in pain, I look up to see you tilt your head back and let out a cry. I release and lick and kiss your nipple and do the same with the other one.

“OMG baby all the while you have remained hard inside my pussy.”

You start pumping me as I release your nipple and lick it lovingly. Damn baby fuck me over and over. Shred my pussy.

I take you up out of the water, Stoke the fire and help dry you off.  

“Let's lie by the fire and cuddle till we eventually fall asleep in each other's arms.

“Yes babe good idea, I love you my island princess we have fucked ourselves beautiful. I’ll stoke the fire with some big logs. Snuggle into me babe, slumber in my safe arms and know you are loved.”

“My handsome King. You rock my world and I love you for who you are. Sweet dreams my darling.”

“Love you my princess,” as I kiss you on the tip of your nose … love you.”

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