Written by Rodsare

31 Dec 2012

It was a warm night and the air was thick, Amy sat outside feeling the warm breeze against her skin and the the feeling began to make her feel very horny.

It had been a while since Amy had felt a nice hard cock between her legs and she was at a point where she couldn't hold her desire in much longer.

Amy had lusted after her neighbour Mark for months now and tonight she had decided to do something about it.

Where she sat outside was in full view of his bedroom window so her plan was to turn him on through him accidentally watching her until he could watch no longer.

She saw his bedroom light come on at 10 pm as usual and she sat on her porch and began to run her hand up the inside of her thigh, her breathing getting faster and her clit beginning to pulsate. She could feel his eyes watching her as she had before. Which got her even more turned on.

She gently rubbed her pussy over her panties to already feel a wet patch and let out a soft moan. She had needed cock for quite some time. She pulled her panties to one side and began to gently run her finger over her moist pussy, back and forth. Her clit grew harder and bigger instantly. Feeling cheeky she looked over to the neighbours window to see him watching her intently with cock in hand, sliding it slowly up and down his hardening shaft.

She turned her chair to face him better to give him a better view and lifted her dress up to her waist and spread her legs nice and wide, leaving nothing to the imagination. She slid her top off to reveal nice perky breasts with large hard nipples. She cupped one in her hand and lifted it to her tongue to flick it over her stiff nipple. Mmmmmm it felt so good and her nipples were sensitive enough she felt like she could almost bring herself to orgasm just by doing that.

She could feel her pussy getting very wet and slid her hand down to feel her opening cunt lips, as if they were inviting her hand in. She began to slide two fingers into her slippery hole. Looking back to the neighbours window she was surprised to see he was no longer there. Her disappointment only lasted a moment before she got back to enjoying fingering her nice wet hole.

Suddenly she felt a hand at the back of her neck, reaching for her breasts. She jumped slightly but moaned with anticipation. She knew it was Mark. She arched her back and thrust forward in her seat to reveal her ready pussy,still unable to see his face as he stood behind her. He reached further till his hand touched her inner thigh, strongly rubbing against her pussy as he made his way back up her belly and breast, grabbing her neck with passion to kiss it. He gently grabbed her hair and pulled her back to kiss her soft lips, diving his tongue deep into her mouth with rythmatic motion, she moaned again and he walked around to face her, hard throbbing cock in full view. He lifted her from her seat and without a word spoken wrapped her legs around his hips and thrust deeply into her cunt with one quick motion. She began to move fast up and down on his large member, moaning with pleasure, him grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them apart to slide a finger into her her hole. Her having the pleasure of a cock in her cunt and a finger up her ass was too much for her to to bare, she screamed in orgasm as she squirted her warm juices over his hard cock. He removed her from his waist and quickly stood her up and turned her around to lean on the chair where he entered her ass and began pounding her like there was no tomorrow. Her tits bouncing with the motion and his hand reaching forward to play with her clit he hammered her ass fast and hard. When he could feel himself ready to explode he pulled his cock out of her and sprayed his cum at the base of her back letting in run and drip down between her ass cheeks reaching her pussy. He got down on his knees and spread her legs nice and wide from behind to lick her clean bringing her to climax once more and agin she squirted but this time all over his face. He stood up still behind her and pressed hard against her back as he kissed her neck once more and disappeared as quick as he appeared.