Written by kurvy krissy

25 Jan 2017

It was a beautiful day for golf warm but not too hot. They were off to play golf at Echunga a nice little town up in the hills. She was feeling naughty today she was wearing no panties under her short tight skirt. Hubby was in for a nice surprise!

The first few rounds of golf were uneventful she drove the golf cart around enjoying the breeze that was softly blowing on her pussy. It was at the fourth hole that hubbys shot landed in some bushes and trees. They both got out of the buggy to search for the ball. It was at this point while bending over searching for the ball that hubby noticed that she had on no panties. "You feeling naughty today" he asked. "How did you guess" she replied. He came over from behind her and reached around and started touching her breasts, immediately her nipples began to harden. It was then she noticed somebody was watching them it was him! This made her feel even more excited knowing he was watching. She pulled up her skirt and started fingering her pussy all the while looking into his eyes. She saw him pull down his pants and start stroking his cock. Hubby leaned her over and started fucking her pussy from behind. She hoped hubby couldn't see him. "Yes fuck me" she screamed still looking into his eyes from a distance. Hubby was pounding away thrusting his cock into her wet pussy. She was playing with her nipples whilst still watching him stroking himself. "Oh yes" she screamed she felt hubby cuming inside her and could feel herself starting to cum. Over in the distance (she hadn't taken her eyes off of him) she saw him cuming, saw his warm sperm shooting into the bushes. He winked at her gave her a cheeky grin and started pulling up his pants.

"Quick" said hubby people are coming. He couldn't find his ball so they continued on playing golf.

When they had finished hubby complained of a stomach ache and went off towards the toilets. She made her way back to the car.

She saw him approaching the car "I didn't think you were coming" she said. "Hell yeah" he replied I love a bit of outdoor fun! Although I would have liked it to be my cock in your pussy!"

"Well" she said I am still waiting for you to taste my delicacies" He laughed. "I could try them now if you like" he joked.

He bent down and turned her around in the car seat, he lifted her skirt. "Oh yum" he said cheekily. She giggled.

He started gently licking her clit and teasing her with his tongue. "Play with your nipples" he told her. She undoes her top to expose her breasts. He loved her tits that was one of the things he liked about her. She started pinching her nipples all the time his tongue and fingers were in her pussy. Mmmmm she moaned as he did his magic she came quickly and loudly. He stood up by the side of the car she could see his cock was busting to get out. She quickly unzipped his pants to reveal his hard throbbing cock. She placed the tip in her mouth licking it with her tongue. "Oh fuck" he groaned.

He started fucking her mouth while she played with his balls her other hand playing with her hard nipples. He pulled out and came all over her tits he knew she liked that. "Well" she asked Did you enjoy my delicacies?" "Hell yeah" he replied. He passionately kissed her lips and neck this guy knew how to kiss. He stood up and saw her hubby approaching the car.

"Hey mate I think I found your ball I was just giving it to your wife" he told him. "Thanks mate" hubby replied.

As he walked off he turned around and gave her a cheeky grin and a wink.

"That was nice of him to bring my ball back" hubby said.

Oh yes she thought very nice...............................................................................................