29 Oct 2016

I've been writing ....

Have I told you about Ronda? I've known her online for a while now, she's a nurse / receptionist for a doctor in the city, he has a small practise on Exhibition Street.

For some reason he doesn't work on Fridays, which leaves Ronda minding the office on her own, catching up on filing, bookings etc. We'd talked about meeting for a coffee and a chat on one of these Fridays in her office as she can’t leave the place unattended.

Anyway, I was in the city last Friday, and thought I'd take her up on her offer, I was looking forward to finally meeting the lady I'd chatted with for so long. I knew the address, so I sent her a txt asking if the coast was clear, and she quickly replied "cum on up"

She must have been waiting behind the door as I walked up, as it opened before I could knock, she asked me in, and then I heard the lock click as I walked into the reception area. We said hi, a quick kiss on the cheek, and stood back for a second or two looking at each other, we'd never met before.

Ronda was in her late 40's I think, medium length dark hair, about my height, medium build, and in what looked like a white nurse’s uniform.

She led me back into a kitchen area, and I was surprised to see another lady sitting at the table with a coffee. Ronda introduced us, her name was Shaz, and she had also just dropped in for a chat. Shaz was also in her late 40's I think, shorter auburn hair, very well dressed, maybe a professional office manager or something.

The coffee pot was on, so I poured myself one and we all sat round the table and had a chat about just about everything, we had a lot to catch up on.

The girls finished their coffees before me, and Ronda stood up and said to Shaz that it was time for her examination, and as the Doctor (pointing to me with a wink!!!) was here he could perform the examination while she assisted.

I didn't know what to say, and didn't get a chance anyway as the girls went into the doctor’s room to prepare while I gulped down the rest of my coffee.

By the time I had finished my coffee I heard Ronda call out that they were ready, so I went into the other room, it was a normal doctor’s office with a desk, chairs and an examination table protruding from one wall. Ronda and Shaz were standing by the desk, Ronda was reading some notes and Shaz had changed into one of those hospital type robes that ties up at the back, I could see that she was naked underneath.

When they heard me come in, Ronda asked Shaz to sit on the end of the table while she took her blood pressure and checked her pulse, "It's been a while since your last breast exam" said Ronda, "have you found anything unusual?"

"No I haven't" replied Shaz, "but I wouldn't mind if you or the Doctor checked again, just to make sure."

Well, I couldn't believe my ears, but Ronda had already untied the back of the robe and lowered the top to reveal Shaz's breasts. They were beautifully shaped, D size I think, with large dark nipples.

Shaz lay back on the table while Ronda started her examination of the breast on her side, and nodded for me to start my examination on my side, she handed me a plastic bottle of warmed oil which I squeezed on my hands and started gently exploring from the outside in, copying basically what Ronda was doing on the other side.

Her skin was wonderfully soft and warm, and I could feel my erection growing as I felt her breast, trying to feel deep inside for any lumps. After about 10 minutes of this we could hear Shaz's breath getting deeper, and although neither of us had touched her nipples yet, they were turning a deeper colour, and growing noticeably.

Ronda took the warm oil bottle and squeezed some oil directly onto her nipple, and handed it to me to do the same. Shaz moaned out loud as the warmth sank in, and then we both rubbed the oil into her nipples, and around her breasts, and Shaz was moaning her appreciation.

We didn't find any unusual lumps.

After what seemed like hours of this, Ronda said "I notice from your info file that it's almost a year since your last pelvic exam, and while the Doctor is here we should get that out of the way as well."

Ronda put a pair of stirrups into slots on each side of the table, then lifted Shaz's legs into them and secured them just under the knees with Velcro straps. She then removed the end section of the exam table, a neat little device that left Shaz's legs wide, straight up in the air, with her buttocks hanging just over the edge.

Ronda brought over a smell trolley with instruments on it, I noticed several long stainless steel devices like at a dentists, and a clear plastic device that looked like a large clothes peg, with a bend in it. There was also a number of spring loaded clamps, she put two on Shaz's nipples, saying they were to maintain the correct blood flow.

She then brought over 2 low stools which she positioned between Shaz's feet so we could both sit side by side. We had perfect access, Shaz's legs were spread as wide as they could go above our heads, her plump outer lips were a deep red colour, she must shave or wax, they were so smooth, her inner lips even deeper, and her opening was bright pink, with the clear sticky liquid we could see seeping out.

I just wanted a taste, but had to remember that I was a "doctor"

Shaz's bright pink clit was starting to poke out from under her hood as well, it looked like a miniature cock, it even had what looked like a slit in the end.

I reached out to take one of the outer lips between my fingers, running them up and down, feeling for anything unusual. I was amazed at the soft feel, so silky and smooth, some of the lube from her opening had moved onto her lips, which also made them very smooth and slippery.

Ronda saw what I was doing, and asked if she could assist from her side, taking the other lip in her fingers, feeling it thoroughly as I was. We gently squeezed them, and could hear moans coming from the other end of the table.

We then moved to her inner lips, these were a beautiful dark pink colour, and we could pull them apart like butterfly wings, opening her sex right out for examination. The fluid was very noticeable seeping out. Ronda took the clear plastic instrument, and slowly inserted it inside Shaz's opening until it was completely inside, about 4 inches, then she closed the handles, which caused the other end to open up inside her, and we could clearly see what looked like the head of a penis, the same dark colour, round and with a little slit in the end.

Ronda told Shaz that her cervix looked perfect, then we examined the rest of her opening. There was a darker patch on the upper wall, with a rippled texture. I reached one finger in, touching this spot lightly, which made Shaz moan in pleasure, it felt swollen, and as I increased pressure, rubbing my fingertip in circles over it I could feel Shaz's inner muscles flexing.

I pulled my finger slowly out, and Ronda gently removed the speculum. I then said that I should examine Shaz's clitoris, it looked very healthy, but you never knew. My fingertips were moist and slippery from being inside her, and I lightly held her clitoral shaft between my thumb and finger, rubbing them up to lift the hood and reveal the tip, which I lightly touched with my other hand. This made Shaz moan louder.

Just to be sure, I felt the length of her shaft, running my fingers up and down the length of it, gradually increasing the pressure. While I did this I slowly inserted 2 fingers into her opening, facing upward, where I could feel the enlarged ridge with my fingertips, and I could also feel the roots of her clitoris tightening on either side.

Ronda was watching, and helped by holding the outer lips between 2 fingers, rubbing up and down the length of them. We could hear Shaz's moans becoming louder, her hips arched up as she started to orgasm, I could feel her inner muscles clamp on my fingers. I kept rubbing her g-spot, gradually increasing the pressure and speed, while I did the same with my other hand on her clitoris.

I wasn't timing, but it seemed that she came continuously for about 15 minutes, her muscles rhythmically contracting, and then suddenly she screamed, and a gush of warm, clear liquid flooded over my inserted hand, and she went limp, breathless as if she had run a marathon.

I hadn't noticed earlier, but while all this was going on Ronda had unzipped my fly, and held my erection in her hand, saying that it was time for her examination.

I don't know if this was a dream or what, but I woke up with a smile on my face this morning, and can’t wait for my next dream.