6 Apr 2016

It was hot and I left my window open, just to let the soft breeze cool my naked body as I fell to sleep. I went to bed rather early that night, and eventually fell into a dreamy sleep....

Such a nice dream I was having; such a delicious, warm and erotic dream. Something warm and very thick, was sliding up into me, sending delicious erotic waves tingling, rippling through my sleeping body. Oh, it felt so good, so warm, I was so excited, so wet, and this thick organ, was sliding in and out of my pussy.

I awoke, gradually opening my eyes, it was a moonless night and my room was pitch-black. I was suddenly becoming aware that someone was actually licking and eating the fluids from between my legs; something very real, something very wet and soft was sliding, discovering my excitement, within the folds of my cunt.

It was a tongue, a wet, very delicious tongue.

At first I thought it was my husband. "Oh Baby," I breathed out, huskily. I raised my legs to him and moved my pelvis upwards, grinding onto his face.

Suddenly, two strong hands grasped my thighs, the tongue disappeared from my dripping pussy, only to be replaced by a cock, a long, stiff, thick cock at that. It drove into my drooling wet cunt without halting, sliding all the way up onto my clit, in one long exquisite, continuous stroke.

I was awake now, but I kept my eyes closed. As my sleepy stupor cleared it was becoming clear to me that it couldn't be my husband. He was still at work. But this thick cock was inside me now and already, really doing its job. It was drilling my pussy, screwing me with strong full lustful strokes. I now well knew, for certain, that it wasn't my husband. This fabulous prick was just as long, just as hard but very meaty, filling my cunt up, fucking me, fast and fully. It was much thicker than my husband's and it was screwing me, more urgently and more lustily than my husband normally screwed me.

Because there was no moon, it was very dark in my room, way too dark to see the face of who it was, fucking me. I knew it had to be neighbour or "god knows who" but I couldn't make out who the fuck it was. I could only hear his panting and grunting as he fucked me. I could feel his wonderful big cock pumping my pussy, stretching me to my limits and fucking so very deep. But by then, I did not care, I did not give a fuck who it was, as long as they did not stop.

I kept my eyes closed, pretending to be dreaming, but I still eagerly threw my legs over his shoulders and heaved my pelvis up, and then he "went to town" on my welcoming cunt. He fucked me furiously fast and so fucking hard, grinding, drilling his fat cock into my pussy, frigging my cunt and fucking me, all the way to my core.

"Oh, oh, Ohhh, ah," I panted, my eyes held tight closed, and I humped and I pumped my cunt to meet and match his huge brutal thrusts.

He continued his assault my body, he drove on and on, pounding his big fat cock, again and again, into my body, fucking and filling me up as much as anything I'd ever been fucked and filled up, stretched wide, before.

"Oh fuck me, oh god, oh yes!" I finally gasped, out loud and I lurched my body up as I climaxed, I could not contain myself, I orgasmed like a slut tramp on heat...

This wild fucker mashed his fat, heavy balls onto my rump and crammed every mm of his destroyer organ, deep back in my open cunt. He howled as he let me have it. He pounded a hot and molten stream of thick cum in me, spewing, spraying his great globs of sperm into the core of my cunt. I swallowed it all up and into my womb.

I panted and bucked, "Sweet hot-fucking cum, deep in my cunt!" I writhed and groaned myself as he squirted what seemed an endless amount of his molten hot cum into me.

It had been ages since I had been fucked so good; such a big prick filled me so completely; I had had so much cum blown and spurted, hot, thick and creamy into my cunt.

Keeping my eyes closed, I felt my mysterious man pull his delicious cock out of my destroyed, flooded cunt, he leaned his groin into my face and wiped his creamy coated cock all across my cheeks and red lips. The bastard, he was cleaning off his massive organ, using my face! Then without uttering a single word, broke away from me, got off the shattered bed and was gone, disappearing into the darkness.

I lay there, eyes closed, until I was sure he was really gone, I was totally satisfied, totally fulfilled and totally fucked, I lay spread out, the gentle breeze again caressing my naked body, on my semen and sweat soaked sheets. I felt the cum drying on my face as I lay there, savouring the best fucking I'd had in ages.

I was sure I would be leaving my window open more often...