Written by lk2bslly

9 May 2011

Had a hard day honey? With a sigh YOU replay terrible, turning around and asking me help you unzip your long black sleeveless dress. I slowly unzip you running ONE HAND DOWN YOUR BACK AND THE up your leg until I meet my other hand at THE MIDDLE OF your back. With you still standing I massage your hips you let out more little sighs of relief and start to relax. Still standing I stand behind you and my hands now all over your exhausted body. Your breathing deepens and you arch your back leaning in to me, allowing you head to fall on my shoulder. .Softly nuzzling your ear and neck, not kissing you just touching you with my lips and the tip of my nose. You are now fully relaxed and you neck and ears are 1000 degrease, raping my arms around you I now start to kiss and lightly suck on your soft tempered skin this brings goose bumps all over. I raise my hands to your red lace bra running my hands softly over you to be careful not to touch your nipples, to allow them to get nice and erect, allowing me to gauge your feeling inside. You can’t help your self turning around and kissing me hard, you’re now wild in lust, grabbing my hand and ordering me to need your breast and pinch and pull your left nipple. I react straight away my cock is hard as a rock point straight and true through my sarong, pulling your bra cup down, my lips meet your right nipple which is hard and ultra sensitive after my teasing .Stumbling out of your dress now tangled in your feet, you draw your hand down your body as it meets your matching knickers and slowly proceed to rub your neatly tucked pussy through your panties. Breaking the seal on your hot swollen lips allowing your stored love honey to soak through, pulling them to the side you sample some of the warm lubricating honey with your index finger and shutter as you run it past your erect love button. Lifting your glazed figure to my lips, working it into my mouth you look in to my eyes with pure fuck me lust and heat. Pushing me to my knees I nuzzle and tease you. Bending your Kees and grabbing my head, you grind yourself into me, lashing your hips back forth so I can just stretch my tongue far enough to tickle the edge of your puckering ass. You start to lose balance exploding into orgasm, filling my mouth and covering my chin to nose with your juices.

You turn around and crab my dribbling cock guiding me to your swollen pussy, kissing me with your tongue nearly out of control. Holding your wrists and swinging you around you lose balance and put both hands on the wall to stop from falling. Holding you around the waste you back up to me invite me to take you from behind. Kissing and sucking on your shoulders and neck, crabbing your hips in time. Pumping harder and harder, our sweat and juices mixing as we grind our tensing body’s together as I start to convulse with cum pumping from my rock hard cock into your quivering body

I pull out and pump the last on to your lower back so it can run down between your ass checks meeting with the other mixture of our cum oozing from your now over exhausted body.

Picking you up I place you in bed to rest, laying next to you running my fingers over your body until you fall in to a deep sleep.

About 2 hours later the alarm clock goes off and there’s lightening and thunder all around us with a strong but warming Breese pushing through the bi fold doors on to the veranda. It must be midnight? Not real sure as we had a power out and that’s what set the alarm off.

The wind blowing in thick humid gusts, we lay there as the feeling of this is very sexy on our naked bodies.

I grab your hand and lead you outside to the landing. We both lay on the swing chair; our hands can’t help but to touch each other softly, tracing each others bodies with our fingers. We lay back and watch the storm brew around us fondling each other like two teenagers waiting to get caught.

The bigger the lightening and thunder gets the more anxious we both get as we start to brew our own sexual storm inside ourselves.

Lying across you, I kiss you with all the passion and heat within me, making you sweet from intensity and the thickness of the storm around us.

Holding you firmly grabbing your sexy little hips kissing down your neck to your rolling shoulders and backup to your over heating ears and lobes. You place your hands on my shoulders to guide me to your aching pussy and part your pussy lips open with your beautiful soft hands inviting my tongue and lips to touch you.

I tease you lightly licking and sucking all over bar your now erect clit and now very wet pussy.

You dig your nails into my hair and thrust your shaking hips forward forcing me to make you cum; as you do I tease your puckering ass with the edge of my thumb. Pushing your hips down and arching your back, your wet well lubricated ass greedily swallows my thumb .You hollow out a screech, your ass pulsates around my thumb and for the first time in your life you physically ejaculate, pumping your sweet syrup al over me, as I try to catching every drop.

You compose your self for a few seconds and order me to lay on the swing, slither on top of me and work your moist hungry mouth to my now dribbling hard cock; you tease and suck stoping now and then not to make me cum but to sample my pre cum.

