Written by Sunshine99

8 Oct 2016

I make my way to the hotel room and get comfortable waiting for him to arrive. Fuck, I hope he is not going to be much longer. I need him now. I have been waiting for this time alone with him all week.

Decisions, decisions:

• Do I undress and get under the covers naked and wait for him

• Do I run a nice warm bath and invite him to join me when he arrives

• Do I just sit on the lounge and wait for him to arrive and hope he grabs me and undresses me in a hurried frenzy to get me naked and fuck me bent over

The longer it takes for him arrive when he enters the room he is likely to find me lying naked on the bed masturbating. No… no… no I mustn’t. I want him to make me cum for the first time today. I want to feel his fingers and tongue exploring my pussy, pleasuring my clit and making me cum time and time again.

I get up and walk over to the window and open the curtains. To my surprise you can see into the office building directly opposite the hotel room. I giggle to myself a naughty thought has just come to mind. I wonder if they can see into our hotel room as well. I guess there is only one way to find that out.

I sit on the end of the bed waiting for him. I swear he is doing this to me on purpose knowing that every minute I have to wait for him the more aroused I will become. I climb onto the bed and lay there staring at the ceiling, ensuring to keep my legs crossed at the ankles and my hands laying on my stomach. I turn on my side to get more comfortable and I fall asleep.

Mmmm fuck his hands running up my legs feels so good. He squeezes my ass and bends down and plants a kiss on each cheek. I moan in pleasure at the touch of his warm lips on my skin. I feel him kneel onto the bed and he then gently rolls me onto my back. He runs his hands up my thighs and loops a finger in each side of my panties and slowly removes them. That’s when I realise this is no dream I open my eyes and look at him. I can’t believe I fell asleep waiting for him. He smiles at me “Well Hello Sleeping Beauty”. I smile at him grab him and pull him atop of me kissing him passionately. Wrapping legs around his waist holding him close to me.

I can feel the bulge in his pants. I go to caress his hardened cock but he grabs my wrist and holds my hands above my head. I rub my pussy against his crotch he moans at the pressure. He sits back and removes his shirt. I reach out and run my hands down his chest. He lowers himself and kisses me on the neck. Reaching under my top to caress my breasts. He chuckles when he finds I am not wearing a bra. He lifts up my top and his mouth finds my hard nipple that he licks and bites a little. His other hand is slowly running up my inner thigh.

I part my legs I need for him to touch my pussy, to caress my clit. He sucks in a breath when he touches me to find how wet my pussy is which gives him a clear idea of how aroused I am. He whispers in my ear “Fuck you are so wet, I need to taste you and lick your pussy juices”. Next thing I know his head is buried between my thighs, his tongue deep in my pussy licking me devouring me. I grab his head and hold onto him as he eats my pussy. “Fuck your tongue feels so good”… he moans and licks my clit faster. I beg him not to stop until he makes me cum. He does exactly that. Within no time he makes me have my first screaming orgasm.

He removes the rest of my clothing but leaves on my black high heels. He stands up and takes off his pants. I sit up and grab his cock and lick his cock head that is wet with his pre-cum. Fuck he tastes so good. I grab his ass and slide his cock deeper into my mouth. He steady’s himself and holds on my head as I fuck his cock with my mouth. He stops me and steps away “not yet I want to make you cum at least two more times”.

I stand up and persuade him to move over to the window telling him I want him to fuck me doggy style whilst I enjoy the view. He bends me over and places my hands on the window seal. He spreads my legs and grabs my hips and positions his cock at my pussy’s entrance. Before he shoves his cock inside of me he then notices you can see into the office building across from the hotel. He smacks me on the ass as he realises what I am up to. He asks me if I think they can see into our hotel room. I haven’t a clue but this is a fun way to find out because I guarantee you the 2 guys sitting in the offices opposite will stop what they are doing and walk over to the window to get a better view.

He suggests then in that case we should turn side on so they can see his cock fucking me, pounding my pussy. Ensuring they get a good view of his cock going in and out as he fucks me. I place one hand on the window and the other on the window seal waiting for the first hard thrust of his cock.

As he enters my pussy I sneakily have a peak out of the window to see if the 2 guys in the offices are watching us. Sure enough we have gained their attention. They are both leaning up against the window to get a better view. One of the guy starts to rub his cock in his pants clearly aroused by what he can see happening across the ways. The second guy is not as shy as this first guy and his pants are already around his knees with cock in hand masturbating as he watches me get fucked.

He spanks my ass and he fucks me harder. Ensuring his whole length of his cock goes in and out of my pussy. He reaches forward and grabs my hair and pulls me back into him. Fuck I love it when he does that. I reach down and start caressing my clit; I want to cum for him as he is fucking me from behind. He tells me to look at the guys in the offices as he fucks me to keep eye contact with them. Hoping to see them cum as they masturbate as they watch me being fucked. The first guy has one hand leaning on the window whilst his other hand is stroking his cock furiously seeking his own cumming.

The second guy is sitting back on his desk pulling at his balls whilst wanking. I can tell by the fast pumping of his cock they are both definitely going to cum. I turn to look at him and tell him to fuck me harder - but just for them I think he should pull out as he cums and squirt his creamy semen onto my body. He can decide on the location; he agrees with me.

I concentrate on my pussy being fucked hard and deep. He keeps an eye on the guys in the office building. I tell him to let me know when he thinks one of them is close to blowing their load. Before long he tells me to watch them both as they look like they are getting close. He decides to turn me around and push me up against the window. My breasts are pressed up hard against the glass. He pulls my ass back towards him and re-enters me hard. I scream out as he cock penetrates my pussy. Fuck that feels so good. He tells me to look at the two men as he fucks me concentrating on them until they have both cum. Well that works. The first guy cums and squirts all over the window, surprising himself. The second guy stands up and starts bucking as he fucks his hand faster and faster. He throws his head back as he cums into his hand.

He pulls his cock out of my pussy turns me around and kisses me. He picks me up and sits me on the window seal. I wrap my legs around his waist, my bare ass is pushed against the cool window as he fucks me. The window is ratting a little with each hard thrust. Fuck his pelvic bone is slamming against my clit over and over again he is going to make me cum.

I grab his hips as I thrust forward as he thrusts forward. I can feel my pussy starting to tighten around his hard cock. A few more thrusts I cum - my body shaking as he keeps thrusting.

I can tell he is also close to cumming himself. He pulls his cock out and tells me to bend over. He strokes his cock a couple more times and then he cums all over my ass, mmmm feels so warm as his creamy cum runs down my ass crack into my pussy. I stand up he pulls me back into him and kisses me on the neck as he fondles my pussy rubbing his cum into my clit. We both look over at the office building to find we still have our audience. I smile and wave at them both. They both wave back. Yep, they could definitely get a bird’s eye view of me being fucked. I turn around and kiss him; then I drop to my knees to lick his cock clean of my pussy juices and any traces of his cum.

“This was a great idea… beautiful.. we should definitely do this more often, although the added extra bonus of the voyeurs in the office building across the ways was a surprise, but a welcomed one”.

I giggle at him, kiss him and tell him to meet me in the bathroom in a few minutes I am going to run us a nice warm bath to slip into.