Written by Pepperberry

6 Mar 2012

She lazed back on the banana lounge, her rounded body arching towards the sun, her breasts straining against her bikini top, nipples hard and clearly visible.

Her eyes closed as she drank in the hot sun. A small smile lit on her lips, thinking how she could seriously do with someone's hands on her right about now.

Her hands skimmed her body, sweeping gently over her breasts, over her waist softy, swept past her hips and smoothed her thighs. A sigh escaped her moist lips. She was unaware that some one was watching her, until sh hear a man clear his throat softly. Her eyes flew open and she tilted her head towards the sound. He sat two lounges away, dark haired, subtle muscles rippled across his bare chest and shoulders. His dark blue eyes openly looked her over. From her red golden hair loose, sparkling in the high sun, over her full bikini clad breasts appreciating the creamy skin of her soft belly, eyes lingering on her rounded hips and big creamy thighs to her brightly colored toes!

She sat up a little, "hi, are you done ogling me?" she stated a little sharply. All the while a small smile played on her full pink lips.

He stood and walked the three paces to reach her, she could clearly see his erection under his shorts, he did nothing to hide it. Her smile got bigger as stood over her.

"not even close, honey" his eyes looking down into her she shivered all over. She felt a sudden urge to reach for him, so she lifted a hand and softly placed it over his shorts. This time he shuddered through his whole body, the touch obviously affected him. She smoothed her hand over his swollen member feeling the impressive length and length. She swung her legs around and sat up I front of him.

Looking up, not moving her hand, she made eye contact with his. Blue eyes clashed with blue eyes, hers asking permission....

"you can do anything you want gorgeous!" his voice rough, like her was having trouble breathing. She reached both her hands up to the band of his shorts. Gently pulling them down, over his erection and letting them drop to the ground. His cock stood out towards her and again she looked up at him. Smiling she wrapped a hand around the base, squeezing lightly, he groaned as she cupped her other hand under his balls and lightly ran her fingers over the skin.

suddenly she opened her mouth and engulfed his thick hard length as deep as she could! He gasped loudly as the hot wetness surrounded him. She pulled back, swirling her tongue around the length towards the tip, where she flicked and lightly sucked the sensitive swollen tip. Her tongue dancing over the nerve filled area. His hands wound them into her soft silky hair.

He looked down, as she looked up taking him in deep again, his eyes snapped shut as the heat surrounded him again.

Licking up the length, rotating her hand around the base and pulling gently on his scrotum she felt his moan before she heard it. Her tongue swirling and flicking up and down, paying special attention to the very tip.

Suddenly, he pulled out of her and pushed her back. Kneeling in front of her, his lips crushed hers in a violent kiss, his arms embracing her tightly. She moved her body to align with his and her arms closed around him. his fingers snapped open her bikini top and pulled down the straps. She shivered as he peeled away the fabric and broke the kiss. Her breasts bare, he dipped his head and took a dark hard nipple into his mouth.

Her head fell backwards as the sensation flowed towards her loins. A soft sound erupted from her as his tongue played on her. He swung her legs back on to the lounge, but not before pulling her bikini briefs off down her shapely legs. Pushing her back on the softness, he pulled back licking, nipping and kissing down her belly towards her aching core. One hand pushed her legs apart sweeping up her inner thigh and suddenly delved deep into her tight hole. She was so wet, his thumb moved up found her sensitive bud as two fingers pressed deep into her.

Her hips rose towards his hand her breathing heavy. A low groan bubbled up through her. His thumb pressed lightly, then hard on her as he moved up to capture her mouth with his again. Her legs fell open further, as he positioned him self between them his hard thick member pressed against her core, feeling her dripping wetness on his tip, a groan passed his lips as he pushed forward and entered her tight wetness so deep she broke their passionate kiss as she softly screamed with pleasure at the friction. He pulled put slowly then he pushed forward again just as slowly, loving the tightness surrounding him each time he surged forward. Her hands reached around him, her nails found his back and scored lines down the length. Her hands grasped him pulling him towards her, her legs lifting and encompassing him urging him deeper still!

He picked up the pace, pushing forward with his hips her hips rising to meet him. Tension building as the motions quickened her head pressed back as pushed forward one more time her body reaching climax with such forced, her muscles clenching him as he lost control, his climax spilling deep in her.

He fell forward on her, covering her, both chests heaving, he was still buried deep in her, feeling her post climax waves from with in.

They realized at the same time where they were! He slowly rose, pulling out of her softly grabbed his shorts and pulled them on, he quickly threw his own towel over her! Applause was heard behind them, she gathered the towel around her, wrapping it and tucking it closed tight against her body. They both laughed as they turned and saw three couples staring at them huge grins, the men all with clear hard ons....

One woman, yelled out " lovely show! You've got us in the mood thats for sure!"

All three couples turned and headed for their hotel rooms hand in hand.

He turned to her and said, 'your room or mine....'