You move up and place your hands on my chest, reaching behind yourself; you place my cock in between your dripping pussy lips and tease yourself sliding yourself along my shaft. Bending down to meet my lips with yours, you push your tongue deep into my mouth and position your pussy above my cock and fill your self with me. The storm now really getting wild the wind is amazing swirling around us as if we were in our own Minnie cyclone on the deck.

I force myself up to a sitting position with your pussy still hungrily eating my cock you grind yourself into me as the rain starts to fall we kiss ,fucking harder and harder ,pulling your shoulders back grabbing my legs, telling me your going to cum your head is right back with the rain falling on your beautiful face running down your neck and over you like a waterfall .I release you ,leaning back on my elbows to get maximum thrust into your depths of you, with that a deep rolling thunder rumbles and flows through us as we both tense and explode. The rain now pouring down on both of as we lay on the decking. You stand above me and squat down offering your soaked pussy to me. The mixture of our juice and the rain flowing down your sweet drenched body combine and just the thought of what I’m doing makes me just of hard as I’m still recovering. There we are just soaking up what’s happening around us with you on my face hearing the thunder and lightening .I finish cleaning your pussy enjoying every second. Dropping to your knees and moving backwards you kiss me, whispering in my ear “I love you”.

We decide to go inside and clean up. You hop in the shower and as I enter in I can see your silhouette through the frosted glass, washing your hair. Your arms up and your beautiful breasts point up and out from the arching in your back. I cant help myself feeling a tingle below and look down to see I’m hard without even noticing.. You have noticed me standing there watching you and would like me to join you as you ask me shave your legs. Lathering you leg I start with firm true strokes starting at your ankles and stoping at your knee. You open your legs so I can reach under your legs and with that ask if I would like to do your pussy...I shake my head with excitement and proceed to shave you. With Your back against the wall, legs spread and knees lifted your hand moves down to assist me and you pull your pussy tight. I part your lips and shave you clean asking hows that honey? Answering me.. How about my ass? You turn around now on all fours reach behind and pull your perfect cheeks apart for me to have full access to the inners of that perfectly formed ring.

I gently and very carefully continue shaving stretching your skin with my hands, you start lifting your hips as I get closer to the outer of your opening. I drop the razor and inspect you closely, that close my nose touches the top of you, reacting straight away lifting your hips even higher your shaven ring meets my lips. I accept the invitation, as you have never been touched or ever thought of your ass as something of pleasure as I lick and kiss around your ultra sensitive smooth rim. Pulling you ass further apart to tease your ring, placing my hand on the top of your back and the other cupping you your silky pussy I place little pressure on you back tilting you towards me as the tip of my tongue just breaks the seal of you ring. You try to pull forward but it’s just so good and can’t fight the sensation and thought of having 4’’ of soft warm tongue inside you.

Now with your shoulders on floor and you hands helping them selves to you sensitive nipples and pussy sliding your middle finger from your erect love button to the depths of your pussy and out of your self, you convulse into the biggest orgasm you’ve ever had. Being that sensitive you can’t touch your self but love the sensation having my tongue swirling in and out of you and Cumming again.

With your hips now stiff, you slowly turn and sit with me on the floor of the shower, you whisper to me “it’s now your turn” kissing me deeply you place my hand on my own cock and telling me “you’ll help and want to watch me cum”.

I start to fiddle and hold my now very hard dribbling cock; your hands are all over me. You tease me as my pumping gets harder, I feel your other hand join mine as is it pumps my dribbling cock, I start to tense as your soft hand touches mine. I shake, you hold me down, your eyes wide open as you feel me ass pulse. I look deeply at you, as you look back at me with the biggest cheeky smile of accomplishment........

We towel each other off. As you tie your hair I get some talcum powder and your make up brush out.

Sprinkling power on the brush, I softly start brushing your neck and ears. You giggle as to say that I’m silly. I proceed lifting your arms one at a time dusting right to your finger tips and between. Finding this very relaxing and a little bit erotic you stand with a wide stance as I head towards your full breasts lifting one at a time and generously covering them in soft sweet scented powder . Continuing down your body I reach your lower back, leaning forward you again spread your cheeks with a giggle as I dust and tickle your ass bringing the brush right between your legs and under to cover your pussy which is swollen from our earlier antics. Running the brush down each leg I reach your feet, I lift your right and powder the bottom of it, gently pulling your toes back dusting between each toe you let out small sighs of mixed erotic energy.

You find now you are so relaxed, we slip back into bed and sleep in each others arms.

Waking the next morning, you find we had not moved from our original positions.

We decide to meet some friend s for lunch at a local café later that day.

