Written by tristanbstud

1 Feb 2012

I can’t take the entire credit for the following story. One of the other members of this site helped me write it. Although she wishes to remain anonymous at this time, I would like to thank her for being one of the most sexually erotic and orgasmically inspirational people I’ve ever chatted with.

Lakeside Encounter – Part One

I recently had the chance to take time out at an exclusive yet secluded resort in Northern Queensland. Surrounded by pristine rainforest, I stayed in a little cabin located on the edge of a beautiful lake. Although there were other guests at the resort, the cabins were spaced far enough apart that I was there three days before I saw another person. The trees, the birds, the lake, a waterfall, the crisp fresh air, the sounds of nature, they were all exactly what I needed to relax, unwind and get my thoughts in order.

The morning of my third day I decided to take a stroll by the lake and take pictures of some of the scenery and wildlife on my iphone. About half an hour into my walk I heard big splash followed by a squeal of delight come from the lake just near the waterfall, so I decided to check it out.

As I approached I couldn’t believe my luck. There was a beautiful woman skinny dipping. She was climbing onto the rocks near the base of the waterfall and jumping into the lake. Each time the cool water hit her skin she would let out a sexy little squeal of pleasure.

Not knowing if she was alone or had friends nearby, I decided to stay hidden from her view behind a tree and take some pictures of her. She was simply stunning and as I zoomed in on her with my iphone my cock began to become engorged. She was gorgeous, in her mid thirties, large voluptuous breasts, tanned curvy body, and an ass and legs to die for.

I couldn’t quite make out her face from this distance so I tried to get closer without being discovered. Finally I got close enough to make out every detail. As she emerged from the water onto the rocks, she bent over with her ass towards me revealing the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. And it was at that moment that I thought about how nice it would be to bury my now rock hard cock inside that sweet pussy. I rubbed myself through my pants as I watched her frolic in the water.

After a while the woman emerged from the lake and lay down on a blanket, totally naked on the bank. I was close enough to see everything and had to be careful not to make a sound and get caught. Stretched out on her back she started to slowly and sensually caress herself. Her hands were lightly touching her breasts and working their way down her stomach to her pussy to tease herself and then back up again.

With one hand she caressed her breasts and nipples, with the other she massaged and rubbed her pussy. Periodically arching her back, I could see her beautiful mouth open as she let out sighs of pleasure. The most turned on I’d ever been, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pulled my rock hard cock out and began to stroke it furiously as I watched her.

The only thought going through my mind was that I wanted to make love to her. I needed to make you to her. But how? If I revealed myself to her I’d probably scare her off. Still watching her, I fucked my hand, fantasizing that it was her sweet pussy. Being the kinky freak I am, I periodically turned the camera on myself, filming myself as I masturbated over her.

Still writhing in pleasure and now beginning to moan louder, I could see that her fingers had now found their way inside her. And as she fingered herself, gently thrusting her pelvis into the air, she took a breast in her other hand, moving it close to her mouth and began to lick and suck her own nipple. I was so turned on I let out an uncontrollable gasp of pleasure and had to let go of my cock for thirty seconds so I didn’t cum all over the tree.

She then rolled onto her stomach on top of her hand. Her beautiful sexy ass began to rise and fall as she started grinding on her hand. She looked so hot and my cock was now oozing pre-cum. Moaning louder now, her body is racked by a series of awesome orgasms, her entire body spasming I can hold back not longer and my cock explodes with a massive load of thick white cum all over the tree and forest floor.

My cock still hard despite my massive orgasm, I watch as she stands up and walks back down to the water. I continue to watch her for a few minutes and decide this is too good an opportunity to pass up. I pluck up the courage to reveal myself and say hello. But before I do, I place my iphone in the crook of a tree branch to record my encounter with her for later.

Only her head and neck visible above the water. I walk towards the edge of the lake and say “Hello. I thought i was alone out here. Do you mind if I join you?”

She blushes, secretly wondering if I had seen anything.

“Nice day isn’t it, excellent weather for a swim.” I comment. My hands held in front of me trying to conceal my rock hard bulging erection.

“Beautiful day” she replies.

“I can always go further downstream if you want to be alone or I’m making you uncomfortable.” I say.

“No it is fine” she replies. “But I must warn you though, I am not wearing anything. I love the feeling of the cool water on my skin.” She says.

“It doesn’t worry me if it doesn’t worry you” I reply almost cuming in my pants. “I’ll leave my boxers on so I don’t embarrass you.”

She flashes me a cheeky smile and tells me that she will turn around so that I can get naked. That way I too can enjoy the feeling of the cool water on my naked skin. I shrug and flash her a cheeky smile back and as soon as she turns around I whip my pants off and dive into the lake. She was right, the water felt amazing. It was so exhilarating. I swam under water towards her and emerged just in front of her. My still rock hard cock moving through the water like a fleshy keel.

