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Her First Time with Another Girl Leads to More

My girl's first girl on girl experience leads to a fantastic threesome


6 minute read

My Brazilian girlfriend always got off on lesbian porn and I always knew she wanted to experience another girl but that the opportunity hadn't arisen largely as she wanted a girl to show some interest in her. The thought always turned me on and I always intended to take her to a swingers club and fulfil her fantasy. We were at a party one night with a big crowd and many we didn't know, the talent was good and Elle was having a great after a few drinks chatting to new people and I could see blokes checking her out in her black low cut dress, showing off her curves. As the evening went on she was in conversation with a stunning petite brunette I'd noticed earlier, they were laughing and I could tell there was an attraction there. A while later I saw them doing tequila shots and there was a bit of hugging and dancing going on; I wondered where this might end. A while later I looked over and realised they had disappeared, assuming they had gone to get more drinks. When they didn't reappear I thought I might go find them on the chance something more was happening. Sure enough after checking a few rooms I opened a door and there they were making out on the bed, there was an instant tingling in my groin as I closed the door over just enough to watch, they were all over each other and there was electricity in the air. The brunette was leading but Elle was really turned on as they kissed passionately and explored each other’s bodies. The kissing progressed with the brunette lifted Elle's top and began to suck on her nipples, something I know that Elle loves. Elle pulls her top off and then the brunette’s and starts to return the favour. My cock was bulging as I watched and soon the girls were naked, the brunette going down on Elle and licking and fingering. Soon they were grinding on each other fully naked, the brunette taking the lead and Elle following. Watching them lick, suck and finger was a huge turn on but I was reluctant to ruin it by interrupting. Next they were in the 69 position, Elle on the bottom and I could hear her moaning loudly as the brunette licked from her bum to clit and back again, darting her tongue into her pussy. Elle then switched and was on top, she was facing the door and there was a noise from somewhere else and she looked up, I doubted she could see me but decided to open the door a little and sure enough she saw me. She smiled and nodded, I motioned as to whether I should join and she nodded again. I quietly entered the room shutting the door behind me. The brunette saw me but kept devouring Elle's pussy. I moved over kissing Elle passionately and quickly shed my clothes. I kissed Elle again and then she grabbed my cock and began sucking on it hungrily, moaning in excitement. The brunette carried on and Elle would go from sucking my cock to licking the brunette’s pussy, my cock was so hard. I got down on my knees at the side of the bed and began to lick the brunette’s hairless pussy, she tasted sweet and was quite wet, I then kissed Elle who rammed her tongue down my throat. The brunette then moved out from under Elle and moved her around so Elle was on her hands and knees, the brunette climbed in behind and again started licking between her legs, I moved around and Elle took me in her mouth once more. The sheer turn on had me trying hard not to blow my load there and then. After a while I pulled out of Elle's mouth and moved around to behind the brunette who was still between Elle's legs. I started to lick her bum and pussy as she had done to Elle, darting my tongue into her sweet pussy, she moaned louder and we were all supercharged. I wanted to get my cock into a pussy but thought it was only polite it be Elle's first. I pulled the brunette up and kissed her motioning for her to move around so Elle could eat her out. Elle went back down on her with her bum pointed up in the air. One of Elle's favourite positions is doggy style so I began to slide my cock up and down her dripping wet swollen pussy. Elle kept pushing back trying to get me to put my cock inside her but I was enjoying teasing her. I finally slid in pushing in as deep as I could, her pussy was so wet and she yelled out as I filled her. I began to slide in and out watching her devouring the brunette’s pussy. Elle was working expertly on the brunette and it wasn't long before she began to orgasm. Elle moved forward and I withdrew, kissing me she motioned for me to lie down on the bed then climbed back on my cock. The brunette then came around and sat on my face grinding on my tongue as I explored her pussy and rubbed her clit, she was so wet. The look of enjoyment on Elle's face was fantastic. I wondered if Elle would be happy letting me fuck the brunette, Elle was close to orgasm and suddenly her body spasm'd and she let out a huge scream of pleasure as I felt even more juices run down over my balls. She kept riding me for a little longer then climbed off motioned for the brunette to climb on my cock while wanking me, the girls were kissing and playing with each other’s boobs, I didn't know how much longer I'd last as the brunette slid onto my cock. Elle then started grinding on my face all the time kissing the brunette and sucking her nipples then rubbing her clit. The brunette was also very wet but had great technique tensing her vaginal muscles on my cock in rhythm. Elle was close to orgasm again and I wasn't far behind, I managed to splutter I was about to cum thinking the brunette would climb off; instead she increased her rhythm and tensing until I could take no more and exploded inside her. Elle had cum again and I was doing my best to slurp this up while enjoying the brunette milking the last of my cum in her pussy. Elle turned around and began to lick my cum from the brunette’s pussy and had a quick suck of my cock. I watched as they carried on playing satisfied that this had been a great introduction. We locked the door to the room and plenty more fun until the small hours.

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