Written by running man

28 Jul 2015

After my rather eventful run, I got home was preparing to do the bent over run through to hide my errection. Only a couple of cars were left in the drive so the parents club meeting must be winding up. I came in through the back door and was greeted with pleasurable moans and the unmistakable sound of a vibrator coming from the lounge. I snuck in to have a look.

Wifey was using her strap on to fuck Jo the president of the parents club doggy style and Jo was eating Sami the school vice principal's pussy while working a large vibrator on and out of her anus.

We had played with Jo before. It started when she offered us sex to thank us for baby sitting her kids. Jo is tall and athletic, small tits and a tight muscular body. Currently my wife was driving a fat 10 inch pink strap on into her shaven pussy. Sami is best discribed as a buxom red head. She was laid out on the coffee table holding her legs up as Jo licked her clit and drove a vibrator up her arse. I was surprised to see her like that, usually when you saw her she was dressed conservatively and prim and proper. Her tits where massive, both nipples had multiple peircings as did her bellybutton, and I was sure I saw a flash of silver from her clit when Jo came up for air. her torso and upper thighs covered in tattoos.

Wifey saw me standing in the door way. 'I'm glad you home, get naked and feed that slut your cock!' she demanded gesturing to Sami. I was naked in a flash. Wifey pulled me in for a pash as I passed her and made my way to the other end of the coffee table. I ran my fingers up Jo's spine, she looked up and smiled, and went down on Sami again.

Sami was writhing with pleasure on the coffee table. Her focus was somewhere else, but I brought her back into the room when I knelt at her head and presented my erect penis to her. She let go of her legs and grabbed my cock and pulled it into her mouth. With her head bent right back she guided me right down her throat. Three deep throats in one night! I reached forwards and grabbed at her tits, they were truly the biggest I had ever held.

Wifey was fucking Jo doggy style with vigor, from Jo's moans I could tell she was close to cuming. Jo arched up and lent back so Wifey could kiss her and as their tongues danced, Wifey pulled Jo's nipples and Jo came, squirting all over the floor. Wifey withdrew the strap on from Jo's cunt and pushed her aside, then crept towards Sami and guided her plastic penis into her pussy.

I was spit roasting the school's vice principal with my wife! Wifey thrust into Sami, her pert tits jiggling in contrast to the wave like motion of Sami's huge orbs as her body rocked back and forwards.

Sami had one arm on my arse, pulling me into her while her other hand frantically fingered her clit. Wifey held her legs in the air while she rammed the dildo into her. Sami's moans changed to a growl and her body stiffened then she orgasamed a couple of times in quick succession as Wifey fucked her and I drove my cock down her throat. Jo was sitting on the couch rubbing the dildo from Sami's arse over her clit.

Wifey pulled the strapon out of Sami with a pop and unstrapped it. 'I need to someone to make me cum'. Jo and I pushed her onto her back on the floor and left Sami on the table coming down from her orgasms. Jo pinned Wifey to the floor, kneeling on her arms and planting her pussy on her face while I knelt between her legs and started licking her cunt. She was already quite wet as I licked her from her arsehole up to her pierced clit. I circled her clit with my tongue a few times then increased the pressure as I licked her. Two fingers slid easily into her cunt so I pushed in a third to streach her open. her moans were muffled by Jo's pussy. I grabbed a bottle of lube from the coffee table and squirted some over her cunt and both my hands.

Sami was sitting up on the coffee table watching us while caressing the strap on dildo that had fucked her hard. I continued to eat my wife's pussy, inserting three fingers back into her pussy, working them in and out and occasionally curling them forward to hit her g-spot. My other hand moved to her arse hole. I rub lube around it and gave it a few licks then gently eased a finger in, Wifey tensed up and then relaxed and soon I had three fingers stretching her arse hole too.

Jo was bucking on Wifey's face, probably fingering her clit as Wifey ate her pussy and I knew she would cum and squirt soon. Sami had the lube and was pouring it down my arse crack and over my balls. She started wanking me like she was milking a cow as I knelt with my arse in the air and my face in Wifey pussy. I felt warm breath on my ring, then she started rimming me. I would have cum then if I hadn't already a couple of timed tonight.

I groaned onto Wifey, it set her of on her first orgasm, sqirting lady juice all over me. Jo came again about then, and I knew from experience that she would be squirting over Wifey too.

Jo got up and started to dress. 'Fuck I'd love to stay, but I've got go to home and thank the baby sitter'. Sami continued to rim and wank me and Wifey used her now free hands to pull my head into her pussy and control my pace. Sami had started to finger my arse. She avoided my prostrate and seamed to enjoy stretching me. She stopped, then I felt something larger rub over my arse. I broke free of Wifey's grasp and turned to Sami, she was wearing the strap on and was rubbing lube over it. 'Be gentile' I said before burying my face in my wife's pussy again. I'd taken that strap on before, that was why we had it.

Wifey broke free from me, 'I want to watch' she said and moved under me so we were sixty-nining. I got up in all fours and took a few deep breaths to relax my sphincter as Sami eased the 10" dildo onto me. I lost all control as she started to slide it in and out. I buried my face in Wifey's pussy to muffle my screams as orgasm after orgasm rocked my body.

Wifey had taken all my cum in her mouth. She rolled out from under me and kissed Sami, passing my cum to her. Sami, still gently rocking the dildo into me, pulled me up by the hair and kissed me, filling my mouth with my cum. 'Swallow it' she purred in my ear. I gulped it down, that was enough for Sami, she collapsed back with another orgasm.

Wifey and I helped Sami dress, and as she left we organized another meeting at her house as she thought we should met her partner.

After cleaning up Wifey and I went to bed, making love missionary before falling asleep tangled in each other.