22 Apr 2019

The start of a long weekend....the car is packed and the journey begins.....

The distance isn’t far, a bed and breakfast on the coast awaits...secluded, luxurious...As we travel, my hand rests lightly on your thigh, occasionally moving, seeking your cock, fingers tracing his length, feeling him harden beneath my fingers. Unzipping you, I ask you to help me release him, my fingers immediately seeking out the pre-cum to lubricate my fingers as they glide over and around the glans. I lifted my fingers to my mouth, licking the taste of you from them. Repositioning myself I replaced my fingers with my tongue tracing the contours of your glans before I let my mouth slide down your length, your hips pushing up towards my mouth. I knew not where we were, when I felt rather than saw you pull up, you released your seat belt , dropped your seat back and undid your top button to allow me better access to your cock....slow and deep....alternating between licking and sucking....your sweet tasting cock moves in and out of my mouth.Your hand moves into my shirt, seeking my nipple...easily found as my arousal has caused them to harden. Your fingers find my hardening nipple, circling causes it to harden it more...I moan against your cock, pushing my breast into your hand. Wait’ I hear you say, ‘Come with me’. Taking my mouth from your cock, I see you have found a secluded parking bay, no one around. Putting yourself away, we get out of the approach me and begin to kiss my, our tongues entwined, tasting each other...I moan into your mouth, my body pushing closer to you, wanting to be touched. Your mouth leaves mine, kissing and nuzzling my neck as your hand finds the hem of my skirt. Lifting my skirt your hand finds only skin, underwear left off as a delightful surprise. ‘Oh fuck’ I hear you whisper as your hands discover my swollen lips, sliding them apart and dipping into me, spreading the nectar of my cunt with your fingers plunging into me. You watch my face as you explore me, ‘ I need to taste you’ you say, pulling me towards the picnic table, I am to be your picnic feast. You push me into the table, spreading my legs, you seat yourself between them. Your hands on my thighs, I feel you looking at my cunt, a grunt of approval passing your lips. Your finger begins to explore me, sliding between my lips, finger fucking hips push forward, wanting lower your head, your tongue joining your finger, licking my folds, seeking my clit. The one finger inside me becomes two, your mouth licking, sucking my hips moving in time with your fingers. You can feel me getting wetter, hear my breathing increase as my cunt spasms in orgasm gripping your fingers as my juices run over your hand leaving a puddle on the table. ‘Fuck me, please’ I beg you... move until my arse is on the edge of the table, you stand releasing your gorgeous hard lay the head of your cock at the entrance to my cunt, your finger playing with my clit, rubbing your length between my lips, lubricating your cock with my juices. You allow the head of your cock to slide into me, watching every millimeter slide into me. You fuck me with just the head, slowly, allowing a little more each time to enter until your entire length is buried inside me, your thumb at my clit, I cum again, this time my cunt spasms pulling you into me. As my orgasm subsided you begin to fuck me, long, deep, slow.. you can see your cock, shiny with my juices, hugged by my lips. I have freed my breasts and with a hand upon each you begin to increase the speed of your thrusting, your balls slapping against my ass. I can feel my orgasm build as yours is, I beg you to cum for me as I feel your cock beginning to spasm you push deep into me, your cock cream filling my cunt. As your cock subsides you pull out and sit between my thighs, drinking in the sight of my soaking cunt, you now your head, tasting us, now fucking me with your tongue....again your tongue finding my clit as you begging finger fucking orgasm is sweet, your mouth and tongue collecting our cum, you pull me up to taste our sweetness from your mouth in a kiss of raw lust.