Written by tyga

4 Feb 2012

the alarm rudely woke me from an awesome dream I was having... i was feeling a little naughty so decided I would wear suspenders to my job interview. I put them on with my black suit jacket & skirt, and heels... to finish off the naughtyness.

I arrived at the building my interview was at. I waited for the elevator, walked inside it & pushed the button. The doors were closing so i decided to hoist up my skirt & straighten my stockings..I was checking myself out in the mirrored walls and just as the doors were closing a tall cute looking guy in an impressive suit stepped in... he smiled & nodded as i quickly fixed my skirt, i blushed as i smiled back. We both got off at the same floor, he went one direction me the other.

I was directed to an office and asked to wait. The view from the office was amazing, i was lost in the moment until i felt a pressence behind me. I turned to see the guy from the elevater standing within an arms distance from me. he put his hand out & introduced himself, i put mine out, he took it in his, turned it & gently kissed the back of my hand, he looked up & kissed it agian, he stepped closer, brushed a loose piece of hair from my face and carressed my cheek. he leant in and kissed me gently. his hands holding my face. i kissed him back, he undid my jacket & unbottoned my shirt. hes warm hands cupped my breasts, his fingers found my nipples and starte to squeeze them. by now my hands were caressing his shoulders & arms, down to his hands, following his ever move. as he sucked my nipples i ran my fingers thru his hair. he ran one hand down my side & under my skirt. i could feel his hands running over the straps of my suspenders & felt a soft moan on my breast. his hand went up to my arse cheek & started to gently rub it. he unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor. he stood back and looked me up & down. there i stood, my jacket & shirt unbuttoned with my breasts exposed, suspenders, stockings & heels. i could see by the look on his face & the growing bulge in his pants that he liked what he saw. he picked me up, with my legs wrapt round his waist he sat me on the window sill unzipped his pants & slid his hard clock deep inside me. he started to fuck me. he was nice & hard so spun me round bent me o started to fuck me hard & fast, he grabbed hold of my breast, I reach thru my legs and squeezed his balls, then played with my clit. i happened to look up & out the window saw the window washer guy watching. i smiled at him & he started to rub his cock thru his pants. i knew the guys fucking me was enjoying being watched as he was fuking me harder & his cock was starting to throb. he teased my arse with his finger. that just about put me over the edge ... he pushed his finger in & out of my arse as he thrust his cock in me, feeling that and watching other guy, now wanking, made me cum within seconds. He pulled out quick I spun around took his cock in my mouth and started to suck, i sqeezed his balls as he fucked my mouth, sometmes he made me gag on his cock as he fucked it. the window washer blew all over the window. the guy soon blew in my mouth, i kept sucking him til he was dry. we quickly redressed.... the washer cleaned the window. just then the manager walked in & asked "Brad" if he had kept me entertained while i was waiting for my interview. I smiled cheekily and said... you could say that. Brad said... ive checked out Tygas resume... very good I would highly recommend u employ her, he smiled & winked hope to see u around.