Written by Mrs Taylah

26 Sep 2015

I was walking home from an afternoon shift - was 4pm - usual but it was Saturday so I thought I might drop in to the local for a couple of drinks before I went home.

Was a nice enough pub, got lots of hellos from guys and the bartenders. I was still in my uniform - but at the time I didn't think anything of it. Drinks after work - who doesn't do that!

I sat in the corner, sipping my wine, had a few guys come over and ask me out - go away.

It was then that maybe I had said the wrong thing. People were leaving the bar - it wasn't even near closing time. The guys playing pool were still there as was the bartender.

I went to leave and the door was locked. I turned to the bartender who just smiled and gave me another glass of wine. I know I drank that quickly, then he gave me another.

I turned around and saw the guys that were playing pool - smiling at me. I didn't know what to do. One of them approached me - grabbing me around my waist, then whispering in my ear - "you wanna be fucked" - I pulled away - I was just wanting a drink after work.

Then it hit me - these guys wanted to play - I wasn't ready - I just wanted to get home to bed.

Then a heavy set guy grabbed me and sat me on the bar - he started to spread my legs, his mate came over to hold me down, he pulled my head down so I was on my back on the bar. It was then I heard laughing, I felt the hand over my mouth, I felt my knickers being ripped off, I felt my shirt being ripped off, I was totally vulnerable - my legs were spread wide, my breasts were exposed - I felt fingers all over me, inside me. I was helpless.

Then I was lifted off the bar - thinking it's over. But no, they lay me on pool table - exploring me, looking, deciding what they where going to do with me.

Naked, wet so one by one they fucked me -cock in the mouth - in my wet pussy - each coming inside me making me so wet.

I rolled over - I wanted to go home but no.........they wanted to see how much more I could take.

They wanted to see if I could take the 8 Ball

I begged them no, but they held me down, spread my legs so wide, spread my pussy and tried to insert the 8 ball

As I raised my hips calling out for them to stop - they got it in. The pain but the pleasure - my mind was going crazy, as was my body....................one of them pulled it out. Omg, the most amazing orgasm - I was no longer a virgin and I understood how satisfying sex is........and will continue to be