22 Sep 2019

You need work done around the house. You imagine hiring a tradie to come by and fix some things.

He arrives and he's an older guy. He is well spoken and knowledgeable.

You are taken by his maturity and presence.

You leave him to work away while you go about your business.

Every now and again you pass by and enquire how things are going and he responds that he is working through your list. He impresses you as a competent worker.

One time you pass by and find yourself paying more attention to him as a man than on the job he is doing.

You find your mind wandering to thoughts of perhaps offering him something a little extra when he finishes what he is doing.

You begin to fantasise about what he might say and where that could lead.

Oblivious to his proximity you find yourself reaching to touch your nipples through your top, caressing then squeezing as you imagine it being him doing it to you.

You close your eyes and slide your hand down your clothes searching for a way past your panties.

You find what you are looking for and begin to fondle your clit as you rhythmically move to enhance the feeling.

So lost are you in what you are doing that you fail to notice that he has stopped what he is doing and has his eyes firmly fixed on you.

You open your eyes and, startled that he has been watching you, you quickly withdraw your hand and make noises about just adjusting yourself.

He walks closer to you and says in a sexy voice.

"I'm a handyman and l'm here to attend to any matters that need attention. I am very good with my hands........."