4 Mar 2020

Thought we’ll begin with it’s a late in the evening Sarah a gorgeous blonde had been hitting the gym, she had gone into the local shops just nearby to pick up a hot chicken and some salad for something quick for dinner, what she hadn’t planned for was the hot guy who had just walked in his tight fitting suit from his business meeting. Continuing her shopping she kept sneaking in a few glances here and there, but was aware he’d been doing the same. After pick up the last of the essentials (chocolate), she headed for the exit but not before the hot guy in the suit introduced himself as Harrison, Harry for short. He was actually the general manger of chain of local supermarket store. After some small talk and a few laughs he asked her what she was doing later tonight?

He asked her what she was doing later tonight, she replied “I was going back home to have dinner,shower then bed” he asks did you want to have a drink with me. She replies “sure at a bar?” He replies the good stuff is out the back and explains that he the manager of the stores and he cannot leave yet as he has to unload a truck when it arrives. They head out to the back room he opens up a bottle of wine & begin to have a few drinks, before long they’re kissing, she up on the desk with her yoga pants and active wear. Harry run his hand up the side and around her back pull her in close as they kiss. She could feel his erection though his pants and started gently stroking the outsides of his pants, he could see she was getting aroused by the way her nipples perked up. He lifted her top up and began to start sucking those lovely breasts, she slid her hand into his pants and started to squeeze and stroke his engorged penis. She was nice and wet now, him rock solid. He took his pants of and t shirt, she lifted her top off and slid her yoga pants off. He immediately began going down on her soft moist pussy, she was moaning and running her fingers though his hair, he was really enjoying this first course. Her body began to tense up and she let out and moan of relief as she orgasmed. He pushed her flat on her back on the desk, grabbed her legs spread them apart and slid his penis into her tight wet pussy and started with steady pace increasing to a quick short and deep strokes of his penis inside her, he could feel she was really into the sex by the way she was clamping down around his penis hungry for more. He could feel himself getting close and she wasn’t far off either from her second orgasm, she began to moan louder again before collapsing back onto the desk, he wasn’t long after before he himself tense up, pulled out and spurt a large load over her stomach and breasts, she gave a smile If to say were are not done yet. She used her fingers to clean the cum off her body into her mouth.

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