24 May 2016

I come home to find you asleep and looking so tempting. You teased me so much earlier, being so mean to me, bringing up all my favourite ways to fuck you, see you fucked, used, offering me a cum filled arse, a cum filled cunt. You were so cruel. I had so many plans for you, when I got home.

I was so wild for you by the time I left, I could barely drag myself away you had me so hard, so hungry. As soon as my work night was over I came home to you and needed to unload all my pent up cum into your naughty pussy. I love fucking your body, especially when I can imagine you are already so full of cum. I love fucking your swollen cunt.

You wake, you love that moment when you first feel the tip of a thick cock pushing you open. Feeling us men sinking cock into your dirty married pussy. That moment when you are just about to be fucked so full of cock and seed. Used so hard. Left so fully fucked. You do love thick cock - one that is going to stretch your pussy, nice and wide. You also love a nice long cock that will reach so deep inside your slutty pussy, right high up into your belly, but mostly, you just love fucking, you just love showing me how naughty you can be, how cock hungry you are. You love being my dirty married wife.

I took only minutes, I cum so hard as I pushed into your imaginary cream-filled pussy. You felt so good, me fucking into all that cum, feeling your body responding. My cock came so hard, filling you, then spilling all out from your lips. So good, so fucking much cum, but I wasn’t nearly through with you. You see, before I came home, I found myself talking to a few new colleagues about what a tease you had been to me before I left. How much you had teased me with offers of an arse fuck, letting me bring, to see other men fuck you, to use you, and so much warm cum to play in and eat. These men wanted to help us out.

So they all came home with me. The first thing you had offered me was a nice cum filled arse, so one pushed his nice thick cock into your tight arse and fucked you hard as we all watched, getting more and more excited at the sight of his huge cock sliding into your tight little hole, thinking about all the cum he was going to deliver inside you. It was so fucking hot.

Next, two of the men, decided you needed more cum in your pussy and now cum in your mouth. It was so fucking hot to watch you used so hard, hearing moans from you as your body gave itself to those two wondrous cocks. I would love to know what kind of fantasies you were having as they fucked and fucked you.

You looked so screwed, beautiful with all that cum in your mouth, so much cum dripping from all of your penetrated holes. It was making my cock ache so much. I needed to be inside you again. I just couldn’t get enough of your body. I wanted you so much more.

They really wanted more too, they surrounded you and began thrusting, fucking even more cum into you and onto your sweating body. It seems that you’re so used to feeling big cocks that your hands, you instinctively closed around them both, as they stroked over you. It wasn’t long before all three of them were cumming and covering you in cum. I was pumping my cock, hard again, watching all this action, I was stroking myself, thinking about how much I was going to have to taste, to lick, when we were all finished with you. I was so fucking rigid and hard.

We all continued to fuck your delicious body, in every possible way, filling you with so much cum. I loved watching them DP you as they pushed their massive cocks into your reamed pussy and arse. fucking into you, all evening long.

Oh fuck, I couldn’t stand it any more. I needed to fuck you again. I pushed my cock into your mouth and fucked my cum into your mouth and all over your face, you were so soaked. So fucking hot. I came so hard as I exploded all over you.

You looked so hot , cum all over your body. Your face, your hair, your breasts, semen leaking from each sexual hole. I wanted to start licking you, so badly. I wanted to lick, to taste all that hot cum, so much cream, splashed and spreading all over your skin. I was out of my mind.

It’s so good. So fucking good. Your dirty married cunt filled to overflowing, you love your body pumped so full... I want to press my face hard into all that sloppy cum dripping from your fucked little cunt.

When we were done with you, you were dripping cum from every hole, drenched and covered, so many cocks, so much cum. Oh fuck, I couldn’t wait to start eating you, to taste your body with my lips, my tongue. Mmmmmm, fuck, baby. It was all so good, so hot. I’d never seen you used that hard. My cock had exploded so fucking many times. I had never had a night that was that hot, that was so amazing. Mmmmmm, fuck, fuck you....