We introduce ourselves and make chit chat, all the while my mind is racing. She is even more lovely up close. I’m lost for words as I ponder how hot she is and she can see that I’m struggling. All of a sudden she glides over to me and places her index finger on my lips. Looks me straight in the eyes, she gives me the deepest most erotic kiss on the mouth. Shocked but delighted I kiss her back passionately; my rock hard cock gently brushes her leg. My secret is out but her lips are so intoxicating and the feel of the cool water on my skin is so exhilarating that I don’t care.

I put my strong muscular arms around her and pull her in tight. My mouth on hers, my hand s way down to the small of her back; the other gently cups the back of herhead, still kissing passionately, deeply, our tongues meeting, our lips trying to gently devour each other. My tongue gently enters her sexy mouth. Not too much, just enough to get her excited. My hands moves down to her sexy ass, and I pull her hard against me, my throbbing cock now pressing hard up against her thigh.

We both ache for each other. Still in the water, I continue to kiss her mouth and neck, when all of a sudden she placed her arms around my neck and wraps her legs around my waist, the outside of her pussy pressing hard against my swollen cock. She takes my cock in her hand and lines it up with her opening and I eagerly thrust it deep into her. We both let out a deep sigh of pleasure as I slowly began fucking her.

As we pash I can’t help marvelling at her beautiful breasts that are bouncing up and down just above the water line. Large, natural, voluptuous, her nipples rock hard from the cool water. I can’t resist, I begin gently massaging and kneading them, all the while impaling her beautifully tight pussy on my thick meaty cock.

Our breathing becomes laboured. Her gentle sighs become louder and turn into moans. Her body starts to shudders with anticipation and I can tell she is close to orgasm. And as I look into her beautiful enchanting eyes I begin to thrust deeper .... harder .... faster.

She feels so good, but I need better leverage to make her cum hard, the way she deserves, so I carry her to the water’s edge and lay her down on her back, her head, shoulders and breasts the only parts of her out of the water. All the while still inside her, still pashing her, still fucking her.

Being above her gives me the leverage I need and I begin to pound her the way she deserves, hard and deep, and I can tell by the look on her face that she loves it. Her moans begin to turn to screams of pleasure and she yells out “That’s it! Fuck me, fuck me hard baby!”

She yelled so loud that it disturbed the nearby birds and a few flew off. Her screams of pleasure and dirty talk were such a turn on I pounded her with everything I had, smashing my cock deep inside her. Her butt sinking into the wet sand, her eyes rolling back in her head, her back arching, I smashed her even harder. I grabbed her perfect breasts, massaging them, licking and sucking her nipples, all the while pounding her.

I pash her and my tongue enters her mouth again, but not in a shy polite way like before. This time it’s more forceful, more animalistic. It’s a turn on for us both and she eagerly reciprocates. That’s all it takes, I can’t hold back any longer. And as I begin to arch my back and drive my hungry cock all the way up inside her, she begins to have a series of intense, body rocking, mind blowing orgasms. She looks so beautiful as she cums and I begin to uncontrollably moan and grunting like some sort of wild beast as I erupt inside her with an orgasm so intense that I feel like I’m going to pass out from the pleasure.

Laying half in and half out of the water we kiss passionately. We both feel so amazing, basking in the afterglow of our hot orgasmic encounter, our faces still flush, the water slowly cooling us of. As we lay there, kissing and making small talk, I can’t help checking out her curvy, sexy body. My hand gently caresses her, feels her, and explores her. I think of how lovely and sexy she is, and of all the naughty things i would like to do to her, when all of a sudden I feel, and she sees, something moving between us, beneath the water. It’s my hungry cock, which has once again become engorged with blood, and hungers for attention.

We get out of the water, and holding her hand I lead her over to the blanket. We lay down, side by side, speechless, smiling, gazing into each other’s eyes. I gently run my fingers through her hair and tell her how beautiful she is. She whispers in a husky spent voice how sexy she thinks I am and asks me if I want some more. I nod and smile and we begin to make out again.

Our lips and tongues gently licking and sucking, I kissed and nibble her neck and earlobes, and massage her beautiful breasts. We are both really turned on. As I kiss her, my hand slowly s way down her sexy stomach and finds itself once again between her legs. I gently rub her pussy. “mmmm, that feels amazing” she says.

I slowly insert a finger into her and gently move it around. “You’re so tight” I comment as I bring the finger up to my mouth and taste it. “And delicious, would you mind if I went down for a better taste?” I ask her.

“Go for it” she says, taking a breast in each hand and massaging them. I slowly make my way down to her pussy. Gently licking and kissing her body along the way, teasing her and myself. When I get down there I notice how gorgeous her pussy looks. It’s the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen and I’m so turned on as I begin to gently lick it as she runs her hands over my head.