We were to meet at mid day and I’m running late. You sitting in a bay seat facing your girl friend friends and her boy friend, telling them about the spoiling you received early that morning in the shower.

When I arrive your friend starts getting a bit gelose and has a bit of a flirt me. You react by moving closer to me and placing my hand on your leg. We have quick kiss, asking how each others day has been. We order our meal as the 4 of us talk and eat.

You continue to stir you’re friend up, going into detail of our new found pleasures. Obviously glued to you I re in act the morning in my mind as tell the story. Before we know it, I seem to have my hand under your skirt and finger tips on the edge of your nickers. With you already being so horny from our adventures and sharing them this has made you tingle. We both keep talking and eating as if nothings going on. But under that table struggle to find your hard little love button through you panties. Reaching down you slip your hand into your knickers spreading your lips for me, allowing me to flick and tease your clit through your moisening knickers. This is producing short but very strong flushes, your getting hot. The thought of getting caught and the cheekiness of it making you hotter and hotter, all you can do is make everything look normal. I have constant pressure and barely any movement on your button now; you want to wiggle, knowing if you do this it will give us away. The heat is too much and you zone out for 2-3 seconds, enough to concentrate on what’s built inside. Closing your legs shut and squeezing my hand to the point of cutting my circulation off you pause and cum hard, drenching your panties and my hand. You only let out a little compressed squeak of pleasure no one would’ve known .It was so intense though your face showed a sign of relief and our friends asked if you where ok, thinking you’re about to choke.

Looking at each other we hide our little giggles not to give away what really just happened…..

Leaning over to my shoulder and noticing my hand trying to cover the bulge in my pants you whisper in my ear “I know what you can do with that later. Leaning on my shoulder you whisper into my ear.” I will guide it into my tight virgin ass I await you on all 4s on the floor. Put your other hand on the small of my back pressing down as you slip inside me. Nice & slow baby... let me rock against your cock.mmmmmmmm...........

And with that I raise my hand for the cheque. The waiter comes to the table and proceeds to sort out the bill with me, I’m jiggling about as you have your arm under mine squeezing my cock through my pants. You continue whispering in my ear,” I can’t tell you how much I would love to face you, kiss you, place you between my legs and just to feel you there. It’s now getting hot time to go, as we walk down the foot path you tell me “It’s made you so wet having you on my arm all day, catching other women ogling over me. When I finally get you to myself, ill be taking your face in my hands and bringing your lips to mine to kiss you”.

With the instant we get to the front door I reach around you to unlock the door; you grab me by the face and kiss me hard with your tongue engulfing my mouth. I hold you tight to keep balance and fumble to unlock the door with my loose hand, it bursts open and we fall to the floor, not stopping for a second. I kick the door shut and lay between your legs fitting perfectly like two hands clenched. My hand starts to travel up your leg lifting your skirt.

You wriggle beneath me to allow my hand to find its goal. Rubbing your pussy firmly over your cum drenched wet nickers as you assist me by pulling your panties to the side. Feeling the heat from your bare shaven pussy, so wet and well lubricated has driven me wild, my cock so cramped and pressured in my wet pants from dribbling all day from your teasing. You’re getting hotter and hotter, and then you stop me, wiggle out from under me and start to run up the stairs stopping about half way to tease me, as you begin to run your fingers through the fold s of your pussy on the stairs. I start to stumble up them myself, as I get closer to you, you lift your fingers to your lips smiling and suck your fingers clean, giggle and scurry up the stairs before I can get to you. I reach the top to find your dress, Knickers and then your top and bra on the floor with you sitting on the corner of the table, legs crossed leaning back and lighting a cigarette. I walk towards you. You blow a puff of smoke at me and tell me to be good boy and stay. You slowly and seductively smoke and squirm on the corner of the table. Leaning forward and raising your fingerer you sexily gestor me towards you pointing to the floor.

I follow your orders kneeling in front of you as you place your heels on my shoulders spreading your legs wide.

I move forward and accept the invitation, gently nuzzling your pussy. Your breathing deepens instantly I can hear you drawing on your cigarette in hailing so deeply producing a heat right to the bottom of your body and then releasing it with cloud of sweet smoke above me. Sitting the smoke in a tray, you lean forward, place a collar and leash on me. Lifting your knees to nearly your ears and pulling me on the lead toward you, pushing your hips into my face. I hungrily suck on your clit” hard!” you push my head back so your clit snaps from my lips, pulling me back in for more grinding your inner thighs into my lips and face, going wild just wanting to release the burning as it builds inside you. It’s just too intense as you pull back making me stop.

