Written by bibriscple

10 Jun 2010

I woke to feel the stickiness between my legs. I realize it had to be from the pounding I took the night before. My fingers slowly work their way down to the soft bruised crevice between my legs. Oh god I remember the feel of his huge cock working its magic in my hungry pussy. I can still recall the way I moaned as he took his pleasure from my soft flesh.

My fingers find the sensitive nub of my clit, still swollen from the foreplay I had been subjected to. His soft lips nibbling the pink flesh that protruded from the lips of my sex.

I remember his teeth nipping at the tip of the small pink button. His tongue soft then hard as he worked it in and out of the opening I yearned to be filled. A yearning he settled when he plunged into my body.

Finding myself still wanting more I began to slowly rub my clit. Slowly at first, a gentle circle this way and that. Feeling the pleasure build as I relived the same actions the man had taken last night. Muscles that had relaxed with sleep began to tense as I took the pleasure of masturbation to a climax. Biting my lip so the man didn’t hear me I took myself to the pinnacle of climax and over again and again.

Feeling him move beside me I slowed then stopped not wanting him to waken and find me like this. I wanted more of him; I needed more of his body but was too ashamed to ask for it. He moved again turning to lie on his broad back, blankets askew where he had moved during the night. I admired the muscular chest as it rose and fell in time with his breathing. My eyes roamed to take in the rest of the spectacle. His glorious member lying flaccid against his leg caught my eye. I knew the magic this rod could work having been taken many times in the few days we had been together. The times he had taken me, in places I had never entertained to be a sexual place. Against the kitchen bench where he caught me making coffee, bending me over a lounge chair as he watched TV seeming indifferent to my loud moans. His insatiable appetite appeared to never be calmed. His cock standing proud and erect as he strutted, naked, around my small apartment.

Never ashamed of his masculinity he made me feel inadequate, feeling small beside him. Even though these feelings where there he never made fun of them. He just kept taking me in many ways. Telling me I was superb and that my body was made for his. His words soothing the anxiety I felt.

The memories of the last few days seemed to swell the satiny pink skin of my pussy again. I felt juice run to the surface making me uncomfortable but sensitive at the same time. My nipples hardened as the cool air whispered around my warmed body. I could feel the tightening of my muscles again as his body reacted to some unknown dream. His masterful cock slowly rose to stand erect again. Did my self ministrations awake him on a deep level or could he sense that my body was ready for him again. His whole being seemed attuned to my needs and was ready at all times to remedy those needs.

Slowly I moved, not wanting to disturb the man, my hands having a mind of their own as they worked towards his chest. The masculine equivalence of my own nipples where there hiding in the thick whorls of hair, which I knew could bring my own female breasts to stand and be noticed. My fingers hovered over the hair not quite touching but still being able to feel the silky texture of him. Suddenly my fingers skimmed over the hardening skin, watching as they puckered, waiting as if to be suckled. I could wait and watch no longer I lowered my moist mouth over the puckered skin and sucked gently as he had done to me. His body reacting as I had never seen any mans do before. His breathing slowly becoming shallower as he took the pleasure my moist mouth administered. Feeling bolder to this I moved slowly lower. Small nips of skin followed as I worked ever lower to his even more erect cock, I could smell my own sex in the hair there and started to realize it was an aroma that I would never forget. The sweet smell of musk that had attached itself to his body was intoxicating. I had never realized this smell could be considered an aphrodisiac but it was making me wetter than I had ever been before. The juice from my pussy was running to moisten me again as I considered where I would go next. Fingers from one hand had worked their way again to my moist opening. Feeling the slickness there I worked a finger into my own pussy imagining his there instead. His eyes never opened as I finally found the length I knew I was going to take. I still didn’t know if he was awake or dreaming, though hoping it was the latter, for to be found like this would be too hard for me. I summed up the courage and finally took the glistening tip in my mouth. My finger still working in my pussy was encouraging me further, to go further than I had ever gone before. Using my tongue I lavished his cock with saliva watching the moisture dry in the cool air. I dove my fingers deeper into my pussy driving myself to climax again. My hips grinding into my invading hand. I could feel the swollen clit against my palm. Pushing it onto my clit brought me to the edge again. One more thrust of my fingers took me over the edge. Taking my time to remove them I formed my plan. Getting ever bolder I took the tip of this monster into my mouth again. Slowly working the long shaft into my mouth copying the actions he had used on me the night before. Slowly ever so slowly I was able to take the whole length into my throat. I could feel the man tense which filled me with glory that I could do that to him. I marveled at the thought that I the shy thing could have mastery over this man. As slowly as I worked my way down I moved back up the shaft never once loosing the grip my lips had. He tensed again as I went to release the head then deciding against it thrust myself down on his burgeoning cock. His groin thrust up as I pushed down surprising me. I heard him growl as he commented on the little kitten turning to a tiger. He had surprised me but I did not want to let go of this mastery. I moved my hand from my pussy and closed it around his sac. I could smell myself again but mixed with a different scent. I knew at once it was his scent. He moaned as I moved up again. I had the power…the power to have this man where I wanted him to be. Getting this far had taken a lot but I was determined I would give him the pleasure he had given me. My tongue as if sensing his needs licked the sides of the length and down into his springy pubic hair. I could feel the hard pubic bone there and was amazed at the make up of the human male. Realizing that it was taking me from my plan I grasped his cock with one hand and pushed my mouth over the head. I could taste pre-cum there and was amazed that it had happened this fast.