Barely touching her with the tip of my tongue, I tease her, she tastes so good. She pushes my head towards her pussy which is aching for attention. I spread her sexy pussy lips and admire it for a second before I begin to tongue the opening. Suddenly she pulls me up to her mouth and kisses me deeply and passionately, tasting her pussy on my hungry mouth. She then pushes me back down and gently grinds my face in her tasty, shaved pussy.

I lightly lick and suck her clit but before I can fully work my magic she moves and rolls me onto my back. She tells me that it’s now her turn to kiss and tease me. I’m filled with excitement and anticipation and she works her way down my body, kissing, licking, rubbing. “I want so much to taste you again” I say to her as she kneels beside me, her hands working their way all over my body. It feels amazing and I start to sigh. “Please, I NEED to taste you again” I beg.

“How can I refuse?” she replies, and with that she swings a leg over and positions herself above my face. I raise my head up and the tip of my tongue touches her clit, but every time I try for a deeper lick she raises herself up so that I can barely touch it. I can smell sex on her and my cock is almost bursting at the seams. I can taste the sex on her as our mixed juices from earlier slowly dribble out of her pussy.

Being teased to the point of breaking I decide I can’t take it anymore. I wrap my arms around her sexy legs and pull myself up so that I can eat her out properly. Just then her knees buckle and she lands on my face, my tongue embedding itself deep into her pussy. As I literally fuck her sweet pussy hole with my tongue she leans forward and begins to taste my cock, licking the pre-cum off the head and working the tip of her tongue up and down its veiny shaft.

The excitement builds as I gasp for air, devouring her pussy like a horny madman. And with her lips wrapped tightly around it she begins to deep throat the entire length of my cock, greedily taking it right down the back of her tight warm throat. By now her juices are flowing freely all over my face. I hungrily continue to eat her out. We are driving each other insane.

With one last deep thrust of my tongue into her pussy she is gone. Her pussy starts to convulse and pussy fart and she squirts a tasty load of pussy cum in my face. I am so turned on that as I try to slurp it up my cock erupts uncontrollably into her throat, mouth and face. Stream after stream of thick, hot, white cum shoot from it splattering her like the money shot scene from a high class porno.

As she dismounts and lies down beside me I tell her “I’m so sorry! I was going to warn you before i came but it happened so suddenly and so uncontrollably I didn’t have the chance!”

“That’s okay. It doesn’t taste half bad” she replies as she kisses me and deposits some of my load in my mouth. “?”

As we lay there, looking into each other’s eyes and making small talk, I wipe the remaining cum from her cheek and hair and she greedily sucks it off my finger. I gently rub her face and tell her how beautiful and sexy I think she is. Spent, speechless, oblivious to our surroundings and the possibility of being seen by others, we contentedly relax into each other’s arms and enjoy the moment.

Gazing into her beautiful eyes was like surrendering yourself and diving into liquid pools of loveliness, they were exciting, inviting, passionate and compassionate, as was she. I couldn’t get enough of her. She was addictive and intoxicating.

“Do you want some more?” she asked.

“I don’t want some more, I NEED some more!” I replied. “You’re so beautiful and sexy it’s overwhelming.”

With what she later told me was an “alluring look of lust” in my eyes, I began to smell and sniff her neck like some sort of horny animal. I began to kiss her sexy mouth, her beautiful face, her neck, her breasts, I couldn’t get enough. My hands, lips and tongue were all over her. She asked me if I could cum again and I nodded, smiling.

Sitting in the morning sunshine, kissing and devouring each other, she suggested that we make our way back to her cabin to continue our liaison. I eagerly agreed and we got up and started to make our way back to the cabin when all of a sudden I remembered my iphone. Not wanting to leave it behind, I shyly confessed to her what I had done and that I needed to go and grab it.

“You naughty boy” she says “you’ll have to let me watch it with you later. Quickly go get it; I need to be fucked again.”

I retrieved it as quick as I could and gathered up my clothes. We walk naked back to her cabin, all the while I ogled at her sexy body, thinking of how lucky I was, and of all the ways I wanted to pleasure her.

After a short stroll we reached her cabin. She gave me her clothes and blanket to hold and bent down to retrieve a key from under the door mat. As she did I admired her perfect ass and the way her pussy slightly bulged out from it. It looked so very fuckable and I couldn’t wait to fill it again. She looked at me and noticed me ravishing her with my eyes again and just smiled. She then took the key and seductively inserted into the keyhole. I imagined how nice it would be to take my key and insert it into her keyhole. I could barely wait to get inside - the cabin and her.

But to find out what happens next you’ll have to wait for part two!