Written by Anon

17 Oct 2010

Paula had booked us in to a nice holiday home overlooking Lakes Entrance in Victoria it had large windows with sweeping vistas from every room. We had been there two days when I got a phone call my boss needed me in Melbourne to attend a business meeting, so much for holidays. I kissed Paula as I left telling her to expect me when she saw me, I also tell her to not do anything I wouldn't do.

I jumped in our car for the long drive to Melbourne and a tough three hour meeting finishing at six. I decided as tired as I was to drive back that day and surprise Paula who would not expect me until the following day.

As I drove I wondered what she would have been up to, she had already noticed a couple of good looking young guys in town and wasn't backward at coming forward. I had no doubt she would be looking for some company for the night but it was a case of what was available. There are times no matter how hard you look there is not the right people around, as we had found plenty of times at swingers parties .

Still my imagination was working on the fact that Paula would have been successfull. I pulled into the driveway at 10pm turning off the headlights as I turned so they didn't splash light over the windows disturbing anything that may have been happening inside. For the same reason I closed the car door softly, the only lights on were the ones in the master bedroom at the opposite end of the house to the driveway. Instead of going in through the front door I moved quietly through the garden to the bedroom window. During the day the windows that were tinted would have blocked my vision or anyone elses vision for that matter. With the interior lights on from outside everything was clear a quick glance showed my darling wife was not alone. For that matter neither was I a rustling in the bushes nearby turned out not to be wild life but a young guy wanking himself as he looked through the window.

Paula was on the bed dressed in just suspenders and stockings with a naked guy, his head buried between her thighs. There was no noise outside but I could imagine her moaning in ecstacy as he worked on her clitoris or ran his tongue full length into her soaking love tunnel. I stood enjoying the site my friend from the bushes came closer.

'Always forget the curtains they do, I've seen plenty of fucking through this window'.

The boy didn't seem at all put out that I was standing there while he pulled on his cock.

'Haven't seen you here before though, not one of the locals are you?'

I had to admit I wasn't, as Paula chose that moment to move into a sixtynine position, my companion stopped talking and concentrated on the show inside.

I considered going inside myself but I do enjoy watching and the peeping tom near me excited me even more. I took out my own cock and slowly stroked myself as I watched as if I was watching a porn movie in a cinema. Paula was making a real performance of sucking on her lovers cock I had to admit it was not a bad size either, she seemed to be able to sort out the well endowed from the also rans no doubt picking him up in a local bar.

The boy alongside me was talking on his mobile of all things, a few minutes later another young guy arrived followed by an older guy, talk about bush telegraph. Inside my wife knelt aside her lover holding his cock verticaly she positioned herself over the head then ever so slowly lowered herself impaling herself inch by inch. Outside four cock were being stroked in unison, just like in a porn cinema. I was getting two shows now the one inside and the one out here, the older guy moved up close to me a hand reaching for my cock. I jumped a little at first before allowing him to take over stroking me, Paula was inside slowly rocking and grinding on the shaft inside her occasionally she would lean over so that the guy could suck and nibble on her nipples. Outside I was being wanked the two young lads now watching two shows, my companion moved so that I would be encouraged to take hold of his cock. A car slowly drove down the road for a moment we outside froze in case we had been spotted but as it moved on we continued as before. Well not quite now the two younger boys were playing with each other as well, quiet comments on how much they would like to have the woman inside play with their cocks or how they would like their cock in her mouth could be heard.

Inside Paula again changed position kneeling in front of the guy she once again started to suck on his cock I could see her juices on the shaft, it was almost as though she was playing for an audience. Next to me my jerk off buddy asked if he could suck my cock, I absently nodded soon I felt him take my cock deep in his mouth until my pubes brushed his nose. The two younger guys stopped looking inside for a few moments to watch what was going on alongside them.

'Us next, dont forget'

Obviously this was a regular finish to their peeping tom evenings. Again there was a change of position inside Paula now holding the headboard while her lover took her doggie style. For my part I could hold back no longer and unloaded into the guys throat, as I withdrew I was quickly replaced by the first lad who drove his own not small cock into the inviting mouth in time with the cock penetrating Paula. Muffled grunts were coming from the guy as he tried to breath at the same time as he took the thick shaft, the young guy also grunted as he no doubt let go his load of cum. Paula now had her head thrown back her mouth open if I had been inside I would have heard her moaning in ecstacy as she orgasmed, now her lover was taking quick long strokes I imagined he was not far from shooting his own load as her musckes worked on his shaft. The second lad was now feeding his cock to the older guy but he seemed to be beaten for time because he started shooting his load almost instantly so that his cum spurted from the corner of the guys mouth.

As Paula's lover shot his own load and slowly withdrew his dripping cock from Paula the three guys melted away into the darkness leaving me alone I tucked my limp cock into my trousers and spent five minutes collecting my thoughts before opening the front door. Paula was now in the lounge with her young lover he was dressed while she was in a robe.

'Hi Darl wasn't expecting you tonight, this is Tim he's sharing the holiday home next door I've just had him over for a drink and chat seeing as how we were both alone'

Tim at least blushed a little as he shook my hand, I told him I was glad he had been keeping Paula company while I was away and perhaps he would like a repeat visit the next evening.

Normally I would have fucked Paula after she had been taken by another guy but I was just too worn out that night.