Written by wewanttoplay

5 Feb 2011

it was the weekend before christmas hubby had 3 of his mates around for a bbq & drinks.

hubby is away a lot due to his work as a truck driver. his 3 mates are also drivers anyway sitting around having a few drinks so the guys talk turned into sex talk i wont go into details of there conversations but as i sat there listing my pussy become very wet so i slipped inside to use the bathroom as i got inside i slipped my panties off and slid a finger deep inside myself. it took only a minute for me to have a wild orgasm fuck i thought these guys are getting me hot with there stories anyway i could not sit here all night playing with myself so i cleaned up and decided not to put my undies back on as they was to wet anyway. i got back outside and the guys where still telling there stories to each other hubby looked at me and just by that he knew i was horny he lent over and wispered in my ear that maybe ill like to be part of there next story i wispered back oh yes please. a few more drinks & stories told later and im not sure at how it all began but i found myself laying on the table dress up over my waiste with my legs parted showing all four guys what they have done to my cunt as my juices was running down my legs. i cant say names here as im sure the guys would get pissed at me lol. but what happened next was amazing and something we as a couple have only ever dreamed of. all four guys was standing around the table taking turns at fingering me & playing with my little boobs. after a few minutes of this i lost control and reached out to the first cock i could get my hands on and moved it towards my mouth i started sucking it and then i felt my pussy being parted by the head of another cock slowly it worked its way deeper and deeper in me while a felt a finger work its way deep in my bum.

well for the next 3 hours these four guys took it in turns useing every hole my body had i dont know how many orgasms i had but i know it was more than 10 and i had every hole dripping of there cum as i took load after load at one time i had a cock in my bum in my pussy and in my mouth after 3 hours of full on sex they guys had finshed and left me and hubby had a shower and he tried to fuck me but my pussy was so swollen i could only suck him off before we both feel fast a sleep.