Could this mans body react to small movements as mine did? I tested my theory as hesitantly I moved the head back and forwards over the smooth surface of my teeth. His moan made me stop thinking I had caused pain instead of pleasure. His hand moved to tangle through my hair. “Don’t stop kitten, it would hurt me more if you did. “was all he said. That was all I needed to continue my pleasuring of his manhood. From its own volition my mouth and body took over. I didn’t have to think anymore of what I was doing. My body moved over his groin, never removing my hot wet mouth from him. His hand tightened in my hair as if to never let me go, I took him up and down again and again. His legs tensed as if to flee but he never moved except to push his body up to me.

His moans of pleasure becoming more vocal as he urged me on, to take all of him and never stop. Complying with his demand I never stopped getting more adventurous as I became bolder. My tongue snaked around the length of him on the upstroke. Letting him feel the roughness that he had inflicted on me. My mouth getting as wet as my throbbing pussy made it easier to take him all. To have the smooth head against the back of my throat was torture but I continued knowing he was being as tortured as I was. His voice becoming hoarser as he begged me, yes begged me, the kitten, to never stop, to tell me that it was the greatest thing he had had ever. Little did he know I had never attempted this with any man and probably never would again? His groin thrust harder and faster as I tried to keep up with him. I never once thought of what the end would be just knew that I didn’t want it to end either. His sac that was once loose was now tight pulled against his body as if in preparation to be injured. I knew that he was close to cumming but I had no idea how close. I heard him tell me this but didn’t know what to do. Do I take his seed into my mouth and swallow? What would it taste like? Does he want me too? I never took the time to think again, I just let my body take its own way. His thrust was getting harder and I thought I would choke but managed to take it all. His cock felt like it had grown another few inches in that time as his moans became louder than I had ever heard. He pushed me to the edge as he himself tumbled over. My pussy throbbed with an orgasm as he shot his warm load into my eager mouth. I swallowed the seed and discovered the taste was exquisite. A taste that I would soon realize I wanted again. His hand pulled my hair as he deposited his salty sweetness into my throat.

Reluctantly I pulled my mouth from his slowly wilting maleness, licking my lips as the seed that had exploded from him seeped onto my chin. I had never realized a man could hold that much fluid in the small bags under their manhood.

I heard him chuckle. A laugh of satisfaction as he looked into my face. What did he see there? Did he see inexperience or did he see satisfaction. Was the smile I felt showing on my face or was it only inside me that was smiling?

“Kitten you have the face of an angel but the mouth of the devil herself if that was anything to go by. My cock has never been taken like that. I hope it is a sign of more to come.”

I felt the red blush of embarrassment creep onto my face as confusion reigned through me.

“Was I bad or something? I have never taken a man before and I didn’t know how to. I will learn I promise” I begged to him thinking he was disappointed.

“Kitten what you have can’t be learnt, it’s natural. So natural that you yourself came with me. That is the greatest thing a man could ask.”

The man was surely joking to tell me that. How did he know I had cum, was it that obvious to him or was he guessing?

“Baby I have had your body in so many ways that I know you well. I know from the way you move, to the way you look that your body satisfied you as much as your mouth did me.”

The man pulled me up to him as he softly kissed my swollen lips. I cuddled into the mans body, a body that was still attempting to overcome the oral lovemaking that had woken him from sleep. His breathing was slowing as he relaxed into the sleep I had disturbed. I knew I had won this round with the man but I also knew that it was not the end of this. His body would once again take me to heaven and I will again take him there too. The kitten had turned into a tiger as he had claimed. The tiger that will no longer be tamed but calmed by a mans hand and body