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Inspired by a true story ;)

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Published 10 years ago
The story "first nudist beach experience" inspired this story... After feeling his hard cock thrusting deeply inside me I told him I wanted him to fill my arse with his hard cock. He seemed overwhelmed and groaned with pleasure, while his cock twitched at the thought - as did my dripping pussy. I asked him if he liked watersports and he nodded, groaning again. I explained that the reason for my asking was that before I let him fuck my arse I wanted him to taste my juices, and sometimes when I have a tongue sucking and licking between my lips a bit of pee comes out, and after running I thought I might. At this he could take no more and, grabbing my waist he lifted me up and swung me around. I bent over endeavoured to swallow as much of his cock as I could. He thrust his tongue inside my pussy then sucked my lips and licked my clit rhythmically. His cock bulged in my mouth as I pushed it so deep down my throat that I gagged. He moaned loudly and so did I, feeling the saliva in my mouth cascade over my hand and his balls while my pussy gushed onto his skilful tongue and lips. He slipped two fingers into my wetness and then one at a time into my tight arse. I moaned with pleasure and the thought that the hard cock which was presently in my mouth was soon to replace his fingers. I could feel my arse opening up then stretched further by third finger. I flinched a little as I realised how big his fingers were! I felt a moment of pain which he was quick to notice and withdrew a little. I knew I needed to be open enough for three fingers if I was going to take in his cock so I took a deep breath, wiggled and pushed my arse in his face to let him know I wanted more, and sucked him deeply while he fucked my stretching arse with three fingers twisting and thrusting. My back arched as I bucked and moaned with delight. He withdrew his fingers and grabbing my cheeks with both hands around my burning open hole, thrust his face firmly between by cheeks, licking and tonguing ravenously. Abruptly, he grabbed my hips and his hard cock was wrenched from my throat as he kneeled and firmly shoved it inch by inch into my arse. As he thrust and pulled my hips toward him his balls slapped my dripping pussy and clit. I threw my head back, moaning with pleasure and realised we had drawn a small crowd of interested onlookers...

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