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Hard Rider

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Published 11 years ago
Your sitting behind me holding me around my waist as we slowly tour the lovely coast on this hot, humid day. Both sweating like pigs in our leathers, getting hotter and hotter. The vibration of the motor pulsing thru your pussy making you squirm behind me. Your hands working there way to my cock, you start rubbing it feeling it harden, your pussy enjoying the bumps in the road. I’m having trouble keeping my concentration on the road. I see a dirt track up ahead and turn down it. The ruff road making me rev and decelerate as I slowly go alone the dirt track, there’s another track going of the main track it is a very unused over grown track, I so want to fuck you knowing how wet you are and how hard you have made me. The track goes up over a hill and comes to a lost bush dam. I pull up and stand the bike on its stand. You get off first and take your helmet off you face dripping with sweat, you take your jacket off to show your wet dripping white top it stuck to your tits your nipples erect from the vibration of the bike on your pussy. Your eye half closed. I demount the bike taking my helmet off and top of to leave only my bear chest to cool down. I see your eyes glazed with lust as you want me. I move over to you run my hand thru your hair I grab the back of your head gently and pull it back making your head tilt back, I kiss you hard and passionately with and open month, our tongues in twined in our lust. I pull your top off exposing you wet glistening breast, your nipples hard and erect. I bend down sucking and clasping one in my hand founding them with the built up passion of wanting to fuck you. I ran my hands down and undo your pants and turn you around an bend you over the bike, pulling your pants down I lower behind you I come up my hands running up and down your wet dripping pussy lips, you moan at my touch. I insert three fingers in your wet pussy and start slowly fucking you with them, as I increase the speed you knee’s start to give way your moans and gasps of ecstasy over come you as you squirt cum all over my hand. I pick you up and put you on the bike I start it you straddling the seat feeling the vibrations again. I climb on behind you my hand way down to you clit where I rub your clit, your hips start moving backward and forwards with the vibration from the bike. You grab the throttle and rev the bike to enjoy the quick rev up and the slow vibration down. Your head hanging low as you gasp for air your hips moving quicker now, you start to shudder as a new wave of orgasm hit you. Your shuddering slows as I turn you over on the bike to face me. I slide back and lower my face onto your pussy I lick your pussy wildly at first shaking my head suck on your clit flicking it up and down to start with then changing it to a side to side motion and then doing little circles of your clit, I am now chasing your clit as you start moaning and breathing deeply again, inserting my fingers again I start looking for your g spot, you heave forward your head held back as I find it. I continue to please you, your pussy tightening on my fingers. I know your ready again, you scream out this time losing control in the moment. Your pussy grasping my fingers not letting them move as you cum again and again. I lose count of your orgasms in your lustful trashing on my fingers. You look at me lustfully enjoy the moment but I see in your eyes you want me to fuck you now. I get of the bike you follow me you push me back onto the side of the seat, you ravage at my pants, taking them down in one quick monition. My cock spring loaded from there tight restraint flings out hard and erect right in front of your face. You waste no time in sucking it in all the way to the base, I feel your heavenly mouth around me the back of your tongue squeezing the top of my cock I let out a moan my knee’s weaken at this, you take me with long slow stokes gasping as you take me your lust over coming you now. You take my cock out of your mouth and move your head to one side, you run your teeth lightly along my shaft your hand on the end of my cock you start sucking on my balls as you wank me hard with your hand. I am breathing deeply now losing control in the bliss your giving me. I stop you not wanting to cum just yet before fucking you, I lead you over to the front of the bike tell you to bend over and grad the bars of the bike, I get behind you and slowly enter you, you moan with wanting pleasure as my cock fills you. I begin slowly fucking you with control but your so close cumming that you start pushing hard back onto my cock you pussy tightening with each stroke, I start fucking you with long fast deep strokes, I feel your pussy convulsing on my cock as you cum. You scream out again and your breathing turns long and deep as your whole body is trying to find air for your erotic state. I begin fucking you hard again knowing what state your in, I fuck you hard and fast the sound of our fucking can be heard as loud slaps as we fuck, your close to cumming again you move your hand down between your legs and start rubbing your clit wildly, your head hanging low, your body moving in waves as you cum again this is to much for me as I erupt inside you. We are both to breathless to move for a while. I stand you up and we embrace each other holding each other up in our lust. Sweaty and enjoyed we sit back on the bike and look at each other in sexual bliss…………

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