Written by running man

23 Jul 2015


I'd gone for a run to get out of the house and clear my head. Wifey had a house full of yummy mummies organising a School fundraiser, so there'd be no chance of play.

The conversation stopped as I passed through the dinning room on my way out. I had been on a bit of heath kick and looked pretty good in my running shorts and singlet. The shorts did little to hide my semi as I'd been thinking about what I'd like to do to all those women. 'Going for a run, I'll be about an hour'. There was a fair bit of hair tossing and chests fluffed out as the mums said bye.

I put in my headphones on and started running. My wandering mind and the movement of my running shorts over my cock kept me aroused as I ran.

It was a clear full moon night so left the road and headed through the bush tracks. Pounding up to the lookout, I was stopped dead in my tracks. I had heard about this happening, but never seen it.

Up on the lookout platform was a naked lady, on her knees blowing a guy. And there were eight other naked guys waiting in line. Three more were sitting naked on the railing watching the action.

One of them was my neighbor Mark. He got up and came over to me. 'Get in line mate, we'll make it a bakers dozen'. I looked back at the lady going to town on some bloke and realized it was Donna, Mark's wife kneeling there with three guys cum splashed over her face and chest.

The guy getting deep throated pulled out and groaned as he sprayed cum all over Donna's face. She cleaned him off, taking all of him in as he softened then he took his spot on the railing. Donna looked for Mark, saw me smiled and waved then gestures the next guy forward and went straight to work sucking his cock. The men on the railing and in the line were in various states of arousal, some were slowing wanking themselves, and some the fella next to them.

'There are two rules, you have to wait your turn, and you have to blow on her face or tits. Now let's get you naked'. Mark lifted my singlet over my head, then dropped to his knees and brought down my running shorts. I could feel his warm breath on my cock and it sprung to attention. He looked my in the eye as he took me in his mouth, gently working his lips over and around my knob. I put my hands on his shoulders, and moaned encouragement as he brought his hands to my arse checks, and sucked more of my cock into his mouth.

My first blow job from a man was amazing. Mark alternated between using his lips and tongue up and down my length and would occasionally deep throat me not even gagging as my 8 inch's slid down his throat. 'Cum in my mouth' he murmured between slurps and moans. He brought one hand up between my legs and cupped my balls as his other hand on my arse pulled me into his mouth. His fingers started to probe my hole as my hands move to his head to control the pace.

'I'm close' I whispered.

Mark moved up my shaft. Is lips worked my knob as his tongue rubbed the underside of my shaft. He licked his finger then brought it back to my anus, as his finger penetrated me and found my prostrate I came in his mouth. He took it all and continued to suck until I went limp. Then he got up, walked to his wife pulled back her head and dripped my cum from his mouth all over her face and tits. He can back to me and said, 'stay in line if you can get it up again' before he went back to the railing and continued to watch his wife blow strangers.

There was no way I was going to miss out on a blowjob from Donna.

I waited for my turn with Donna. There was no problem getting hard again, and stating hard. It was hot watching Donna blow all those men. She was kneeling in a puddle of cum, it was all through her hair and dripping off her erect nipples. The guys watching and wanking would spurt all over her when they came again. While I was waiting for my blow job the guy in front reached back and slowly wanked me, I returned the favour. It was quite exciting to have another cock in my hand.

My turn came quickly, the other guys had done a bit of fore play with a each other before they got to fuck Donna's face.

Donna beckoned me. She looked better naked than I had fantasied. Her breasts were the size of rockmelon, with large puffy nipples. She was glistening with milky cum which flowed past her nipples, over her abs and down to her shaved pussy. I was rock hard and felt like I'd grown an extra couple of inches as I moved toward her.

She start by licking my shaft from the base to the tip, circled the head a few times then took all of me down her throat. It felt amazing to be all wedged down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft a few times then pulled back. Donna looked up at me, grabbed my hands and put them on the back of my head.

'Fuck my face, be as rough as you like' she purred.

A couple of the blokes watching aand wanking came on hearing that, adding to the spunk dripping down her body. I would have been close had Mark not helped me out earlier. I slowly pulled her toward me, my dick slid all the way down her throat. I rocked her head up and down, increasing my speed. Donna was moaning and groaning, she grabbed my arse with both hands and helped my thrust into her mouth. My balls started to tighten, Mark came up and whispered in my ear to cum I'm her mouth. That was enough, I let go of her head and let out loud groan as I can in her mouth.

Donna kept my cock in her mouth milking every last drop. She swallowed it all then stood up, kissed me and thanked me. Donna kissed and thanked all the guys, quite a sight naked and covered in cum glistening in the moonlight. The guys gathered their clothes, dressed and disappeared into the night.

As I dressed, Mark offered me a lift home, but I decided I needed to finish my run.

Mark and Donna asked if wifey and I would be interested in a foursome.

I told them I thought she probably would. I knew she would, she'd fantasied about eating out Donna since they're moved in next door. Mark and Donna invited us over next Saturday, I asked them to seduce Wifey, and left them at the lookout and started my run home.

The run did nothing to get rid of my erection as I thought about what I had done with both Mark and Donna. We had never really socialised with them, mostly just exchanged pleasantries over the fence, although wifey and I had shared our fantasies. they hadn't included a public bukkake season or a blow job from Mark. I was looking forward to next Saturday.

When I got home there were only a couple of cars left in the driveway so I should be able to slip in the back door and go upstairs for a shower hopefully without the catching my erection. When I opened the back door I realized my night was going to get better! women's clothes were spread all over the floor, and there were moans and the unmistakable sound of a vibrator coming from the lounge.