Written by Barbiegirl

25 Nov 2014

My husband and i have had a wonderful marriage, yes he cheated once that i know of but he treats me well and I forgave him for his indiscretion. We are in our late 30's and have no kids but he works long hours and our life has become very stagnant of late. I accompanied him to a small work conference in Melbourne recently and shopped while he attended his meetings during the day. On the last day we had planned to go out for a nice romantic dinner so i eagerly spruced up in the afternoon. Got my hair done, wore a new sexy ( i thought) dress and some killer heels. He was late back to the room and when he entered it was clear he was totally pissed smelling of beer and cigars. He told me we wouldn't be going anyway and when i got mad he said i looked like a tart anyway.

I started to cry and he said why dont you go i need to sleep. I said i wouldnt go without him and he told me to fuck off. So out i went totally pissed off with him. I went to a nearby hotel and met two of his workmates in the bar. They had been to the conference but didnt go to the after drinks so they were soberish. Steve and Chris were both around 28 yrs old and they invited me to a few drinks and dinner. They were total gentlemen and we had a wonderful conversation about our lives in general and about their families. Neither were married with Steve recently divorced and Chris between relationships.

After dinner we went to another bar and listened to some music and had a few dances all very innocent. The bar shut early and the guys said they needed to go home as they had early flights. I told them I didn't want to go home yet so they asked if i would like one more drink in their hotel. I agreed thinking it would be in the bar however the ushered me to Steve's room and we opened a beer each. After about another hour Steve said he didn't want to be rude but in a normal situation he would be putting moves on me if i wasnt a work associates wife.

I finished my drink and went to the loo before i was going home. I was still cranky at my Hubby and horny from the guys attention and kindness and i was drunk so i did something i would never do otherwise. I removed my dress and bra and returned into the room in just my killer heels and skimpy pants.

The guys didnt say a word so I said I will make that move then. What happened for the next hour and a half was amazing with me sucking both guys cocks and them taking turns at fucking me. At one stage i was doubled with one in my arse aone in my pussy a first for me. Both guys cum three times i swallowed each once. I cum at least 8 times and my nipples ached at the end.

I returned home my hubby was snoring and in the morning he asked if I had a good night. I said yes for a tart. He knew he was in the shit.