Pulling me in with the lead you groan and shriek laying back lifting your ass in the air, crabbing forward pulling me to your ass on the lead. My tongue slips just to rim and laps you. The leash now rapped in your clenched hand and with full force holding me there to driver me into you. You tighten around my tongue with your ring throbbing pushing me out, pulling back on the leash to pull me back in side you controlling your ecstasy. I feel your other hand place a large round skin colour vibrator in my hand to which I waist no time inserting it into your pussy matching the rhythm on the lead pulling me. You’re now in another world and dropping the leash, moaning and growling at me to fuck you with my mouth. I want to taste all of you removing and placing the vibrator at your ass, as I quickly switch to you’re pussy with my mouth. You try jiggling forward putting pressure on you’re hungry rim. Your hips now rocking as I’m sucking on your swollen erect clit. Digging your heels into my shoulders, I bite your clit softly, you stall, tense and ejaculate into my mouth as I watch your ass and pussy pule, as a huge orgasm is released from your shuttering body…

Picking the leash back up you pull on it and force me to your lips. Sucking my tongue out of my mouth, chewing on it as you move your self forward grabbing my dribbling cock and guiding it to your ass, with firm grip, you’re now wanting to know how it will feel with me in you’re back door. Rubbing my cock along the crease of your ass, with long firm strokes across your opening for minute or two. Placing me at the forbidden door and pushing back onto you a bit with light pressure. My cock barley inside you for an instant. My pre cum dribbling in to you lubricating you as my cock pulses in your hand, I’m trying my best not to lose it. You feel my struggle; it only makes you want me all the more.

You pull my leash, drawing my face to yours as I turn to your mouth and I bite on your lip, I hear you whispering in a lusty voice... asking “Do you I like your ass?” as you tease me with it. As you move forward slipping me in a lil tiny bit. I can feel you relax as the head of my cock slowly moves forward. You grown from deep within and pushing me back to stop every now and then. Reaching down you pull at your clit, waiting as my shaft just slips in beyond the hood of my cock. I move my hips forward slowly as you move back in unknown hunger to deepen myself in you. We move together, slowly fro about a minute, you control you’re breathing as you feel your self about to cum. You have hold of the led so hard your hand is going white, it so intense…… Shaking your head you push me back rubbing your pussy furiously as you cum on the table.

I come back to your face and we kiss teasing each other on the floor. Flipping over we get ourselves in a 69 position on our side, you cup my balls in your soft warm hands, rolling them between your fingers. I place one hand at the top of your pelvic bone pulling the skin back slowly to stretch your pussy out like a rubber band. Doing this makes your swollen clit harden, becoming ultra sensitive and poking out between your shaven stretched lips. Vacuuming your clit into my mouth, I suck hard on it making it swell larger and larger; you can fell a burning sensation as this happens, and running flushes of heat through your body as I vigorously flick it with my tongue. Your clit is getting bigger and bigger! You let out squeaks between hungrily sucking on my swollen dribbling cock. You squeeze my balls harder with the more pleasure your body is receiving as I pull on the top of your pussy harder, I run my tongue down past your sweet oozing pussy to meet the rim of your warm soft ass, pulling your hips forward inviting me to venture further. Spreading your cheeks, I run my whole mouth over your ass; your breathing is so erratic you pull my cock from your mouth and let out a huge sigh of pleasure as you role onto all fours and point your ass in the air and giving me full access. I waste no time running my mouth from your clit to the top of your back about 6-7 times, every time putting a little more pressure across the opening of you over heated ass rim. You drop your shoulders pushing your self into me. I bring one hand around your waste to find your swollen clit as I wriggle my tongue just in side you. This drives you wild pushing against me again as I extend my tongue as far as it will go and enter you slowly. The rim of your ass clenches around my wriggling tongue inside you. Leaning forward pushing my hand from your clit and stretching out you reach for your 1” glass balls. Slipping 1 into your pussy as I keep fucking you, you shiver-slipping the 2nd and pulling at your clit-spiralling you’re hips-moaning and grunting. It feels as if you’re vacuuming my tongue inside you, I can feel the 2 glass balls with my tongue through the inside of you. Starting to lower yourself to allow me to get deeper and deeper inside you, I feel the pulses of your orgasm growing around my tongue deep inside you I place my hand over the opening of your now full pussy stopping the balls from shooting out as you can not control the eruption within. Clenching on the rug you nearly faint from your breathing and go limp. Rolling over, legs spread and worn. I attempt to recover the 2 glass balls still inside you. Gently you push 1 out with ease with a table spoon of your cum following it. I can’t help myself by placing my mouth over your opening to catch the 2nd one in my mouth as I lick you clean.

