29 Oct 2016

I hope you enjoy my little stories :)))

Maybe it was me dreaming?

I was just having a quiet chat and a cuppa with my friend Ronda when her mobile beeped, she said it was a friend of hers, a doctor she had talked with for a while but never met, so he was coming up for a chat. I offered to leave them together, but Ronda said no way, I could stay to meet him, it might be fun.

When he arrived, his name was Phil, he seemed nice enough, a friendly smile, although I'm not really certain he's a Doctor, maybe some form of alternative medicine.

We had a nice little chat over a coffee, and then Ronda surprised us both I think when she stood up and said that it was time for my examination. She quickly dragged me into the doctor's office and closed the door before I could say anything, then whispered to me that it could be fun, and to play along!!!

I'm willing to try anything, although the idea of being examined by a doctor I didn’t know, and my best friend Ronda, well, I just wasn’t sure. Ronda gave me one of those hospital robes, which I quickly changed into, then Phil came in.

The check-up went smoothly, all the usual checks, I was starting to understand what Ronda was thinking, so I cheekily suggested a breast check, to make sure there were no lumps etc...

Things just went on from there, the last I remember was lying completely naked on the examination table, clamps on my nipples which felt amazing, my legs strapped up in the air on stirrups, my bum hanging over the edge of the table, with everything I have spread wide and inviting, and Ronda and Dr Phil sitting on low stools between my raised legs, Phil with the biggest smile I have ever seen, showing Ronda his drenched hand, which they both licked dry.

Ronda then said her check-up was due and we may as well get that done too, I eagerly volunteered to assist as I had trained as a nurse many years ago. Phil and I did a very thorough examination of Ronda, checking all the vital signs, breasts and then internal vaginal and anal checks, I had never done any of that with a woman before, it was a wonderful experience, and we could tell that Ronda was loving every second.

She kept cumming repeatedly for nearly half an hour, then waved us away, drained. I thought what the heck, and asked Phil when his last physical was, because now that we were all there, we could get that out of the way as well.

I found another hospital gown on the shelf, gave it to Phil to change into while Ronda and I went to her office to check on his file. There was no file, he wasn’t a patient there, but it gave us some time to prepare, and for Phil to change.

When we went back into the office, Phil was sitting behind the desk in his gown, looking slightly embarassed. I tried to put him at his ease, saying that we were professional nurses and he had nothing to worry about, he may as well come over to the table and we could get started.

He stood up slowly, and we immediately saw what his problem was, the loose gown just couldn’t hide his huge erection, like a flagpole sticking out in front of him. Ronda noticed too, and said that we'd been in the business many years, and seen more penises than we could remember, so he had nothing to worry about.

He sat on the end of the table where I had sat many hours ago, and then Ronda after that. We took turns doing the routine checks, pulse, blood pressure etc., then I said we had better do a thorough check up while we were there, guiding him back on the table, and I could see the apprehension in his eyes as he saw me get the stirrups from underneath and put them in their slots.

We didn’t give him a chance to object, saying that we had to do as thorough and professional job as he had done on us. He didn’t look convinced, but he let us raise his legs and secure them with the Velcro, then for added security Ronda secured his hands to the frame as well.

Once he was up there I removed the slide-out section while Ronda untied his gown and slipped it off, leaving him completely naked on his back on the table, his bum hanging over the edge just as Ronda and I had been, legs stretched wide apart and high, leaving nothing to the imagination.

We rolled the stools over again so we could be relaxed and comfortable for our work.

The first thing we noticed of course was his penis, hard and erect, nice and thick too, standing straight up in the air, with his balls pink and round dangling just below. He was not circumcised, we could see the dark pink head poking out through the foreskin, and the little slit in the tip. I reached out and slowly drew the skin back until his whole knob was exposed, pink and round, like a huge clit, soft and shiny.

We traced the ridged veins down his penis, and the larger, darker one running right from the tip down to his balls ... his balls, in their little bag, soft and smooth, yes, smooth, must have been waxed or shaved, then below what looked like a stitched seam, running right to his ass. He must have waxed that too, it was smooth, soft and pink, puckered tight, maybe in anticipation of things to cum?

I got the oil bottle and put plenty on my hands, then handed it to Ronda who did the same, then while she watched with a smile I just ran the tip of one slippery finger up the big vein under his penis, so lightly he could hardly feel it, tickling the little indentation where the head joined the shaft, noting the twitching. I could see a drop of clear liquid, probably "pre cum" in the hole at the tip of his cock, I took it with my finger and rubbed it around his tip, making it more shiny, then there was another drop, and another,...

Ronda meanwhile had taken the bottle of warmed oil, and was dripping that slowly on his ball sack, rubbing it in thoroughly, then she remembered what he had done to her, and grabbed his balls firmly, asking him to cough, which he did, we both felt the tightening in his muscles.

She then said that it was about time someone checked for lumps on his testicles, a common problem for men his age, she took each one in turn, feeling it all around, softly squeezing it, and feeling for any abnormalities. She cheekily gave the all clear after many minutes of this, I didn’t know if Phil's smile was from relief or gratitude.

Another common problem with men is their prostate gland, and I knew the best way to check that, so I ran my fingers slowly back down his shaft, around his balls a few times for good measure, and then along that seam that ran down towards his ass. He squirmed a bit as I rubbed up and down the seam, I could feel the swelling under my fingertips, then with plenty of oil I circled his opening, placing more and more pressure until the tip slipped inside.

He gasped, but we could see from the state of his erection that he didn’t mind a bit!!! I dribbled more oil on as I worked my finger deeper inside until I could feel his prostate, it felt healthy as I circled it with the tip of my finger, his cock jumping in response. Ronda held his balls in one hand, and started to stroke his shaft with the other. He arched his back up, lifting right off the table, but we kept in place, feeling all his muscles tense, contracting and relaxing.

Every time Ronda felt he was about to cum she slowed right down, I did the same, until his spasming relaxed, then we gradually built up again, feeling the build-up of tension. We could hear him regulating his breath, sucking the arousal into his body, holding the sensation as long as possible, and then he just let go with a rush, I felt his prostate and internal muscles throb, contracting and releasing over and over as he came in a rush, sending streams of thick white liquid into the air.

Ronda and I both tried to catch it in our mouths, taking turns to lick the last drops from his knob as it came out, Ronda squeezed a few more drops out by running her fingertip up the shaft a few times along the vein. His contractions slowed down for a while after that, as his penis softened, I gradually removed my finger, Ronda held him as the contractions eased, then we both kissed his softening cock, I took it right into my mouth, gently sucking the last of the fluid from it, and I felt a stirring, hmmm, maybe .....