29 Oct 2016

I'm sure Phil thought he was dreaming.

It all seemed so real, he could still feel Shaz's internal muscles slowly subsiding on his hand as her contractions eased, her breath returned to normal and she slipped into a deep state of relaxation. He gently removed his hand, and placed a light blanket over her to keep her warm as I replaced the end panel to the exam table, lowered her legs and removed the stirrups.

I had told Phil that my examination was due, and if he had the time while he was there we could attend to it as well. I could feel from the reaction of his penis in my hand that he definitely had the time. Shaz overheard this, and said that she had nursing experience, and would gladly assist, she was able to move again, and she got up from the table, putting the hospital gown back on.

Phil readily agreed to perform my exam, so Shaz suggested Phil make us all a cool drink while we prepared for my exam, he went into the kitchen where we could hear him rattling glasses. Shaz smiled at me, her cheeks were still flushed, and asked me to disrobe and slip into something more cumfortable!!!

I took a new gown from the shelf, and while Shaz smiled and watched, I slowly undressed, knowing that she was watching my every move closely. I slipped the gown on, and Shaz offered to tie it at the back, which was difficult to reach.

The gown tied at the neck only, and I could feel the cold air on my back which indicated that it was still slightly open, exposing my bum, which Shaz lightly caressed, saying she was looking forward to an eye opening experience. I could feel the warmth and anticipation starting deep inside me, and the moisture building between my lips.

Phil came back in with cold drinks for us all, we sat at the desk for a few minutes while we finished the drinks, I didn't realise how thirsty I had become.

Shaz was the first to get up, taking me to the end of the table where she had sat a few hours earlier, and went through the initial routines of blood pressure and pulse tests, then she got a stethoscope from the desk and placed the cold end on my back and asked me to cough.

I coughed a couple of times while she placed it in various positions across my back, then she asked me to open my legs a bit as she quickly slipped 2 fingers inside me, and asked me to cough again. I could feel my internal muscles tighten as I coughed, and I saw the smile of approval on Shaz's face as she felt it too.

She slowly drew her fingers out, just touching the tip of my clit ever so lightly as she turned to Phil who was standing next to her with a huge smile on his face, he had watched the whole thing. She held her wet fingers up to Phil saying that there was no problem with lubrication, and they each took a turn to sniff and taste her fingers, then Shaz quickly slipped them back inside and offered them to me for a smell and a taste, I had never tasted my juices before, now I understood why men love going down so much.

It was obvious that Shaz was an experienced nurse, and Dr Phil, well, I knew that I was in safe hands.

Shaz untied the gown and lowered it, freeing my breasts, she then guided me back on the table until I was lying straight out, with the gown just covering my lower half. Dr Phil and Shaz took one side each, and using the warm oil for lubrication they gently examined one breast each, working from the outsides in, and lifting them in their hands, kneading the flesh firmer to make sure there was nothing unusual.

Although they both deliberately kept well away from my nipples, I could feel them becoming erect, they felt so huge, and I knew that Shaz and Phil noticed, they exchanged smiles frequently, checking each other’s progress.

Shaz then took the plastic squeeze bottle of warm oil (it was in a container of hot water) and dripped it directly on the nipple on her side, slowly drip by drip, it was such an amazing feeling, very warm, and I felt it soaking up through my breast. She handed the bottle to Phil who did the same on his side while she pinched my nipple gently, making it even more erect, then kneaded my whole breast, it felt amazing with the slippery oil.

Phil slowly dripped the warm oil onto my other nipple, then gently pinched it, rubbing my whole breast and nipple with both hands, getting firmer and firmer. I was in heaven just lying there on my back, having both my breasts expertly kneaded. I didn't want them to stop!!!

After what seemed like ages of this, Shaz said that my breasts seemed fine, Phil readily agreed with a cheeky smile, but it was now time for my internal exam. She removed the gown which was covering my lower half, and Phil got the stirrups and fixed them to the table sides, lifting my legs one at a time and securing them to the stirrups just behind my knees with the Velcro straps.

When he removed the slide out section of the table, I was completely exposed, my bum hanging just over the edge, with my thighs straight up in the air, and spread as far apart as possible by the stirrups. It was quite comfortable and exciting too, being completely open and at their mercy.

Shaz wheeled the two low stools closer, positioning them at the end of the table so they had a full view and uninterrupted access to wherever they wanted.

Phil said that he had read in my notes that I had mentioned an anal tenderness in the past, and they should start by checking that everything was clear there. He applied some of the warmed oil around my opening, and with a well-oiled finger he gently felt around externally, increasing pressure until the tip of his finger slipped inside.

I gasped, the sensation was amazing as I felt his finger around that intimate place, and then as it slipped inside, and began to explore I felt a tingling sensation up my spine. Phil slipped his finger in and out many times, adding plenty of oil, rubbing round the rim, then exploring my inner walls deeper and deeper.

Shaz was watching intently, and said that they should check for abnormalities between my two passages, so she again ran her fingers slowly around my vaginal opening, slowly increasing pressure, particularly the space between the openings, and then I felt her finger (maybe more than one, as the "full" sensation was wonderful)

I'm pretty sure that she was using at least two fingers, I could feel her carefully exploring the walls, firstly along both sides, then the top, I gasped as her finger ran over my g-spot, she noticed of course, increasing the pressure a bit, then I could feel her exploring the lower wall, while Phil explored the upper wall of my other passage, they ran their fingers in and out in time together, pressing toward each other, I knew they could feel each other’s fingers through the walls.

Phil and Shaz were busy where they were, and my breasts felt so swollen too from the earlier examination, I cupped them in my hands, kneading them both, pinching my nipples which felt huge, and so hard they might burst. I knew Phil was watching, in between watching what he and Shaz were doing.

My clit felt huge too, I know it's fairly large, and it sticks right out from under my hood when I'm really aroused, as I was then. Phil noticed of course, and leaned in to lightly brush the tip with his tongue. I came on the spot, and I knew that Phil and Shaz could feel my contractions.

They didn't stop then either, just kept up the rhythmic thrusting into both passages, taking it in turns to suck and lick my clit, Shaz was an expert at just sucking it right into her mouth, with firm pressure of her lips on the shaft, and her tongue teasing the tip.

Phil's tongue and lips felt amazing, he could put quite a lot of pressure with his lips, while sucking hard and rubbing the tip with his tongue, I just kept cumming and cumming, I have no idea how many times, or how long for.

I was exhausted after what seemed like ages of this, and I'm sure Phil and Shaz's arms were feeling sore from the thrusting. I lay back, smiling and just relaxing in the afterglow as Shaz covered me with the light blanket, and Phil replaced the table section and lowered my legs so he could remove the stirrups.

I heard Shaz ask Phil when his last examination was, as many doctors tend to ignore their own health check-ups.

I think I nodded off after that, maybe it was my dream after all?

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