We lay on our side me spooning you, cuddling as I lightly kissing your neck and ears .Reaching behind you rub my dripping cock into your ass crack; this gets harder as we kiss. I can’t handle it any more telling you I will cum if you keep it up. Instantly you guide me to your pussy pushing back for complete penetration. Holding my arms and rapping then around you tight we move together, it’s HOT Fucking HOT as I pump more than a full load of cum deep inside you, I hold you so tight- my arms burn and you can barely breath I squeeze you so tight, suddenly I release you, exhausted and both warn, we sleep there still connected.

After sleeping cradled in each others arms, we awake and get ready for work thinking about the events that had taken place over the last couple of days .Managing to keep our hands to ourselves we kiss each other goodbye and head of to work.

After a very busy day you walk in home to find me standing in the kitchen with a very sexy see through nightie on. You pat the bench inviting me to sit next to you. Accepting your invitation you lean and kiss my neck , while you blow gently in my ear as your hands slowly unbuttons my shirt ,softly touching my skin with her finger tips. I breath out deeply absorbing your touch with you slowly running your fingers over my soft skin down your chest and across your stomach. Heading your fingers down and unzipping my pants and pulling them of me, you rub the insides of my thighs with your hands, by now your cock is very hard and dribbling.

I squat down and take your cock in my mouth you moan with excitement and push further forward so I have your whole shaft in my mouth. As I’m sucking your hard excited cock I tickle your balls with my fingers. You moan and squirm as sensation of your nails gently touching my balls sends goose bumps all over. You feel me pulse in your mouth and I try my best to hold back as it is so good. Unable to control my orgasm I explode in your mouth. You reach down grabbing my head and gently pull me up towards your mouth; I respond I sit straddled on your knees kissing passionately

We sit their gently caressing each others body caught up in the moment we could feel each others heart beating.

We stand and you lay me on the kitchen bench, rolling me over massaging my back and shoulders slowly move down your body firmly grabbing your hips and running your fingers over my ass cheeks. I moan and order you to lick my ring as I lift my hip to invite you in. You softly kiss and lick my cheeks slowly making your way to my ring.

Still massaging my cheeks you sped them, you can hear my pussy syrup as I’m so wet. The excitement inside is so intense my body’s shaking as you run your tongue over my waiting ring. I lift my hips every time you pass over my inviting ass. All I want is for your warm soft tongue to be inside me. I’m now nearly screaming” and can not hold back reaching under neath my self to pinch my rock hard clit. Instantly I scream out I’M CUMMING!

Rolling over I want you to fuck my dripping swollen pussy with your tongue, with no Hesitation you lean down and suck my very hard clit I can feel the sensation inside building again as you push your tongue inside me. I whisper “stop I want you to tease me some more before I cum again”. You looked at me and giggled. Sitting up I kiss your soft lips you still stroking my very wet pussy, you push your fingers deep inside me while still playing with my clit with your thumb. Kissing me deeply and breathing in time you continue to pump your fingers inside me; I keep trying to shift forward to get you deeper inside. Grabbing your hand I squeeze your wrist and force your fingers into me. Lashing my head back you kiss and nibble on my neck moving my ear. As you just run your teeth over my ear lobe I squeeze your hand so hard, nearly breaking it as I cum so hard ejaculating my pussy syrup onto your hand and table. Within seconds you flip me over and run your dripping cock through my wet ass crack. I slowly lift my hips with your strokes. Leaning forward with your strokes you cup my breast and fumble with my erect and sensitive nipple. We continue to rub into each other for a few seconds as I start to gain the sensation of your cock against my ass. You kiss my back and neck making me hot. I reach around to find the head of your cock and push against my want ass. The feeling of you at my ass is wonderful and sends shivers through my body. I continue to use my hand to just push you just to the edge of me, as I can feel my ass stretch a little more every time. I continue to lift my hips with all of this wanting more, want something to fulfil the hunger I feel. I can feel you hardening knowing your about to cum, I waist no time lining your cock straight to my ass, pushing back at you, you enter me slowly- stretching me and filling me. I buck back and order you to fuck me harder as I rub my clit and you pinch my nipples. I feel comforting warmth inside as you spasm and fill me with your thick cream. This sends me wild as I feel a huge orgasm building and with 2 more strokes I scream and collapse on the table as I quiver from exhaustion.