Written by Kitty

28 Jun 2013

The word 'slut' surprised me as I did not feel insulted, quite the opposite, I felt my self gasp but smile in delight.

He continued to watch my face intently as he caressed my pussy, with only the silky material between his fingers and myself. I felt myself look downwards but he raised my chin up so that I was looking straight at him again.

I could feel my increasing excitement and my wetness dampening my knickers. He brought his hand up to his mouth, and tasted his fingers. He savoured over his fingers, watching my reaction then told me that I tasted delicious. I felt myself getting increasingly turned on by the intense feelings I was experiencing.

He continued to caress my pussy, offering his fingers to me suck tasting my own juices. He then gently pulled my wet knickers aside and pushed two fingers into my very wet pussy. He pushed my legs further apart as he started to finger me deeply. I started to moan and I could feel that I was going to orgasm. I heard the words ' come for me slut!' He was increasing the speed and depth of my penetration by his fingers. I felt myself gyrating against his wet hand, I couldn't hold back, shuddering as I orgasmed deeply and intensely. He had watched me closely throughout and and a felt a sudden rush of embarrassment, and my face flushed.

He stood up and moved his seat back a little, before sitting down once gain. He guided me to kneel in front of him. I knew what he wanted, and started to open his trousers revealing his cock for the first time. He was very erect and moist from precum.

I took his cock in my hand, but he immediately said no, and instructed me to use my mouth only. I started to lick his cock, tasting his salty juices. Licking slowly from the base to the tip. I was conscious he was watching me intently once again. He asked to to look at his face. I started to take head of his cock into my mouth, running my tongue all around. I then started to take more of his cock deeper into my mouth.

I fleetingly brought my hand to his cock, forgetting his instruction not to. He stopped me, stood and instructed me to stand and turn around, holding my hands behind me. He then tied a scarf around my hands, securing them behind my back. He guided me to face him once more and told me that he would remove the scarf if I requested. I nodded in agreement. Feeling vulnerable but very turned on by the binds on my hands. He assisted my to kneel and I once again started I suck his hard cock.

I could hear that his breathing had altered and increased in depth an speed. I felt pride that I was pleasuring him and exciting him so much.

He suddenly pulled away from me and asked me if I wanted to continue as I had discussed in a fantasy. He reminded me that I'd revealed in a fantasy that I wanted to have my mouth and throat filled with his cum. I agreed and felt immediate nervous.

He stood up while I remained on my knees and guided his cock into my mouth. I angled my head and started to suck and tongue him, he in turn started to slowly move in and out of my mouth. I felt his hardness throbbing as he increased his speed. My hands were still bound behind my back. He intertwined his fingers through my hair. Pulling my neat hair loose. He used my hair to guide me deeper onto his cock. And I felt slightly panicked by the feeling of his cock being so deep in my mouth. I suddenly found the depth too much and started to gag, to which he started to moan. He continued and I could feel him swelling in my mouth, as he orgasmed into my waiting open mouth. I felt squirts down my throat as he filled me with his juice.

After a short while he assisted me to stand and untied my hands. Kissing me lightly on the forehead. He asked if I had enjoyed that experience, and I answered yes.

He then told me that I should leave now and return to my own home.. I was disappointed that he seemed to be dismissing me, and was worried that he hadn't enjoyed the experience as much as me.

He immediately guided me out to my car. He asked me if I had enjoyed myself and I said very much so. I got into my car and drove home.

My husband met me at the door after hearing the car pull onto the drive. He took one look at me and guided me to the bedroom.I felt ashamed that I was saddened by my early return. I looked into the mirror,mmy hair was all over the place, my mascara had run and I looked a complete mess. I undressed and found my knickers soaked with my juices. I couldn't resist bringing them up to my face and taking in the scent.

My phone alerted that a text had arrived . I read my message ' Thank you My slut. Until next time'