Written by bbinder

27 Oct 2014

It was with excited anticipation that I took my seat in the last row at the back of the cinema and waited for her - I had suggested she come after the movie had started just I case somebody she knew recognised her but I doubted that because it was the middle of the day and there was only a small number of people here and they were all seated down the front but for what I had planned it did not include people watching us and I grew hard just thinking about her, that delicious little body that I was getting to know so well - her long lustrous hair, her beautiful big eyes that look so adorable when she looks up at me while sucking my cock, her lovely firm ripe breasts with nipples that grow in my mouth when I suck on them, her perfect firm tummy and her soft delicious pussy with her hard clit that I love to suck on and firm thighs that holds my head deep inside her so without thinking I started to rub my cock - a habit I have when I think about her.

The lights began to dim and I started to watch the screen but not really taking much notice, the only movie running through my head was her naked body on top of me, riding me hard with her tits and hair flying free but just as I was getting started on that, she walked into the cinema and looked about for me, there was no mistaking that trim attractive figure who quickly moved towards me and sat down. She was dressed in a loose top that barely concealed her firm breasts and a short skirt that revealed more that it covered - I said "Hi and I was glad that she could come" to which she replied that she was so excited and horny, nothing would have prevented her from meeting me and on the way over she could not stop fingering herself, even when she noticed a truck driver who had stopped at the lights and was looking down at her. She said it was such thrill that she leaned back and let him have a good look at her wet pussy then gave her a thankyou toot on his horn when she drove off, "It was so exciting and such a turnon" and I thought that won't be the last time she does that, driving around showing truck drivers her charms - no wonder truckies have accidents.

We settled comfortably in our seats and she waited for me to make the first move but I wanted to tease her a bit so it was some time before I moved, slowly unzipping my pants and letting my hard cock pop out and slowly started to stroke it, I knew she had been watching me and I waited to see what she would do, Katy moved back in her seat and let her skirt ride up towards her waist. In the dim light I could see her pussy glistening wetly and she started to finger herself. We played with ourselves for a short time before I moved my hand over and started rubbing her clit while she had her fingers inside her sweet pussy. I waited to see what she would do next and i didn't have to wait long because she sat up and then lent over and took all of my cock into her mouth and started sucking noisily. I put my hands on her head, holding it there and playing with her beautiful hair. I looked about to see if anybody had noticed that instead of two people sitting here, there were now only one but the people in front of us were more interested in the movie and didn't see us. She was so good and her soft lips seems to be sucking the cum out of me but I was hesitating, I wanted to shoot my cum inside her and I had other plans so now was not the time. I gently put my hand under her and she moved so I could cup her breasts and I was pleased to see she was not wearing a bra so I played and squeezed them for a few minutes, marveling at the firmness of them and how neatly they fitted into my hands but I told her to stop as it was time to go, so she obediently straightened up and adjusted her skirt and we left the cinema.

I told her to follow me so nobody would see us together and I left the complex with her following a short distance behind me and I headed towards a bar that was tolerant of adult behavior - all good so far and we walked into the bar together which even in the middle of the day was discreetly dim, there was only a couple of people there who gave Katy a long lingering look of admiration but they could see she was with me and made no moves towards her. We walked out towards the back and found the toilet area but there were none marked male or female so we entered the one on the end, quickly locked the door and waited a few minutes to see if anybody followed us but nobody had so we looked at our surroundings. The cubical was clean and smelt strongly of antiseptic and I quickly saw why because on the wall was a prominently displayed Glory Hole with a big smiley face painted over it but I was not interested as I had my own glory hole eagerly awaiting my cock inside her so we quickly got into position as I dropped my pants and Katy lifted her skirt to her waist and bent over for me. As I looked at her lovely ass I wanted enjoy her a bit more so I dropped to my knees and Katy knew what I wanted so she spread her legs and with her hands opened her bum-cheeks so I could lick and tickle her with my tongue. she squirmed in delight and gave out little moans so I knew she was ready for me but as I stood up, suddenly out of the Glory Hole a large thick cock appeared and waited to be sucked or fucked. It was so unexpected I hesitated but Katy quickly grabbed the cock and started to suck nosily on it and it was so hot to watch I didn't say anything as I grabbed Katy's beautiful ass and slid my cock deep into her tight wet pussy and started thrusting in and out, trying to keep in time with her enthusiastic sucking - I ran my hands over her firm ass, massaging and squeezing her cheeks as I pulled her against my cock, I put my arms around her and my fingers found her erect clit and I started to rub her, gently at first then harder , making her moan in pleasure but she kept up her enthusiastic sucking of the strangers cock - I kept it up for as long as I could, watching and waiting to see who came first, I could feel Katy's pussy tightening so I knew she was ready to cum hard but then I heard a long moan of pleasure from the other side of the wall and I felt Katy move back as big spurts of hot cum landed all over her face and that was my signal to shoot a heavy load of cum deep into her pussy in strong spurts and I felt Katy shuddering as she had a massive orgasm which left her breathless with pleasure. When she stood up and I could see cum all over her face, dripping down in long streams so I grabbed some toilet paper and gently wiped her face but she did not seem to mind and I was a bit surprised as she ran her tongue around her lips, licking small traces of cum and swallowing what she found.

It was time to go but I hesitated a bit because I had not heard the other guy leave so he must be still in the cubical, most likely waiting politely for us to leave so I quickly motioned Katy that we were going but as I was moving out, the other door suddenly opened and Katy's boyfriend walked out with a big satisfied grin on his face and because Katy was laughing I knew it was a setup - Katy must have told him to follow us and watch what we did but at a discrete distance of course but he saw an opportunity for some spicy fun along the lines of a fantasy they both had and went for it. That explains why she started sucking the cock with no hesitation when it poked out of the Glory Hole, she obviously recognised his cock and knew it was him on the other side.

It was so funny and a great erotic adventure so I suggested next time, its my cock in the Glory Hole but I would make sure it was Katy that sucked me and not some passer by taking advantage of my situation, that would be much too awkward....