Written by Running man

27 May 2016

I had been helping out at my kids school for a few months. They had installed a rock climbing wall on the gym, but didn't have enough qualified teachers to run it. I'd help out with instruction and setting routes in exchange for using the wall between periods.

The senior girls were pretty much all cock teaser's, flirting and flashing as watched them climb. The boys either resented my presence as I got more attention from the girls, or flirted with me too. Oh to be 16 again, knowing what I know now. And it's hard to get a hard-on in climbing harness.

Miss P the PE teacher was something special. Petite but with excellent muscle definition and a great set of tits. I'd had many a wank fantasising over her (and some of the senior girls and guys) but being twenty years her senior I never thought it would become a reality.

We had a final year class the periods before lunch and we were pushing them with some very difficult routes. Near the end of class we had the kids racing each other up the wall. there was plenty of slack in the ropes and one of the girls had a big fall. Her belayer freaked and let go of the rope but luckily the safety caught her before she hit the deck. She was alright, but have quite a bruised groin from the harness. Miss P looked like she was enjoying icing the girls groin a little too much, her erect nipples showing through her gym top. So she likes girls I thought.

After the lesson ended she asked me into her office for a debriefing. A few of the boys sniggered. Her office was really a desk in the corner of the gym store room. She locked the door behind me as entered. 'W well at least we know the safety works.' I quipped.

'Yeah it does. Did you know adrenaline makes me horny?'. She jumped up on me and wrapped her legs around me and started kissing me. Her tongue probed my mouth as she squeezed me with her thighs. 'I've wanted to debrief you since we met' she whispered into my ear before dropping to her knees and pulling down my pants.

She licked at my balls and slowly started to wank me, gently sucking each teste into her mouth as she wanked me too hardness. 'It's big, let's see if I can deep throat it'. I'm about eight inches and she swallowed it all in go. As she massages my cock with her throat one hand grabbed at my arse cheeks while the other cupped my balls.

Her finger started probing at my sphincter so I spread my legs a little. She took that as permission and using some of her slobber from the base of my cock as lube, probed my arse looking for my prostate. A had my hands on her head, slowly ducking her face. She found my g-spot and nearly sent me over the edge. 'I want to fuck you' I said as I pulled her mouth off my cock. 'I need you to fuck me' she replied as she walked to a stack of gym mats, shedding her clothes on the way.

She got into the centre of the mat, face down, arse in the air, for me to take her doggy style. Her pussy was dropping wet and I slid straight in to the hilt. I grabbed her waist and started pumping into her.

'Yeah, that's what I want!' as a pumped in and out she rubbed her clit and fingered her anus. 'Spit on it, lube my arse hole!' so I did.

I pulled out and lined up with her back passage. 'No, I want you deep in my cunt, you can fuck my arse next time.' As I continued to fuck her she massaged her clit with one hand while her other hand was deep in her arse hole.

'Tell me when you're about to cum' I continued to pump in and out of her cunt. I started fingering her arse, she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand into her loose hole. feeling my cock slide in and out through the walls of her rectum was fantastic.

I'm close to coming.' I said. Quick as a flash she pushed me onto my back and pushed my ankles up around my shoulders exposing my arse. She held me down and started tonguing my arsehole. Once my ass I was nice and wet she slid two maybe three fingers up me well she started sucking my cock again.

she found my prostate and within seconds I was blowing my load down her throat. she swallowed it all kept rubbing my prostate milking me for all I had.

'My turn' she said as I started to go limp in a mouth. she jumped up and straddled my face pinning my shoulders to the gym matt with her legs. Her pussy was inches from my face I tried to lick it but she held my head down so just the tip of my tongue could touch it. she frantically rubbed her clit.

With a sigh she came squirting the nectar all over my face. She slid down my body, impaling her self on my hard again cock. She licked her juices off my face them started kissing me deeply as we slowly fucked.

'I've been wanting to do that since we met' she whispered in my ear.

'I've thought about fucking you too'

'No, I've wanted to do exactly what we first did, it was perfect.'

'Yeah it was.' I replied as I came inside her.

'we had better get ready for the next class. Can you stay back tonight? I have another scenario I think we should play out. How do you feel about being tired up?'