Written by Beachfire

2 Jan 2018

Driving along minding my own business when i seen lights and sirens in my mirror i pulled over on the side of the open highway it was around 3am i waited in the car with the window down i looked out to see a male police officer with a flash light and a grin on his face.

Do you know why i pulled you over Miss i looked confused as i wasnt speeding

NO i replied did i do something wrong

He chuckled step out the car miss and place ya hands on the hood of your car

I stepped out done exactly as asked he stood behind me and told me to place my hands behind my back i looked over my shoulder and seen the handcuff What have i done officer i think you have me confused with someone else he grabed my arm firmed as he pulled it behind my back i felt the cold hard steel of the cuffs click on my wrist as he handcuffed my hands behind my back

Do you have any consealed wepons? No of course not i replied he ran his hand over my chest feeling my breasts and running his hands down the front of my skirt my skin quivered at his touch why was i so turned on at this i should be mortified but i felt my body on fire

He heard my heart beating faster and my breathing increased

Oh i see someone is a little slut that likes this frisking as his hands niw run up my legs under my skirt to my lacey knickers i felt his finger slide into them touching my moist pussy he leaned to my ear and whispered you want me dont you your pussy is already wet for me as he slide 2 fingers inside me i let out a little moan as his fingers were sliding in and out i was so wet

He span me around and told me to get on my knees as he unzip himself pulling out his hard thick cock i looked up at his face as he grinned holding my cheeks open that mouth of yours he said as he pushed his cock towards it i licked my lips and started to suck his cock as he face fucked my mouth gaging with each hard push into my mouth he grabbed handful of hair pulling it as he was getting off fucking my mouth

He pulled my mouth off his hot hard pulsating cock pulled me to my feet bent me over the hood of my car pull my skirt up and my knickers down he then slammed his cock into my wet pussy pounding it hard n fast i was moaning with pleasure as he fucked me hard n fast hold the cuffs hands as bracing himself while thrusting ....

This lasted for about 5 min when i heard him groan as his hot cum shot inside me and ran down my leg as he withdrawed himself he zipped himself up took the cuffs off my hand as i turned to fix my clothes up he smiled winked and walked back to his squad car i called out so what did i do wrong to get pulled over he laughted nothing he replied with a smile then drove off